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Record of Guestbook Entries

[Our guestbook is not active at the moment. This page is a record of old entries]

Record 100
Name: Mike S
Time: Sunday 03/20/2005 4:28:16pm
Location: CA, USA
Comments: Great Site. I will highly recommend to colleagues.

Record 99
Name: Sarah
Time: Tuesday 10/19/2004 4:06:26pm
Location: Australia Qld
Comments: I had to come back for another look, great site.

Record 98
Name: Justin
Time: Thursday 02/19/2004 6:08:01am
Location: -
Comments: Do you know where I can get some info about the 3000m steeplechase? Things like the history, rules and regulations, how deep the barrier is, and workout tips.

Record 97
Name: Kerrie
Time: Monday 04/14/2003 12:04:38am
Location: qld
Comments: hello i love your web site BUT you need MORE PICTURES!!!

Record 96
Name: Gavin Doyle
Time: Friday 04/11/2003 6:22:24am
Location: Europe
Comments: Great presentation of your passion

Record 95
Name: Billy Gomez
Time: Wednesday 01/22/2003 9:19:30am
Location: Miami
Comments: This site is alright!!! Billy

Record 94
Name: Robyn Blake
Time: Sunday 11/17/2002 9:04:27am
Location: Darwin
Comments: Hi! I can't but help mention my brother Stephen Blake who has won the Darwin City to Surf consecutively for 18 years! He's quite a legend in the Top End!

Record 93
Name: Vixodus
Time: Saturday 08/17/2002 11:17:16pm
Location: United Kingdom
Comments: Hey nice site, so since I've come here, come check out my page and make sure you sign my guestbook, check out my poems and stories!! Anywho enough shameless promotion, see you guys around!

Record 92
Name: Tricia
Time: Friday 04/19/2002 11:15:08pm
Location: Charlottesville Virginia
Comments: Enjoyed your site immensely!

Record 91
Name: Paul Young
Time: Saturday 01/19/2002 6:46:35pm
Location: Adelaide South Australia
Comments: Enjoyed your website. Good luck with the Vikings Gift meeting in February. We have a pro running meeting at Camden(near Glenelg)on the same weekend - with the feature race being the $4000 Camden Classic over 400 metres.
I have a website about SA open handicapping athletics - check it out.
Regards, Youngy

Record 90
Name: Judith Watts
Time: Monday 12/10/2001 2:15:17pm
Location: Tenterfield NSW
Comments: I am interested in finding newspaper footage of a friend who had placings in the City to Surf in the early 1980,s. His name is Peter New. Email if you can help.

Record 89
Name: Blanca
Time: Tuesday 10/30/2001 8:11:39am
Location: Orlando, Florida,USA!!
Comments: Great site!! I love reading about running and seeing great pics of runners! I've been running for over 20 years and coaching kids for 18 years. Running has been my only saving grace all my life. Now I just want to share my love for running with someone else who loves it as much as I do. I'll tell my running friends about this site!! Bye for now!!

Record 88
Name: Romana KRAMMER
Time: Friday 10/12/2001 7:02:42pm
Location: Austria
Comments: Nice site! Greetings from Vienna, Romy

Record 87
Name: bruce
Time: Saturday 09/01/2001 7:50:32pm
Location: -
Comments: tasdevil becomes visitor #20000, not too bad for someone who just learnt how to click the refresh button.

Record 86
Name: Eckard Lacher
Time: Thursday 07/19/2001 5:13:13am
Location: Germany
Comments: I'm going to take part in this year's City to Surf.

Record 85
Name: louis
Time: Tuesday 06/26/2001 10:27:02am
Location: london england
Comments: i will be in town around this time but not sure what type of event this is

Record 84
Name: david ewen
Time: Monday 05/21/2001 5:29:49pm
Location: mandurah wa
Comments: hi!

Record 83
Name: Steve Walker
Time: Tuesday 04/10/2001 3:39:32am
Location: Oxford, Massachusetts: USA
Comments: Love this site. I spent several months working in Sydney about 10 years ago and found it to be THE most beautiful city that I've ever had to pleasure of visiting. This website makes me wish I was a runner back then as it's such a great place to run!
Thanks for the great material!

Record 82
Name: Marc Witkes
Time: Wednesday 11/29/2000 9:48:04pm
Location: Durango, Colorado
Comments: Great site! I have been running for nearly 17 years and I also write a column on running for our local paper, the Durango Herald. I loved your site and it has given me additional inspiration. I especially liked the piece on running and friendships. How do I submit a piece of my own?

Record 81
Name: Kelvin Broad
Time: Sunday 11/19/2000 3:24:31am
Location: Canada
Comments: I am writing to invite you to our exciting Canmore Challenge Trail and Mountain Running event for 2001. Come and enjoy Canmore and our pristine trail running mecca. You ’re in for a treat. Three events to choose from. A world class trail running venue. Superb scenery in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. And camaraderie we hope you will enjoy.

This year is extremely special for two reasons. First, the Canmore Challenge will see the first time Canadian athletes have been selected to travel to the World Mountain Trophy. Second, Canmore Challenge participants can combine their participation in the Canmore Challenge with travel plans to watch the world's best track and field athletes in action at the IAAF World Track and Field Championships in Edmonton in the week following the Canmore Challenge.

Last year the Canmore Challenge drew an international field of almost 500 trail and mountain runners. Participants from Austria, Poland, Italy, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia and the U.S. descended on Canmore to test their skills on the demanding 12km Canmore Challange. Others enjoyed the pristine trails on the less demanding but equally spectacular 6km trail run. So everyone gets to play, there is also a 1km trail romp for the kids. Playful fun run is the name of the game so come prepared to giggle. There’s no time limit on how long you take on this course.

For more details regarding our event, entering, accommodation and travel please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or check out our website at

Kelvin Broad
Race Manager Canmore Challenge

Record 80
Name: Sam
Time: Saturday 08/12/2000 3:49:42am
Location: Victoria, Canada
Comments: You photographs are great!

Record 79
Name: Don Wallace
Time: Wednesday 07/05/2000 4:23:28pm
Location: Ferny Hills QLD
Comments: Found you from AA website, great site keep up the good work, this is surely what the running scene needs.

Record 78
Name: Steve Walker
Time: Wednesday 06/07/2000 12:19:14am
Location: Oxford, Massachusetts
Comments: Great website! Very interesting (and well written) articles. A "must have" for my browsers "Bookmarks".

Record 77
Name: John Gilbody
Time: Tuesday 04/18/2000 2:52:12am
Location: Hook, Hampshire, UK
Comments: just wanted to let everyone know that I recently updated my Gordonian site with a better layout and more content, including the full text of the book I co-wrote with Gordon - "Running Fast and Injury Free". You can even download the original MS Word file! Check it out.

Happy running!
John (17/04/00).

Record 76
Name: George Audley
Time: Tuesday 04/11/2000 2:24:16am
Location: Albany W Australia
Comments: Just started building Web Page looking at others.

Record 75
Name: matt keen
Time: Wednesday 04/05/2000 5:15:41pm
Location: sct
Comments: Great web page

Record 74
Name: Richard White
Time: Tuesday 03/14/2000 7:22:17pm
Location: Canberra- Australia
Comments: Great web page ewen

Record 73
Name: Thuc
Time: Wednesday 02/23/2000 7:42:50am
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Comments: Greetings from eteamz! You’ve got a great site. We just wanted to let you know about the community of sportz families that we’re building here at eteamz. We’ve worked with coaches and Web masters from around the world to develop all kinds of great resources. Surf on over and check out our libraries with hundreds of tips and drills, get a FREE Web site for your team or league, and join the fastest growing community on the Web.

Record 72
Name: George Bodiroga
Time: Tuesday 02/22/2000 1:04:20pm
Location: Washington
Comments: Welcoming sports fans to my new site - Best wishes - George

Record 71
Name: thammavat suratniti
Time: Monday 11/15/1999 2:45:30am
Location: bangkok thailand
Comments: it 's difficult to tell. i just say it 's really useful ,perfect and fantastic very much to human being. thank you.

Record 70
Name: Genevieve
Time: Wednesday 10/13/1999 4:03:37am
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Comments: Returning the favor, Ewen! Today is going to be a guestbook day LOL! Great site, I think I recall when you submitted this site to the WPTS, but I never made the link between you and this... well, I was young and forgetful at the time! :) Forgive me if I focused on your photos, since on the running side, I solely do the 2 meters run between my bed and my computer (occasionnally, I go to work too). Are you the eye behind all these photos? Gee. You got the timing right, the less to say. My recent favorites: Kevin Blewitt and Women Steeple All Schools 1998 - they are just packed with action. Take care. :)

Record 69
Name: David Bourgeois
Time: 10/03/1999 10:23:30am
Location: Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada
Comments: Impressed with the quality of your newsletter. I'm a volunteer for many years with our provincial athletics scene and am impressed with what is described here. It seems to be a vibrant community.

Record 68
Name: Grosch Fabienne
Time: Friday 08/20/1999 12:14:17am
Location: Luxemburg
Comments: I was in Sydney for the City to surf and I participated. It was fun.

Record 67
Name: David Jones
Time: Sunday 07/25/1999 2:00:33am
Location: Sarajevo B&H
Comments: i'm an australian now living in sarajevo and enjoying the running here. i've written a short piece about the running here, if you're interested.

Record 66
Name: Felicity Gatfield
Time: Monday 07/19/1999 7:01:57pm
Location: sydney australia
Comments: hey, the city to surf is really fun!

Record 65
Name: tara patterson
Time: Sunday 06/27/1999 8:11:50am
Location: nebraska
Comments: This web site sort o finteresting---- very slow to load though--- like the colors but would like to see some more cows here.

Record 64
Name: fritz huber
Time: Sunday 06/13/1999 6:57:15am
Location: austria
Comments: Hi there,congratulation a realy great fabulous Page !!!! I do my first visit to Australia in April 2000 !!!!! Down Under must be a wonderful country i think !!!! I visits gladly the homepage of people they one large heart has and gladly something to undertake. Great Page,Design and very interresting INFORMATION :-). I will in such a way by-continue to look more frequently times your Page. Very often i am looking for home pages from Down Under. To visite your country ... soon i hope . I prefere your country and your habits. Also a small homepage i have. Load our PAGE required at present still little patience. We are about however to bring in the immediate future in order. I would be glad for an entry into my guest book much. Greetings from Uperaustria. Much FUN in the network wish the traveling team.
Regards Fritz Huber

Record 63
Name: Henrik
Time: Tuesday 06/01/1999 10:45:29pm
Location: sweden

Record 62
Name: Anthony Evans
Time: Saturday 05/15/1999 11:15:31am
Location: El Cajon, CA
Comments: I've just started a running program. Have not done any since high school but I'm hooked! Hoping to finish a local 10k this summer

Record 61
Name: Susannah Mennen
Time: Thursday 04/01/1999 3:46:54pm
Location: Canberra
Comments: I am just getting back into running after a five year break and loving it. This site has been very informative and has given me more motivation and inspiration to keep on training. The term 'once a runner always a runner' is a good one, I have tried to avoid it for five years but couldn't resist any longer.

Record 60
Name: Kim Van Den Heuvel
Time: Sunday 03/28/1999 6:22:15pm
Location: Adelaide
Comments: hi from an injured and frustrated fellow runner

Record 59
Name: Jaime Collins
Time: Tuesday 03/23/1999 7:31:00am
Location: Platteville, Wisconsin USA
Comments: Found you thru the Running Amuck page.

Record 58
Name: Ian Crawford
Time: Saturday 02/20/1999 8:37:19am
Location: Glasgow, Scotland
Comments: Good site! I'll be back.

Record 57
Name: Peter Martin Stephen CULLEN
Time: Monday 01/25/1999 11:46:13am
Location: Canberra, Australia
Comments: Hello from Canberra, Capital of Australia, great place to live great place to run. Endless runs through through native and pine forests just minutes from the city centre. Great marathon run here in April of each year.
See Ya in Canberra soon!!!

Record 56
Name: Rachel White
Time: Saturday 01/23/1999 8:14:44pm
Location: Blackheath,N.S.W.
Comments: Where would i find a running club in the Blue Mountains? I like running and would really like to write to other runners.

Record 55
Name: Brian McGlynn
Time: Monday 01/18/1999 10:13:08pm
Location: Canberra
Comments: Great page and info, Ewen. I still consider myself a proud SCT member even though the triathlon's take up the majority of my time. Keep up the great work.

Record 54
Name: Mandy Dovey
Time: Saturday 01/09/1999 12:49:16am
Location: Noosa
Comments: Fantastic website! much needed for athletes.

Record 53
Name: Jonathon Phillips
Time: Sunday 01/03/1999 10:04:36pm
Location: West Aust.
Comments: Great contribution to T& F and more particularly running, with a great Australian flavour!!! Thanks for your feedback, keep up the great site!!! and keep on running!

Record 52
Name: Debbie
Time: Wednesday 12/23/1998 6:34:32am
Location: Wisconsin
Comments: I've enjoyed my visit very much. Your site is very unique and informational. I truly appreciate you taking the time to put together such a wonderful site. Absolutely, you have spend much time creating it. Keep up the excellent work you are doing! Sites like your's makes it a pleasure to explore the web. When you have some free time I invite you to stop over to visit my site, and to offer any comments or suggestions on my site.

Record 51
Name: Fredrik Norrman
Time: Tuesday 11/10/1998 8:10:53pm
Location: Sweden
Comments: I am interested in running and I would like to get interesting things in my mail.

Record 50
Name: dave mahar
Time: Thursday 10/08/1998 4:12:23am
Location: dowagiac, mi home of steves run
Comments: you left out one important item when you were talking about the run thru hell. everything you said about the race was true. it was hot, humid and had lot of runners.. it was however the first race i have ever run.. 20 years.. that didn't have one single mile marker.. as difficult as that race was it made it far worse when you have no idea where you are. especially in a 10 mile race!!! it was a great race but no mile markers???? somone had to oversleep.. kind of put a damper on a great race

Record 49
Name: Ian daley
Time: Tuesday 09/15/1998 3:33:06pm
Location: SCTAC
Comments: As I don't have your Email address I'll have to let the world read this. I have been checking out your photo of the week each week and if you want I can send you the photos I took prior to and during Nationals. Happy to scan them in and Email them to you as I won't see you for a couple of weeks as Nicole shall not be at training as she is off to Darwin to compete in the Australian Primary Schools Touch Football competition. So if you would like a look at the Photos drop me an Email.
Ian Daley

Record 48
Name: kevin strangman
Time: Wednesday 09/09/1998 12:01:37am
Location: wollongong
Comments: Thanks for an interesting page will log on again.

Record 47
Name: mark payne
Time: Tuesday 07/28/1998 9:27:53pm
Location: Kambah
Comments: I am trying to find someone who coaches the 'hammer'. Any suggestions?

Record 46
Name: Craig Helmrich
Time: Tuesday 07/21/1998 2:07:19am
Location: Guilford Connecticut usa
Comments: Hello I am a runner, and I coach at the local school cross country plus indoor track and outdoor.I have also the unique distinction of having a small farm in the town of Noojee in victoria. It is a lovely farm and it is on the river.I will enjoy reading your magazine thank you very much craig

Record 45
Name: Ian Daley
Time: Sunday 07/19/1998 10:05:59pm
Location: Gowrie, Canberra
Comments: Just dropped by to say hi Ewen!!!

Record 44
Name: mats
Time: Saturday 07/11/1998 9:47:37am
Location: sweden
Comments: j would be happy if you can send me some informations about Rob de Castella. what is he doing to day? j rember his victory in helsinki 1983.

Record 43
Name: Coach Jim Crumpton
Time: Sunday 07/05/1998 1:25:18am
Location: Grants Pass, Oregon USA
Comments: I am the director of International Sports Exchange which has taken more than 15,000 high school athletes abroad since 1975 including Australia. We have taken teams to the City-To-Surf race every year since 1984. How would I find australian boys or girls that would like to attend and compete for an American high school. Some are boarding schools that would pay scholarships. Contact me by my e-mail. Many thanks. Also, I am a friend of your 1996 Olympic track coach Tony Benson.

Record 42
Name: tasdevil
Time: Thursday 07/02/1998 5:58:31pm
Location: tasmania
Comments: eye eye captain, late news breaks in sydney, one eyed cross country added to paralympic sports list, all turns must be made on same side as patch, ie one course with runners going in opposite directions depending on which eye is good, will make for interresting cross overs at tee intersections.

Record 41
Name: Greg
Time: Thursday 07/02/1998 4:56:58pm
Location: Johnstown, PA, USA
Comments: Nice page! I'm interested in swapping some new, never worn singlets from my Dusters Track Club (have men's M,L,XL) for t-shirts, singlets, polos from clubs or events. If you're interested e-mail me. Thanks!

Record 40
Name: sir William
Time: Sunday 06/14/1998 3:33:30pm
Location: UK
Comments: This is an interesting site. I thought I would say hi before leaving. (HI!)

Record 39
Name: sir William
Time: Sunday 05/17/1998 9:37:58pm
Location: Tuggeranong
Comments: I love this club. Im still waiting to see the cover of tuggie athlete with the four very happy kids that broke the Australian relay record.

Record 38
Name: Karen Tsebelis
Time: Monday 05/04/1998 10:12:40pm
Location: Latrobe Valley Victoria
Comments: i'm very impressed with your web page - keep up the great work

Record 37
Name: Donna Losefsky
Time: Thursday 04/30/1998 5:36:28am
Location: -
Comments: I was intrigued about your site, however, when I brought it up and tried to view the index the print was very light blue and I could not read it. I enjoy reading about running and hope that the next time I visit your site it will be easier on the eyes.

Record 36
Name: wombats can dent your car
Time: 1998-04-11 06:02:00
Comments: dear knowledgeable running person,
at present my weight is 82 kg, much too heavy to run 51 minutes in the city to surf. my friends tell me that if only i could loose 12 kg this goal may be attainable. so far i have tried moving the fridge further away from the dining room table and only buying beer in small bottles. according to your city to surf time chart if i halved my weight i could win the event, do you think this is possible.
signed, swell and contented

Record 35
Name: Jodie Strong
Time: 1998-03-26 06:52:00
Comments: Great!!!!! Lots of excellent Info!
I have a question though - hope you can help. I am a beginner and would like the help of a coach - can you recommend someone on the Northern Beaches of Sydney???? Many Thanks.

Record 34
Time: 1998-03-20 05:54:00
Comments: A good living site. Feel free to contact me concerning Race Walking.

Record 33
Name: Adam D
Time: 1998-02-25 04:18:00
Comments: Congratulations your site is really well done. I wish that there were more similar. I run a bit myself and hopefully I can trvel interstate and run the City-Surf in the the next year or so.

Record 32
Name: John Payne
Time: 1998-02-16 23:56:00
Comments: Congratulations on the site, Ewen. You've done a great job for the Club, and others.

Record 31
Time: 1998-01-17 03:48:00
Comments: I have run 5 City-to-Surfs and am going to try the half marathon in May in Sydney - has anyone got any advice for me!! I am 47 years old and my best City-to-Surf time was 73.38 last year.

Record 30
Name: Bill Davis
Time:1998-01-01 15:48:00
Comments: We sponsor a year long Triathlon, Duathlon and Runners Challenge. Set your goals, compete against yourself and receive recognition for your efforts. Visit our web site for more information.
Bill Davis - Tri-sports Promotions

Record 29
Name: Leah Wheelhouse
Time: 1997-12-28 04:38:00
Comments: Thanks for all the info. See you at the track


Record 28
Name: Colin Bridge
Time: 1997-12-21 20:42:00
Comments: Persona, ACT Veterans Athletic Club, 6th Healthpact Masters Games Results, ACTVAC Monthly and Track Handicap results, ACTVAC Half Marathon Results

Record 27
Name: Tammy
From: Largo, Florida
Time: 1997-12-14 14:35:00
Comments: I enjoy reading your running related articles.
I also liked running a virtual City to Surf race. I will be back to the virtual race when I obtain a new PR.

Good luck with your site! (14 Dec 1997)

Record 26
Name: peter donato
Time: 1997-12-12 17:53:00
Comments: looking for info on Ron Hill's training progress from his beginning days of running to when he reached his prime in his late 30's.

Record 25
Name: Mel Regier
Time: 1997-12-10 16:14:00
Comments: I am pleased to find your web-site. I have been running for pleasure for nearly 16 years and I always enjoy meeting others who also enjoy running. I will bookmark your web-site and return to it occasionally.

Record 24
Name: Tom Chatterton
Time: 1997-12-09 00:29:00
Comments: Just checking out guestbooks and websites. Seeing what people in the rest of the world are doing. I'm in Columbus,OH, USA- a little way from you.


Record 23
Name: Roy
Time: 1997-12-06 11:23:00
Comments: Good page! The kids come first.

Record 22
Name: Lisa Gilson
Comments: Plenty to read. Nice photos!

Record 21
Name: Adel
Comments: Just passing through. Looking for various items on athletics for my sons - 15 years and 12 years. My 15 year old runs 100m and 200m sprints, and competes at State level. Would welcome any advice, tips, etc for my sons. Both need to increase endurance, but otherwise, in good form..

Record 20
Name: Chad B. Small
Comments: An interesting site.. will visit again.

Record 19
Name: Lee Tomren
Comments: The annual Alice Springs marathon experienced beautiful conditions this morning with blue skies, 7/13 degrees start/finish and a flat circuit along the majestic MacDonnell ranges. Aspects of the race included last year's winner repeating again this year with an eleven minute P/B seventy-four year old Melbournian Ken Ratchett completing his 99th marathon (and running his centennial on 5 October - Mel'bun) Sydney father & son Ian & Paul Morgan finishing equal placing (Paul has a 10 hour Foster Ironman result) New Zealander Vince Harley visiting to complete his sixth straight 'Alice' and 103rd marathon other runners from Tassie/Canberra/Victoria support stations every three kilometres and every km the last 3k polite rock wallabies waiting for runners to pass before they continued their own bounding and as Ken stated "Wonderful Centralian hospitality...".
See YOU next August? :-)

Record 18
Name: Lee Tomren
Comments: A resident of Alice Springs, turning 50 on 19/10/97, and looking around Oz for a 'celebratory' run on the same day, I read of Canberra's "Twin Peaks Challenge" 26km. Can a Canberra based runner please advise re race details/interest bits? Ta...

Record 17
Name: Tanya Goetz
Comments: Please e-mail me back. I'm interested in getting a link on your site. Within 60 days, people will be able to order running shoes, apparel,a nd accessories off our site. Thanks! Tanya

Record 16
Name: carolyn
Comments: I think surfing into another world is really cool people who do not have a internet is really missing something good and fun. I would like to have overseas internet folks who would like to write me.

Record 15
Name: Mary
Comments: Nice page here! Very well-put-together. Good luck and keep up the good work!

Record 14
Name: Gerard Barrett
Comments: I have read this may 5 update of running writing, Ewen. The presentation is very impressive. How does one send something to be (possibly) published ?

Record 13
Name: Jon Holmes
From: Melbourne Australia
Time: 1997-05-07 04:35:00
Comments: Run Well and Prosper

Record 12
Name: Allison Hill
From: Sydney, Australia
Time: 1997-04-24 20:19:00
Comments: Hey Ewen! Great looking page you have here... Email you soonish no doubt. Allison.

Record 11
Name: Chris Schrader
From: Originally Melbourne, Aust. Last 25 years in Texas, USA.Came on a scholarship, met my wife a few years later , 4 kids.Oldest is
Time: 1997-04-05 21:10:00
Comments: Great idea for a mag , keep up the good work. Regards
Chris Schrader

Record 10
Name: Graeme Thompson
From: Cambewarra
Time: 1997-03-28 04:30:00
Comments: A bit too graphical for my 486. But very impressive.

Record 9
Name: Fred Finke
From: USA
Time: 1997-03-28 04:07:00
Comments: I am the coach for the 1998 world cross country championships in Morocco, and I constatntly check out other running related sites. Hopefully I will run across someone and we can meet and have a beverage together in Marakesch. GREAT SITE! Keep up the good work! One thing though, you may want to add to the "how did you find us" section a clicked on e-mail signature (I am subscribed to your OZTRACK e-mail list). BTW, I am also one of the moderators of the US based T&F list, as well as the owner of the US based, Coach-net list. Good Luck!
Fred Finke

Record 8
Name: Steve Bennett
From: Blue Mountains
Time: 1997-03-28 00:46:00
Comments: A very good site hopefully one of many to spring up around Australia. Will visit again!

Record 7
Name: Denis Strangman
From: Canberra
Time: 1997-03-27 22:05:00
Comments: Very impressive site (of course, Woden Harriers will be much better when someone gets around to doing one :-). Have you linked to Steve Bennett's OZTRACK site yet?

Record 6
Name: Joe "Up-Over" Fulton
From: Philomath, Oregon USA
Time: 1997-03-18 08:03:00
Comments: This is the most exciting running homepage that I have ever seen from South Canberra. Alright, that might be an exaggeration it is the best homepage I've seen from Chippendall Circuit in Theodore. Greetings to Jim "The Speed Demon" Tucker and Gordon "Your Ass Is Next, Deek" Nightingale.
I'll be looking for you punks on the starting line in Sydney.

Record 5
Name: Greg Forbes
Comments: I'm a 40 year old road runner in San Francisco, California. Recent 10k time 36:50, recent 5k time 17:28. Always eager for a look at how others do it, would love to race the roads in Australia in the future! Keep up the good work.

Record 4
Name: Mike Cambre
Comments: surfing/looking for distance runners who would like to come to the USA to run/educate at a NCAA Division I University ........ 800 meters and up......... with SAT/ACT scores......if you know of any prospects please reply..... Thanks

Record 3
Name: Campbell Maffett
Comments: Good to see an Australian web newsletter. Keep it up

Record 2
Name: ian dube
Comments: I've read the information and I think it's a good on-line magazine

Record 1
Name: Craig James
Comments: Interesting site. Will return.

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