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No. 22    May 1999
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Photographs from the
new balance
Canberra Marathon

The President's Message
to the AGM

10k start

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fiona jorgensen
Fiona Jorgensen, Nicki Taws and friends [38k]

mark shepherd
SCT's Mark Shepherd placed 19th in the 5k [35k]

jim white and alison stanfield
Jim White, Alison Stanfield and Des Brown [30k]

martin dent
Martin Dent won the Marathon Eve 5k (14:38) leads Nick Howarth and Darren Wilson [37k]

shaun creighton
A course record of 29:18 to Marathon Eve 10k winner Shaun Creighton [35k]

joy terry
Joy Terry was the early leader in her first marathon, eventually placed 5th with 2:54:23 [43k]

ray boyd
Western Australia's Ray Boyd won the New Balance Canberra Marathon in 2:18:01 [22k]

paul arthur
Paul Arthur was an early leader in the 10k fun run [34k]

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from Tuggie Athlete Number 48

Good evening fellow SCTAC athletes.

      There is an old Chinese curse which goes "May you live in interesting times!" SCTAC has indeed been living in interesting times! but it hasn't all been in the "curse" category. Positive moves are afoot on several fronts.

      We have continued our support of Junior Athletes providing assistance to travel to Interstate championship events. We have continued to provide first-class coaching to help them realise their full potential as athletes and we have continued to provide the Schools cross-country competition at Fadden Pines through the Winter.

      We have continued to do well against the other clubs over the Summer track and field season though not as spectacularly as the year before. We achieved our highest team placing for some time at the Parliament House relays and we took out the teams section of the Brindabella Classic a record 7th time. I do not believe that any other club has ever been as successful as SCTAC in long distance relay events.

      We successfully undertook the running of The Canberra Times Fun Run Training Program in 1998 and have been given the nod for a second go. This was also a financially rewarding venture for the club but we need more members to be involved this year to effectively provide the required service.

      Our continued support of The MS000 Fun Run has resulted in our being asked by SIDS (ACT) to assist with the running of The ‘Lotus’ Runny Red Nose Jog as well. This will also be financially rewarding to the club and it will be up to us to help publicise the event to maximise the benefits. Club members will also be asked to assist. Later in the year we will be also taking a bigger role in The MS000 Fun Run.

      We did very well at the TVRU&ASC annual sports presentation night, receiving top ten nominations in every category and having our own Kelly Roberts taking out the big one!

      We encourage all our members to actively participate in all the above events through the coming year and to support the club through the Cross Country season particularly in the relay events. Don't hesitate to offer your help at Fadden Pines, The Fun Runs in other fund raising ventures that we may undertake.

      Regrettably we have had to slightly increase our fees this year to help balance the books. SCTAC retains very little of your annual subscriptions. Of the $60 fee paid by you, $50 goes to ACT Athletics, who, in turn, have to pass a sizeable chunk on to Athletics Australia. It is an unfortunate fact of life that your average club runner supports the elite level athletes and gets back little to show for it. Our challenge as a club is to try to give something back to the average but faithful club runner while still fulfilling our obligations to the big boys.

      I wish you all a successful year 1999/2000. Our continued success is assured in the service that we provide to members and the community at large.

Gordon Nightingale   
10 April 1999

Full race results and information about the New Balance Canberra Marathon and Marathon Eve Fun Runs are available from the official web site.


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