Joy and Mal in a cup at Disneyland
1. Joy and Mal having a mad tea party on the cup & saucer ride at Disneyland.
[5 June]
Santa Monica Beach
2. Mal and Joy on Santa Monica Beach. We walked along the promenade towards Venice Beach but didn't quite make it.
[7 June]
Notting Hill
3. Universal Studios. I'm delivering a letter to 'The Travel Book Store' of Notting Hill fame. Joy took the photograph and you can see her reflection in the window.
[8 June]
Joy on the walk of fame
4. As soon as we arrived on Hollywood Boulevard Joy was interviewed for a local 'lifestyle' TV program. The film 'Cars' was premiering across the road at the El Capitan theatre.
[9 June]
5. There was a queue to have your photo taken on this local road with the 'Hollywood' sign in the background.
[9 June]
Vancouver, British Columbia
6. Haro Street, Vancouver, Canada. The Buchan Hotel is in a delightful location between Stanley Park and Denman Street.
[11 June]
Dining out on Denman St at 9pm
7. Dining at the Vina Vietnamese Restaurant on Denman Street. The local Canadian beers were excellent!
[11 June]
The Bridal Trail, Stanley Park
8. Joy and Mal in Stanley Park. Just 5 minutes from down-town Vancouver, it's a brilliant place to walk or run.
[13 June]
Sqirrel, Stanley Park
9. A curious Douglas Squirrel on a footbridge in Stanley Park. We also saw a Racoon nearby.
[13 June]
Snow in summer on Grouse Mountain
10. Grouse Mountain, Vancouver at an altitude of 1,250 metres was the one place I could have used my down parka but we didn't think it would be "that cold"!
[14 June]
Don't feed the bears
11. We were very lucky to see Grinder and Coola, the two orphaned Grizzly Bears, in their 5 acre refuge on Grouse Mountain.
[14 June]
Joe and Deb's
12. Our friends Joe and Deb live in paradise at Kings Valley, Oregon. They had the aboriginal flag hanging up to welcome us!
[17 June]
Us at Silver Falls
13. Joy, Mal, Ewen and Deb at Silver Falls State Park. We enjoyed a picnic and hike on a perfect day at Oregon's best kept secret.
[17 June]
Crater Lake is blue
14. Crater Lake in Oregon was stunning. Photographs and words can't do it justice.
[20 June]
Greenleaf Restaurant, Ashland
15. Enjoying a quiet ale at Ashland, a quaint university, Shakespeare and hippy town in Oregon.
[20 June]
Drive-through Redwood
16. After a tip from Sarah, we stopped at Leggett on the way to San Francisco. Mal is waiting for me to drive through the giant redwood tree 'Chandelier'.
[21 June]
Ewen at San Francisco
17. Ocean Beach, San Francisco. The photo was taken from near Cliff House.
[22 June]
On the beach at San Francisco
18. Mal and Joy paddling at Ocean Beach with Cliff House in the background. The water was cold!
[22 June]
Cable Car on California Street
19. We took a ride on up and down California Street on one of San Francisco's historic cable cars.
[23 June]
Lombard Street
20. Joy and Mal at Lombard Street which is San Francisco and America's crookedest street.
[24 June]
The way to San Jose
21. The sign which shows the way to San Jose.
[25 June]
Hotel Jeffery, Coulterville
22. We had lunch at Coulterville. Established in 1851, the Hotel Jeffery is the oldest continuously operating hotel in California.
[25 June]
Yosemite Falls
23. Yosemite National Park was rocky and big. Yosemite Falls is the highest waterfall in North America; 739 metres from the top to the base of the lower falls.
[26 June]
The Sierra Nevadas
24. The drive south on highway 395 from Lee Vining to Lone Pine featured spectacular views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.
[26 June]
Death Valley sign
25. We had to queue up for photographs at the entrance sign to Death Valley National Park.
[27 June]
Highway 190
26. Highway 190 to Death Valley. It was on the other side of the Panamint Range in the distance.
[27 June]
A big thermometer shows 118F
27. We stopped for petrol at Stovepipe Wells. It was 46 degrees celsius in the shade. It felt hot standing in the sun cleaning the windows of the Taurus.
[27 June]
Below sea level at Death Valley
28. We almost missed this sign in Death Valley as it faces the road.
[27 June]
Mal with Showgirls
29. Mal with Nathan Burton and assistants after the 'comedy magic show' at the Aladdin Theatre in Las Vegas.
[28 June]
Las Vegas Boulevard
30. Don't believe this photo. The traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard was usually chaotic.
[28 June]
A lonely girl in Las Vegas
31. There were many mobile billboards requesting friends for lonely girls which added to the traffic problem on the Las Vegas Strip.
[29 June]
The view of Las Vegas from our room
32. We had a good view of the Bellagio, Caesars Palace and Paris casinos from our room at the Aladdin.
[30 June]
Us at the Dam Bar and Grille
33. At Page, Arizona, on our way to the Grand Canyon, we enjoyed an excellent meal and service at the Dam Bar and Grille.
[30 June]
A new raincoat
34. It was raining when we first arrived at the Grand Canyon. Joy set a trend; buying a new raincoat.
[1 July]
The Grand Canyon from the Watchtower
35. I'll never forget the Grand Canyon. The rain cleared to provide a stunning view.
[1 July]
The Grand Canyon
36. The Grand Canyon. A bird soars high above the Colorado River.
[1 July]
An Elk in the Grand Canyon National Park
37. On our drive to the Grand Canyon Village we stopped with other cars and saw an elk just off the main road.
[1 July]
Me at the Grand Canyon
38. Joy took this photo of me in front of the Grand Canyon at one of the stops along Desert View Drive.
[1 July]
Bikers at Prescott
39. South of Flagstaff on highway 89 we stopped for lunch at Prescott. In Arizona, if you're over 18, you don't have to wear a helmet to ride a bike.
[2 July]
A good road in Arizona
40. One of the best motorcycle roads I've seen is south of Prescott in Arizona.
[2 July]
Me at the Imperial Sand Dunes
41. A self portrait at the Imperial Sand Dunes near Glamis in southern California. Scenes from Star Wars and Lawrence of Arabia were filmed here. We weren't expecting to see a sandy desert like this. It was hot!
[3 July]
Joy and Mal at the Old Town Inn
42. We stayed at San Diego's Old Town Inn for our last three nights in the US. It was a short walk to the Trolley terminal and Historic Old Town.
[3 July]
Old Town, San Diego
43. Being an honorary American, I was excited to take part in the Independence Day Parade at Old Town, San Diego.
[4 July]
The Hotel del Coronado
44. Joy checking her messages in front of the Hotel del Coronado, San Diego. Built in 1888, The Del is one of America's largest wooden buildings.
[5 July]
The beach at Coronado
45. Joy and Mal walking on the beach at Coronado.
[5 July]
Last night at the Jolly Boy
46. Our last night out and Joy was serenaded at The Jolly Boy Saloon & Restaurant (1854).
[5 July]
An American Tea Bag
47. Everything is big in America, including the tea bags. It needed three of us to make a cuppa in San Diego.
[6 July]

Crescent Bay, Laguna Beach, O.C.
48. The best beach we found on the west coast of America was Orange County's Crescent Bay.
[6 July]