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No. 20    March 1999
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Photos from the World Cross Country Trials
Interview with Stuart Doyle
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women's start
Start of the Senior and Junior Women's 6km race [43k]


clair fearnley leads
Clair Fearnley, Mandy Giblin, Kerryn McCann, Natalie Harvey and Benita Willis lead early [40k]


benita willis
Benita Willis (4th) and Mandy Giblin (6th) made the Australian team for the World Championships in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Three weeks later Benita ran 4:14 to win the Hobart Optus Grand Prix 1500m [31k]


kylie risk
Tasmanian Kylie Risk leads over the 'hill' [38k]


kerryn mccann
Kerryn McCann establishes a lead on the last of the 2km laps [34k]


men's start
Start of the Senior and Junior Men's 8km race [42k]


dean cavuoto
Dean Cavuoto cleared out to an early lead [41k]


stuart and geoff
South Canberra Tuggeranong's Stuart Doyle (left) and Geoff Monro [37k]


mizan mehari
Junior Mizan Mehari a smiling first in 22:59... daylight second [39k]


kim gillard
Kim Gillard outkicked the marathon training Lee Troop for second place [36k]


Feb 7 Results:
1. Mizan Mehari
2. Kim Gillard
3. Lee Troop
4. Dean Cavuoto
5. Nick Harrison
6. Brett Cartwright
7. Darren Lynch
8. Martin Dent
9. Tom Quayle
X. Rod de Highden

1. Kerryn McCann
2. Natalie Harvey
3. Kylie Risk
4. Benita Willis
5. Clair Fearnley
6. Mandy Giblin
7. Donna Tyberek
8. Ingemarie Eriksson
9. Sacha Stevens
X. Angela Sheehan



by Geoff Monro 

"Stuart Doyle is an exiting new member of South Canberra Tuggeranong who only joined in October '98. He has impressed everyone with his continual improvement and has left me wondering how much better will he get?" - GM

•  Can you tell us a bit about your background?
I was sports-mad as a kid, both watching and playing just about everything you could imagine, including a couple of years of Aussie Rules. I soon realised I was about the worst player in history, so I took up soccer which I loved, and played until I was about 19. I had a break until 4 years ago when I started playing soccer again. In the 1997 (CT Fun Run) I gave running a go as a way of staying fit in the off-season. I enjoyed that, so I ran in all the fun runs that summer. After last soccer season I saw the add for the CT training program and one thing led to another and now I've given up soccer for running.

•  How do you feel about how you have improved since joining SCT and what are your goals in '99?
It feels great that my running is continually improving. My main goal for '99 is running well in the Melbourne Marathon and to keep steadily improving, (oh yes, and to out-talk Geoff during a training run!).

•  How do you feel about the club?
I'm really happy I joined SCT. After the Brindabella Classic I remember sitting under a tree, munching away on a sausage sandwich and thinking to myself, occasionally in life you get a lucky break and joining the club was mine Everyone's been really friendly and helpful. I feel that taking up running and joining SCT is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

•  What do you put your rate of improvement down to?
Three things - A: Geoff has given me a really good training program. B: I stick to the BASICS of my program religiously. I never miss any of my training, but am willing to shift things around to fit in with other commitments/priorities. C: I have a really strong desire to keep improving my running.

•  What are your current personal bests?
800m - 2:13, 1500m - 4:37, 3000m - 9:38, 5000m - 16:34, 10km - 37:25

•  What ultimately would you like to achieve in athletics?
I just want to try and do my best. (oh yeah, and representing Australia would be nice!).

•  What does your training consist of?
At the moment about 80k a week consisting of two long runs (16k and 29k), an 8x400m interval session, a speed session/hill session or race and a couple of slow 6-8k recovery runs. I've just started swimming lessons as well, which is really relaxing (maybe not for the teacher though!).

•  Last year you ran with myself, Gordon Nightingale and Nick Walshe as part of the victorious '98 SCT Brindabella Classic Team, how was that experience?
I one word, Fantastic! The whole day was heaps of fun (oh yeah, winning was nice). Other highlights were listening to Gordon's classic collection of 60/70's music, seeing the aforementioned run around the corner in first place at the last changeover point and rally driving Gordon's new car around the forests to get to the last changeover in time. It was great to be included in the team and thanks to everyone who helps run the event.

•  Who else is in your training group and how does this help?
I train most often with Geoff Monro and Wayne Corlis both of whom I really enjoy running with. But I guess the training 'group' really consists of everyone from friends who jog once a month with me on Mondays right through to the AIS group that we tag along with (until the hills!) on Sundays. The benefit for me is that it's fun running with others! Plus, others are always willing to give advice and help on things (like the art of joke telling whilst running). A special thanks Geoff for TALKING away all those long miles!!

New Career in 'Old' Age

by Jim Tucker  

Wanniassa athlete Geoff Monro retired from gymnastics because he was "too old" but ironically he is making a name for himself in a sport where he is considered relatively young.

In just two years of competition on the tough ACT running scene Monro, 27, has earned a name for himself. A member of the South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletic Club, he finished third in the 8km ACT Short Course Mountain Running Championships held on the steep trails and tracks of Mt. Ainslie in April.

Although he failed to gain selection in the ACT team to contest the Australian Mountain Running Championships in May, he placed 11th in a strong field of 60, finishing ahead of several ACT representatives. The race was a grueling 18.5km over Mt. Ainslie and Mt. Majura.

Geoff achieved another fine result in the 32km mostly uphill race from Nowra to Kangaroo Valley earlier this month. He finished fifth, in 2hr 10min, less than eight minutes behind the winner. Another runner to do well was Fisher's Ian Johnson, from the Weston Creek Club who finished 19th in 2hr 18min. The field of 110 included many well-performed runners from Sydney, the South Coast and the ACT.

In the recent summer Interclub track season, Geoff was the first-ever senior athlete to score more than 1000 points for the season. He also set a one day record of 93 points, previously held by former AIS athlete Gerard Ryan. To achieve the records he competed in as many as 10 events in one day, including sprint, hurdle and middle distance races as well as field events.

In the next track season, Geoff will concentrate on the 3000m steeplechase event and hopes to gain a place in the ACT team to contest the Australian Championships to be held in Canberra next March. He is running 140km each week in preparation for the Gold Coast Marathon to be held in July and hopes to reduce his best time of 2hr 53min for the 42.2,m distance to less than 2hr 40min.

The future certainly looks bright for the former representative gymnast, who finished second in Level 7 events at the YMCA National Gymnastic Titles in 1988. While he continues to coach gymnastics part-time with the Woden Valley Gymnastic Club, running is his major sport.

Jim wrote the above story in June, 1992. Seven years later Geoff Monro is still running strong with a recent track PB over 5000m of 16:38. His other PB's are 2:04 for 800m, 4:17 for 1500m, 34:45 for 10km road and a 74:41 half marathon.


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