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    No. 36 - April 2004

In the final edition of Running Writing John Winsbury talks about the 19th World Mountain Running Trophy.

    No. 35 - June 2003

'A Master on a Mission' by Geoff Monro. A story about the 2002 World Masters Games held in Melbourne.

    No. 34 - May 2002

'3 States, 6 Peaks in 7 Weeks' by Stuart Doyle. A story and photos celebrating the International Year of the Mountain.

    No. 33 - February 2002

'Professional Foot-Running' by Ken English and 'Jade's Life in the Fast Lane' by Ben Caddaye.

    No. 32 - July 2001

'Luke Tierney' by Jim Tucker, 'How to Maximise Performance with Less Effort!' by by Ed O'Keefe and 'Ka Huna Massage' by Sean Melbourne.

    No. 31 - January 2001

Thoughts from runner and writer Steve Walker and a few of my photographs from the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

    No. 30 - September 2000

Featuring the writing of Khan Gorlewski and photographs from the Australian Olympic Track & Field selection trials.

    No. 29 - May 2000

Brian Lenton's interview with distance running legend Brendan Foster. Photos from the Canberra and Sydney Optus Grand Prix meetings.

    No. 28 - January 2000

The Ansett Australia All Schools T & F Championships including photographs of the women's steeplechase.

    No. 27 - November 1999

The 1999 Canberra Times Fun Run featuring SCT's 'legendary' training program. The ACT Cross Country Club's Carillon Relays.

    No. 26 - September 1999

'The 1999 Sydney City to Surf - One run in Fifty Thousand'. Read about and view photographs of the biggest City to Surf in history!

    No. 25 - August 1999

'Amazing Marathon Adventures - The Tale of an SCT Distance Runner'

    No. 24 - July 1999

'A Few Words' - Chris Cook remembered.

    No. 23 - June 1999

Photographs and report from the 1999 ACT Cross Country Club Mount Tuggeranong Races. Complete rankings for 'my' race!

    No. 22 - May 1999

Photographs from the New Balance Canberra Marathon & marathon eve fun runs. The President's Message at SCT's AGM.

    No. 21 - April 1999

The GIO Australia Women's and Girls' Fun Run including photographs.

    No. 20 - March 1999

The fast improving Stuart Doyle talks to Geoff Monro. 'New Career in Old Age' by Jim Tucker. Photographs from the World Cross Country Trials.

    No. 19 - February 1999

The 1998 Australian All-Schools Track & Field Championships. The Parliament House Relays - 'Too Close to Call'.

    No. 18 - January 1999

Interview with promising junior distance runner Michelle Ward-Pearson and The President's Message.

    No. 17 - December 1998

'Slinger Sanchez Running Gun' - Review of a Novel by Bruce Glikin.

    No. 16 - November 1998

'Interviews - Herb Elliott' by prolific Canberra running author Brian Lenton.

    No. 15 - October 1998

The Australian Cross Country Championships from Canberra. 'An Ode to a Runner's Camp' by Gordon Nightingale & Gordon Pirie on training.

    No. 14 - September 1998

'Running Fast and Injury Free' - the new Gordon Pirie book by John S Gilbody and 'The President's Message'.

    No. 13 - August 1998

'Interviews - Lisa Ondieki' [ part 2 ] by Brian Lenton.

    No. 12 - July 1998

'Interviews - Lisa Ondieki'. Brian Lenton talks to Australia's best ever female marathon runner.

    No. 11 - June 1998

Stories from Tuggie Athlete #43 - 'The Evenings Proceedings' & 'Erin Sutcliffe's Endless Summer'.

    No. 10 - May 1998

'The GIO Women's and Girls' Fun Run'. Story and photographs from Australia's biggest per capita female only fun run!

    No. 09 - April 1998

'Tom Knows Way to the Top' by Chris Wilson. A story about top Canberra orienteer Tom Quayle.

    No. 08 - February 1998

'Friendships' and 'Garner - Gates - Gilbert' - These two stories by John Harding were first published in The Canberra Runner.

    No. 07 - January 1998

'Interview - Scott McTaggart'. Jim Tucker talks to Canberra's promising young steeplechaser.

    No. 06 - October 1997

'Running in Pregnancy' by world record holder Elaine Cooper. 'The Canberra Times Fun Run' by Ewen Thompson.

    No. 05 - August 1997

'Gaining Speed - The Mary Libal Story' by Doug Binder. A champion fights back from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    No. 04 - June 1997

'Trio Overcome Lonely Sport' by Chris Wilson and 'Scott Thomson at Sydney University' by Bert Thomson.

    No. 03 - May 1997

'The 11th Canberra Women's and Girls' Fun Run' by Ewen Thompson and 'Interview with Coach Garry Hosking' by Carol Ey.

    No. 02 - April 1997

'Confessions of a First-time Marathoner' by Blair Trewin and 'World Mountain Running Trophy' by Fiona Jorgensen.

    No. 01 - March 1997

'Amanda Ozolins' by Jim Tucker (the first issue collector's edition).

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