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No. 27    November 1999
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The Canberra Times Fun Run...

  the legends
Greg Gilbert's photo of the 'legends' after The Canberra Times Fun Run

loveliest of days
A legend finishes the run on 'the loveliest of days'

all smiles
All smiles after The Canberra Times Fun Run

jonathan symonds
Jonathan Symonds runs a 10:22 first leg for SCT's 'Senior C Team'

john tuckey and conrad shepherd
John Tuckey takes over from Conrad Shepherd

matt keen
Matt Keen runs the first leg for SCT's winning junior men's team

junior men champions
Some of SCT's 1999 champion CCC junior men's team

simon amalos
Simon Amalos runs the first leg for SCT's 'B-Team'

notable runners
Ken Eynon and other runners wait at the Carillon relays changeover

muddy legs
The muddy legs of some of SCT's junior women after the race

The CCC season trophy for champion junior women's team

winning senior women
SCT's winning senior team at the Carillon Relays - Michelle Ward-Pearson, Kelly Roberts, Fiona Jorgensen and Karen Daniels

and the Carillon Relays

The writing of this story has been a long time coming. In the end, it’s not so much about what is one of the best fun runs I’ve experienced, but just some rambling thoughts from an author with ever decreasing spare time.

For the second year running, South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletic Club was involved in the Canberra Times Fun Run Training Program. All participants (and coaches) had a fantastic social time putting in the kilometres on sometimes chilly Wednesday and Sunday mornings. Then every Tuesday we could read in ‘the times’ the liberally embellished scribblings of ‘debauched and wicked’ participant Ian Warden. These entertaining rantings about gambolling Dalmatians and thrown-up pre-race meals peaked with a front page feature on the Monday after the run - Loveliest of days in loveliest of cities.

I’m sure ‘head coach’ Mike Sainsbury enjoyed the weekly embarrassment and it was a teary-eyed sight indeed to see the successful participants lined up after the run for a group photo proudly wearing their red ‘Legend’ caps. All I can add is ‘Well done to all - you are indeed legends’. Thankyou also to SCT’s ‘assistant coaches’: Reg, Gordon, Ted, Greg, Karen, Val, Kim, Kelly, Codger, Geoff, Stuart, Murray, Phil, Teresa and Jessica (write me a nasty email if I’ve forgotten you). I’m sure we all look forward to the year 2000 Canberra Times Fun Run Training Program!

The serious racing produced some very pleasing SCT results:
Mark Shepherd was first male to 14 years. Craig Core was first male 15-19 years and 17th outright. Justine Shepherd was first female to 14 years. Kelly Roberts was first female 15-19 years. Fiona Jorgensen was first female 40-49 years and third outright female.
In the teams section ‘Tarciwickt BS’ were first male team to 20 years. ‘Lenon Legends’ were first brother and sister to 20 years. ‘Whitelightning’ were first family of four. If I’ve missed your team... send me an email!

If you’re wondering why this issue is a month late, the reason is ‘real work’. There’s been a major stuff-up because some idiot ordered 30 million dollars worth of new equipment which happens to be somewhat less than successful. Just because this ‘new system’ is used in the UK and New Zealand they think it’s going to work in Australia. Unfortunately it’s a long way from performing any task at all well and myself and colleagues have been slaving long hours trying to sort out the mess.

The above paragraph may seem like a lame excuse for a frustrated runner to spend less time at the computer. Well... I plead guilty. I like to run (and coach) - and that means getting outside and ‘doing it’ as somebody once said. This bloody computer is keeping me inside. Future issues of Running Writing will be produced whenever I have the time (or inspiration) to ‘get around to it’. Having said all this, if you do have a gem of a story which you’d like me to publish, by all means send off an email!  


Canberra Times Fun Run Results:

1Cameron Johnson29:56 
2Martin Dent30:01 
3Erwin McCrae30:13 
4Mark Field30:31 
5Ryan Taylor30:40 
6Paul Imhoff30:45 
7Rowan Walker31:32 
8Luke Grattan32:01SCT
9Gerard Ryan32:37 
10Rohan Lowry32:45 
10Simon O'Regan32:45 
12Chris Butler32:53 
13Peter Haynes32:56 
14Mark Maslen33:09 
15Greg Webster33:18 
17Craig Core33:22SCT
25 (f1)Benita Willis34:45 
28Stuart Doyle34:58SCT
31Mark Shepherd35:16SCT
31Matt Keen35:16SCT
34Craig Shepherd35:28SCT
44Geoffrey Monro36:08SCT
49Jonathan Symonds36:18SCT
50Hugh Jorgensen36:34SCT
52Shaun McCabe36:49SCT
53 (f2)Joy Terry36:52 
56Darryl Hill36:59SCT
63Colin Neave37:20SCT
66 (f3)Fiona Jorgensen37:21SCT
72Murray Hill37:21SCT
85Michael Hosking38:05SCT
88 (f4)Mary Jane Harding38:09 
93 (f5)Belinda Cheney38:18 
100David Holmes38:39SCT
106Gordon Nightingale38:47SCT
115 (f6)Jane Zeller39:15 
117Courtney McCabe39:17SCT
125Charlie Modrak39:27SCT
129 (f7)Kelly Roberts39:29SCT
145Christopher Williams39:53SCT
152Simon Amalos40:15SCT
155 (f8)Michelle Ward.Pearson40:22SCT
161Bruce Harrison40:30SCT
179Ewen Thompson41:15SCT
189 (f9)Miriam McCarthy41:33 
191 (f10)Tracy Harwood41:35SCT
228Andrew Gardner42:29SCT
253Jim White42:51SCT
283Erin Sutcliffe43:21SCT
302Noni Clarke43:43SCT
359Justine Shepherd44:43SCT
367Marlene Reid44:49SCT
392Erin Lenon45:07SCT
403Brian Wenn45:21SCT
408Kim Sainsbury45:27SCT
423Jessamy Hosking45:45SCT
433Jillian Hosking45:54SCT
438Garry Hosking45:58SCT
440Ted Harrison46:00SCT
451Richard White46:07SCT
482Karen Daniels46:38SCT
520Thomas White47:10SCT
536Conrad Shepherd47:25SCT
890Maria White53:00SCT
1183Gail Hill58:28SCT
1199Angela Hardwick58:52SCT
1371Brendan Hill63:22SCT
1373Ashley Hill63:29SCT
1529Neil Ward.Pearson70:37SCT
1594Jessica Symonds75:02SCT
1675Teresa Symonds78:52SCT

Carillon Relays Results:

A-Grade Open Men (4th)
1Geoff Monro11:0111:01
2Shaun McCabe10:4121:42
3Colin Neave10:3732:19
4Stuart Doyle10:3742:56
A-Grade Junior Men (5th)
1Matt Keen10:1810:18
2Mark Shepherd10:3320:51
3Michael Hosking11:2932:20
4Craig Shepherd11:5944:19
B-Grade Open Men (8th)
1Simon Amalos12:2512:25
2Hugh Jorgensen12:1424:39
3Luke Tierney11:1935:58
4Chris Williams11:3247:30
C-Grade Open Men (10th)
1Jonathan Symonds10:2210:22
2Ted Harrison15:0825:30
3David Holmes11:5637:26
4Ewen Thompson12:1249:38
D-Grade Open Men (12th)
1Conrad Shepherd13:3613:36
2John Tuckey11:2625:02
3Jim White14:0239:04
4Shaun McCabe11:2350:27
A-Grade Junior Women (1st)
1Kelly Roberts11:5911:59
2Michelle Ward.Pearson12:3024:29
3Erin Sutcliffe12:2436:53
4Leah Wheelhouse13:5650:49
B-Grade Junior Women (2nd)
1Justine Shepherd12:5712:57
2Jessamy Hosking13:1126:08
3Jillian Hosking13:0839:16
4Noni Clarke12:5652:12
A-Grade Open Women (3rd)
1Fiona Jorgensen12:0212:02
2Karen Daniels15:1127:13
3Kelly Roberts12:2539:38
4Michelle Ward.Pearson13:1952:57


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