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  • The Tuggeranong Turkey Run:
    SCT's innaugural Turkey Run was held on 23 December at Fadden Pines. 48 runners competed over a 3.76km course, with the winner being the runner who had the closest guess to their finish time. No watches were to be worn! The winner was Peter Hosking who guessed his time to the exact second - 13:45. This was also the fastest time. Second place went to Jamie Hawke with a guess of 15:59 with third going to Caitlin Hosking (17:42), just 12 seconds off her guess. Peter won $100, Jamie $70 and Caitlin $50 with Roahn Hosking winning a Pizza. A free BBQ was enjoyed by all (cooked by Mike Sexton) and results were processed by Doug Fry and Jane McGlew. We are planning to hold our next Turkey Run on the weekend prior to Christmas 2008.

  • Stromlo cross country opening:
    Australias first dedicated cross country running circuit will be opened by the Chief Minister, Mr Jon Stanhope on Sunday 18 November at Stromlo Forest Park. The circuit was the idea of former champion marathon runner Robert de Castella who got inspiration for its design from a similar circuit in Portugal where he trained prior to competing in a World Cross Country Championship.

    Rob said "the circuit in Portugal was shorter than ours here but provided an incredible environment for training. Once the many trees that have been planted at Stromlo grow to a reasonable height, this circuit will be more than a match for any other training and racing facility in the world". The circuit, on the slopes of Mt Stromlo, covers just a small part of the forests that were destroyed in the 2003 bushfires. It was also part of many of the training courses used by Rob in his preparation for the World Track and Field Championships marathon in 1983 where he won Australia 's first gold medal.

    Many of the best distance runners from around the country have been enticed here to compete over 8km at the opening. The men's field will be headed by first Australian (and third overall) in the 2007 City to Surf, Brett Cartwright, and Commonwealth Games steeplechase finalist Martin Dent. The women will have to contend with first Australian (and second overall) in the City to surf, Anna Thompson, and semi-finalist in the recent World Track and Field Championships over 1500metres, Lisa Corrigan. They will face tough competition from representatives of an Australian team for the Ekiden Relays in Japan who will compete here on their way overseas.

    Complementing the elite athlete races will be a schools event over 2.5km at 10.00am and a community participation run/walk over 5km at 10.30. Prizes are being offered to the schools with the highest level of participation and there will be a barrel draw for community groups with 6 runners. Entertainment will be provided for the younger participants after their run. Entry for these events is by gold coin donation to Hartley Lifecare, making a difference for people with a disability, and may be made on the day at Stromlo Forest Park from 8.30am.

  • The 2007 Australian All-Schools T&F Championships:
    The 2007 Australian All Schools & Youth Athletics Championships were held at Sydney Olympic Park Athletic Centre from 6 to 9 December, 2007.
    SCT's Liam Dwyer won a gold medal in the U15 Boys 1500 metres and placed 4th in the U15 Boys 800 metres:
    Boys 800 Metres Under 15. Heat 2: 1 Liam Dwyer ACT 2:03.53Q.
    Boys 800 Metres Under 15 Final: 1 Tom Symmons QLD 1:58.97. 2 Cameron Fish VIC 1:59.35. 3 Johnathon Sinclair SA 1:59.51. 4 Liam Dwyer ACT 1:59.87. 5 Kuey Diew QLD 2:00.40. 6 Hugh Willis QLD 2:01.19. 7 Matthew Sinclair SA 2:01.31. 8 Owen Curtin WA 2:01.64.
    Boys 1500 Metres Under 15 1 Liam Dwyer ACT 4:15.49. 2 Tom Symmons QLD 4:18.12. 3 Leigh Bruton VIC 4:19.14. 4 Andrew Rulfs QLD 4:19.93. 5 James Davidson WA 4:21.34. 6 Zachary Rea NSW 4:23.62. 7 Robert Lister NSW 4:24.17. 8 Luke Eastwell QLD 4:24.56. 9 Rick Whitehead VIC 4:24.93. 10 Mathew Head SA 4:25.61.

  • Interclub has commenced:
    The 2007/08 Interclub season has commenced at the AIS track, Bruce. Further information is available on the Athletics ACT website. SCT committee members are available to take membership registrations. Club singlets, crop-tops and track suits are also available for sale. In due course this website will be updated with results for our summer pointscore competition.

    We also need some volunteers to help out as officials each week. No experience is neccessary - just turn up and you'll be shown what to do.

  • Heywood wins ACT Walk Title:
    SCT's Colin Heywood won the ACT 50k Walk Championship held near Lake Burley Griffin on Saturday 8 September. Colin won in 5:24:57, comfortably ahead of North Canberra's Robin Whyte (5:56:17) and Weston Creek's Pat Fisher (6:20:36). The first female finisher was Val Chesterton in 7:31:05.

  • Souths win final race at Yarralumla Relays:
    SCT won the final race of the winter season, the Yarralumla Relays, on Saturday 1 September! Australian Mountain Running representative Stu Doyle set up the win with a first 3km cross country leg of 9:39. Mark Shepherd extended our lead, running 9:16, the fastest time on the day. Weston Creek cut into our lead, but Geoff Monro and Peter Hosking both ran strongly to ensure the victory. We fielded four teams, and here are our results:

Yarralumla Relays 4 x 3km
Senior Men 'A'
Name Time Elapsed
Stuart Doyle9:399:39
Mark Shepherd9:1618:55
Geoff Monro10:5729:52
Peter Hosking10:13 40:05
SCT Juniors
Name Time Elapsed
Caitlin Hosking13:4613:46
Andrew Hosking14:5728:43
Elizabeth Hosking12:41 41:24
Senior Men 'B'
Name Time Elapsed
Ka Yeung Cheung 11:1811:18
Conrad Shepherd13:2824:46
Eu Ho Siew12:4337:29
Greg Hosking10:57 48:26
Senior Mixed 'A'
Name Time Elapsed
Dianne Shepherd16:3116:31
Ewen Thompson13:1329:44
Gary Hosking14:0343:47
Jim White12:38 56:25

  • The ACT Cross Country Championships:
    On 21 July the Weston Park course was used for the ACT Championships as the planned Stromlo Park course has had it's opening delayed until November. Here are the results for SCT athletes:
    Girls 11-13 3k Run CC Under 14: 1 Catriona Windsor 12:13, 2 Elizabeth Hosking 12:26, 4 Natalie Tanks 13:21.
    Girls 14-15 4k Run CC Under 16: 1 Siobhan Andrews 15:12, 3 Courtney Kennedy 15:47, 7 Sarah Dobbie 16:30.
    Women 18-19 6k Run CC Under 20: 1 Anne Southgate 25:40.
    Women 8k Run CC Open: 4 Jessamy Hosking 30:58, 5 Kathy Southgate 31:18.

    Boys 11-13 3k Run CC Under 14: 10 Rowan Dunkley 14:07.
    Boys 14-15 4k Run CC Under 16: 4 Christo Dunkley 14:52, 8 Robbie Dunkley 15:41.
    Women 12k Run CC Open: 13 Geoffrey Monro 45:52, 19 Hugh Jorgensen 48:11.

  • SCT's Winter Pointscore Competition:
    The winter season is over! I'm yet to include results from two events - The ACT Cross Country Championships and the Yarralumla Relays. SCT's winter pointscore competition is here: www.sctathletics.com/win07pts.html.

  • Southgate and Regester win Runners Shop Trophy:
    Kathy Southgate and Greg Regester were the 2007 winners of the SCT perpetual Runners Shop Trophy, held in conjunction with the Runners Shop Fun Runs on Saturday. This trophy was donated to SCT by Brian Wenn and is presented to the first SCT finishers in the 10k bike path race. Kathy not only won the trophy, but was the first female, winning the race by almost a minute in the excellent time of 38:07. Greg placed 14th, running 36:07 in the race which was won by Martin Dent (29:49).
    In the 5k race, 14-year-old Siobhan Andrews was the first female in 19:11 while Chris Williams, in a final tune-up prior to the Gold Coast Half Marathon placed second in 16:43.

  • Doyle runs hot in Australian Mountain Running Championships:
    Report from John Harding:
    Mt Majura, ACT - Saturday 16 June 2007.
    A funny thing happened just before the start of the men's championship. A fairly portly guy from the Canberra Times turned up to take photographs. He took photos of the start itself and of everyone heading off towards the first hill. I suggested he could get some great shots if he walked 200m up the track and try and get some shots as everyone came around to head up the hill again. He took one look at the hill and one look at me and said, "I just can't believe anyone can run up that hill". He certainly wasn't interested in checking it out first hand. The day before a car load of junior girls from Sydney arrived to check out the course. They were particularly keen to see the first hill: "Veronica Wallington told us it looked like a cliff".

    Early in the second lap of the women's race, Vanessa Haverd looked like she was into cliff running in a big way as she picked off each of the three runners just ahead of her and went into the lead. I was certain she was going to win going away. But what goes up also comes down and huge gains can be made by a proficient downhill expert. So it was in both the men's and women's championships. Hubertien Wichers, Cindy King and Angela Bateup all earned their placings with downhill speed, as Vanessa struggled on the down, while Stuie Doyle put on the rocket blasters in the last lap to put more than a minute on Adam Leane. Leanie finished and said, "I have some work to do on my downhill". Nevertheless, he has been selected for the World Championship, together with Scott McTaggart, Stephen Brown, Mark Bourne and Dr Rocket Blaster (Stuie Doyle). The women's team is Hubertien Wichers (subject to confirmation of Australian citizenship), Cindy King, Angela Bateup, Vanessa Haverd. First reserve: Heather Logie. Full teams of junior men (4) and junior women (3) have been selected after hot runs in both races. Both Matthew Bayley and Veronica Wallington clocked times that would have been medal winning in Wellington two years ago. This augurs well for the future.
    Open men's 13.3kms: 1 Scott McTaggart 59.01, 2 Stephen Brown 59.56, 3 Mark Bourne 61.24, 4 Stuart Doyle 61.52, 5 Adam Leane 62.46, 6 Trevor Jacobs 68.31, 7 David Hosking 69.14, 8 Damian Green 69.46, 9 Chadi Elashkar 72.42, 10 Paul Bruce 73.04, 11 Michael Lynch 73.37, 12 Adam Ryan 75.18, 13 Darren McCllellan 76.45, 14 Daniel Kolsky 79.59, 15 Mick Corlis 80.04, 16 Ross McGarvie 81.39, 17 Rob Ginnivan 82.56, 18 Geoff Stalker 83.22, 19 Chris Mullen 84.57, 20 Christophe Vial 85.48, 21 Steven Deveney 95.39.
    Junior men's 9kms: 1 Matthew Bayley 38.02, 2 Cameron Page 39.25, 3 Ben Guest 40.37, 4 Kevin Batt 42.15, 5 Liam Ridings 43.06, 6 Adam Laughlan-Bowlby 44.10, 7 Dominic Perry 46.26, 8 Bryan Keely 47.55, 9 Thomas Delaney 51.00, 10 Nam Currie-Nguyen 58.52.
    Open women's 9kms: 1 Hubertien Wichers 48.04, 2 Cindy King 48.41, 3 Angela Bateup 48.57, 4 Vanessa Haverd 49.26, 5 Heather Logie 50.01, 6 Jessamy Hosking 51.09, 7 Jo-anne Keely 52.39, 8 Colleen Beven 53.00, 9 Fleur Flanery 53.55, 10 Narelle Patrick 54.38, 11 Sarah Scrivener 59.40, 12 Lynette Delaney 60.16, 13 Laura Garvican 66.46, 14 Emma Adams 67.17.
    Junior women's 4.7kms: 1 Veronica Wallington 22.09, 2 Lara Tamsett 23.58, 3 Lauren McKillop 24.28, 4 Bridey Delaney 25.29, 5 Charlotte Wilson 26.45, 6 Kristy Colman 27.30.

  • The ACT Mountain Running Championships:
    Report from John Harding:
    Mt Majura, ACT - Saturday 5 May 2007.
    The ACT Mountain Running Championships were taken out by interstate visitors, Neil Labinsky of Queensland winning the men's title and Canowindra school girl Veronica Wallington the women's. Sixteen year old Wallington produced a stunning performance, slashing more than a minute from the course record held by world long distance mountain running champion Emma Murray and over two minutes off the 2005 Australian championship record time of Vivian Pott of Queensland who went on to finish 11th in the World Championship that year. Wallington appears to be an outstanding prospect for this year's World Junior Mountain Running Championship, after completing the first lap in under course record time and then accelerated in the next lap, clocking 46 mins 5 secs for the 9kms which had a total elevation gain of 600 metres. Canberra's Vanessa Haverd was 2nd in 50:21 and Angela Bateup of Yass 3rd in 51:24.

    Neil Labinsky showed outstanding endurance at the 2007 Six Foot Track in finishing 5th in 3:36:25 but used superior downhill speed to nullify the uphill running strength and local knowledge of South Canberra Tuggeranong's Stuart Doyle in the ACT men's 13 km championship. The lead see-sawed between the two during the first and second of the three ascents and descents of the mountain. Labinsky eventually claimed victory for the 13 kms in 65:04, with Doyle runner-up in 66:09, and M50 world long distance champion Trevor Jacobs of Weston Creek 3rd in 70:29. Unfortunately Labinsky is heading to South Africa for the Comrades Marathon and will not be around for the Australian Mountain Running Championship on Mt Majura on 16 June. But if downhill running is an advantage for the downhill Comrades, he will undoubtedly do very well.
    Senior women's 9kms: 1 Veronica Wallington 46.05, 2 Vanessa Haverd 50.21, 3 Angela Bateup 51.24, 4 Cindy King 55.18, 5 Narelle Patrick 58.29.
    Senior men's 13kms: 1 Neil Labinsky 65.04, 2 Stuart Doyle 66.09, 3 Trevor Jacobs 70.29, 4 Damian Green 73.12, 5 Norak Theam 80.32, 6 Ian Wright 80.37, 7 Mick Corlis 86.30, 8 Simon Krantzcke 86.58, 9 Christophe Vial 90.54, 10 Hugh Jorgensen 92.27, 11 Ross Stewart 98.38, 12 Matthew Hole 103.29.

  • SCT's Annual General Meeting and Awards Night:
    SCT's AGM and Awards Night was held on Wednesday May 16 at the Erindale Club of the TVRU&ASC. Only a small crowd were in attendance which was disappointing. Annual reports were presented, followed by the election of office bearers for the 2007/08 season. We are still in need of a secretary and a registrar , so if you think you can do either of these jobs, please contact a member of the committee.

    Your committee for 2007/08 is as follows:
    President - Geoff Monro, Treasurer - Mike Sexton, Secretary - Vacant, Registrar - Vacant, General committee - Jim White, Mark Shepherd, Jane McGlew, Ewen Thompson.
    Non-management roles: ACTAA representative - Kathy Southgate, Awards/scholarships - Jane McGlew, Registrar assistants - Rhonda Windsor & Sue Dunkley, Website/newsletter - Ewen Thompson, Sports Council Rep (Vikings Liaison) - Jane McGlew, Uniforms Winter - Jim White & Ewen Thompson, Uniforms Summer - Vacant, VEADF - the committee, Fadden Pines - the committee, Street Mile - Mike Sexton.

  • SCT Awards & Scholarships for 2006/07:
    Jane McGlew presented a summary at our 2007 AGM:
    1) Vikings Sports Awards
    Two members were successfully nominated for the Vikings Sports Awards for achievement in 2006 and were invited to a presentation dinner on 16th February 2007.
    Vikings Health and Fitness Award (Outstanding Contribution Volunteer) - Ewen Thompson was nominated for his time and effort put into club activities, especially the website, magazine and the winter cross country events.
    Coca Cola Shield (Outstanding Coaching or Officiating Achievement) - Kathy Southgate was nominated for her hard work as a coach, manager of ACT representative teams and work on Athletics ACT committees.
    2) Scholarships
    No Vikings Scholarships were awarded to SCT athletes this year. Jane McGlew wants to hear from any year 11 or year 12 students who want to apply for a scholarship. These are worth up to $1000 per year to members of SCT in college or university.
    3) ACT Cross Country Club Awards
    These were presented after the Yarralumla Relays on 2nd September with our junior females winning the junior team category. Winners of individual 'Cundy Cup' age-group medals were Courtney Kennedy, Christo Dunkley, Catriona Windsor and Hannah Flannery.
    4) ACT Athletics Awards
    The ACT Athletics Annual Awards were presented on Thursday 10th May. SCT won the following Stadium age-group awards: U18 women - Angeline Blackburn and U14 men - Liam Dwyer. SCT won the following Out-of-Stadium awards: Open women - Emma Murray, U16 women - Courtney Kennedy and U14 men - Declan Wilson. Along with these, here are the other SCT athletes that were nominated for awards: Emma Murray (Most Outstanding Athlete), Angeline Blackburn (Outstanding Junior Club Athlete), Jessamy Hosking (Open Women), Keith Cassilles-Southgate (U20 Men), Benjamin Dawson (U20 Men), Hannah Flannery (U20 Women) and Anne Southgate (U18 Women).
    5) Runners Shop Trophy
    This perpetual shield is awarded jointly to the first SCT runners in the annual 'Runners Shop 10km' race. The trophy acknowledges the years of contribution to SCT by Brian Wenn. The trophy was presented after the race at the Boathouse on Saturday 3rd June to Mark Shepherd (31:46) and Noni Clarke (37:34).
    6) The World Mountain Running Trophy
    SCT had three members in the Australian Team which contested the 22nd World Mountain Running Trophy in Bursa, Turkey on September 10. In the senior men's 12km, Stuart Doyle (101st in 68:51). In the senior women's 8.5km, Emma Murray (43rd in 54:52) and Jessamy Hosking (53rd in 56:32).

  • The Carillon Junior Relays:
    These were held on Saturday 26 May using a 2.1km cross country course adjacent to the Carillon. The course was dry and fast, with no water at all in the creek crossing! The race was for teams of three runners and SCT fielded four teams, with our Junior 'A' Male team placing second to Woden Harriers. Siobhan Andrews recorded the second fastest female time and Peter Hosking the third fastest male time.

Carillon CC Relays 3 x 2.1km
Junior Male 'A'
Name Time Elapsed
Christo Dunkley7:237:23
Peter Hosking7:2014:43
Greg Hosking7:29 22:12
Junior Mixed 'A'
Sarah Lonsdale8:238:23
Siobhan Andrews7:5016:13
Tom Lonsdale7:47 24:00
Junior Female 'A'
Catriona Windsor8:018:01
Libby Hosking8:2316:24
Caitlin Hosking9:08 25:32
Junior Male 'B'
Robert Dunkley8:228:22
Andrew Hosking9:4518:07
Christo Dunkley7:34 25:41

  • SCT takes victory at the Anzac Relays!
    Mark, Michael, Nick and StuartSCT's senior men's team has taken out the prestigious Anzac Relays held at Campbell Park on April 25. Our team 's first runner, Michael Hosking kept Weston Creek's Philo Saunders down to a 30 metre lead after the first 3.68km leg. Stuart Doyle ran a conservative first lap before storming past Weston Creek's second runner to leave Nick Walshe with a handy lead. Nick further cemented our position whilst anchor runner Mark Shepherd put even more space into the Creek's Rohan Lowry. In the end, a comfortable victory for SCT in 46:33.
    Our junior mixed team placed a commendable 11th outright in 58:06. Further placings coming soon.

Anzac Relays 2007   4 x 3.68km
Senior Men 'A'
Name Time Elapsed
Michael Hosking10:5710:57
Stuart Doyle11:5722:54
Nick Walshe12:0935:03
Mark Shepherd11:26 46:29 (1st)
Senior Men 'B'
Name Time Elapsed
Greg Hosking12:5112:51
Peter Hosking12:4925:40
Nick Mesher13:4339:23
Geoff Monro13:23 52:46
Mixed Junior 'A'
Name Time Elapsed
Courtney Kennedy14:1814:18
Sarah Lonsdale14:5929:17
Siobhan Andrews14:4143:58
Tom Lonsdale14:08 58:06
Junior Women 'A'
Name Time Elapsed
Libby Hosking15:2915:29
Caitlin Hosking16:5232:21
Catriona Windsor14:4447:05
Isabella Havlat16:17 63:22
Mixed Senior 'A'
Name Time Elapsed
Conrad Shepherd16:1716:17
Geoff Monro13:4029:57
Diane Shepherd19:4549:42
Jim White15:36 65:18

  • Hosking admitted to the VEADF:
    Jessamy Hosking is now a member of the VEADF, joining Angeline Blackburn, Emma Murray, Stuart Doyle, Mark Shepherd and Michael Hosking.

  • The 2007 ACT Junior 3000m and Senior 5000m Championships:
    The Junior 3000 and Senior 5000 Championships have been held recently in conjuction with ACT Interclub. Kayler Torley won bronze in the U18 3000m in a time of 12:02.97. Catriona Windsor won gold in the U14 3000m in a time of 12:11.49. Michael Torley won gold in the U14 3000m in a time of 13:26.21.
    In the ACT 5000m Championships, Geoff Monro placed 5th (18:11.17) and Paul Torley 7th (19:36:02). The race was won by NCG's Anthony Haber in 14:46.04.

  • The 2006 SCT Golden Mile:
    The 2nd Annual SCT Golden Mile was held on Friday 24th November. Results and photos will soon be published on the Golden Mile web page. The afternoon was a great success with competitors enjoying the friendly atmosphere and flat, traffic-free course.

    Three races were conducted - the junior race, the open race and the prestigious handicap race. The winners of the three events were Nicola Torley in 6:08 for the mile, Alan McGlew (5:10) and Doug Fry (8:40). Well done to all participants and we'll see you again in 2007!

  • Perpetual Trophies now on display:
    Thanks to Jane McGlew our Perpetual Trophies are now proudly displayed at the Erindale Club of the TVRU&ASC. The club has recently undergone renovations and now has an extra large trophy cabinet just off the foyer. There are many trophies and photographs displayed from the affiliated sports clubs. SCT has it's own section showing our annual summer and winter champions for the past five years.

  • Life Members of SCT Athletics Club:
    The following people have been awarded life membership of the club: Dorothy Mills, Ian Galbraith, Malcolm Davies, Greg Gilbert, Ewen Thompson, Michael Morris, Alan Bishop and Ted Harrison (2003). Gerard Barrett (2004).

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