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   Once upon a time, during the month of August 1998, three Aussie swaggies arrived in The Big One. We were determined to make friends, have fun, eat lots of tucker, win medals and leave our indelible mark on the American psyche.

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   Our goals were achieved and then some. We had an absolutely fantastic time and sleepy Kings Valley will never be the same.
       This page shows some of the 300 plus photos I took on the trip, along with some sound-bites recorded at the Porcupine Pre Theatre and the Oregon Endurance Training Camp. Thanks again Deb, Joe, Rhea and Leland - We miss you...
Maggie Matilda, Jerry Jeff Tumblin' Gordon 
and Everclear Runnin' Up That Hill Ewen 

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The Drover   Tie Me Kangaroo Down   True Blue Vegemite   This Big Land

A Postcard   We Are Australian   Tumblin' Gordon   Tucker Bag

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