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JANUARY 2008 — DECEMBER 2008      Number 74   
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  • Great results from SCT runners in the Australian Cross Country Championships:
    The Australian Cross Country Championships for 2008 were conducted on 23 August at Eastern Park in Geelong, Victoria. SCT had a number of runners competing as members of ACT teams. In the Open Women's 8k event SCT won a club team silver medal, scoring 82 points. The winning club was Knox on 62 points. Our scoring members were Jessamy Hosking, Kathy Southgate and Jillian Hosking, while Hannah Flannery finished just 3 places behind Jillian.
    Following are the results for the ACT runners (SCT members in bold) and the race winners:

    Female 2000m 10yrs: 1 Josephine Auer QLD 7:16; 15 Annika Morling 8:13; 20 Jamie Clayden 8:22; 22 Olivia Fogarty 8:26; 23 Emma Windsor 8:26; 24 Katherine Caley 8:33.

    Female 3000m 11yrs: 1 Rachel Waters VIC 11:12; 3 Rebekah Sawkins 11:18; 13 Amelia Crane 11:58; 14 Niluka Karunasekara 11:58; 23 Taylee Davidson 13:10; 27 Samantha Hardie 14:20.

    Female 3000m 12yrs: 1 Hayley Arden NSW 10:35; 5 Nicola Torley 11:05; 22 Leanne Pompeani 11:39; 25 Hannah McCluskey 12:04; 30 Julia Lonsdale 12:32; 31 Laura Baynes 12:34.

    Female 3000m 13yrs: 1 Samantha Prime 10:39; 40 Elizabeth Hosking 11:43; 48 Phyllida Thomson 11:51; 52 Natalie Archer 11:56; 53 Emma Dobbie 11:57; 57 Madeline Pham 12:02; 58 Georgia Clayden 12:07; 62 Carla Magro 12:40; 65 Jasmine Braybrooks 12:55.

    Female 4000m 14-15yrs: 1 Tessa Potezny SA 13:29; 13 Sophie Greig 14:41; 27 Sarah Lonsdale 15:01; 28 Rebecca Collis 15:02; 30 Alicia Sweeney 15:07; 48 Emma-Louise Newman 15:35; 52 Natalie Tanks 15:43; 55 Catriona Windsor 15:51; 67 Georgina Whigham 16:15; 68 Stephanie Griffin 16:17.

    Female 4000m 16-17yrs: 1 Ashleigh Gentle QLD 13:44; 37 Anne Baker 15:33; 38 Betsy Anderson-Smith 15:36; 47 Sarah Dobbie 15:49; 50 Courtney Kennedy 15:53; 60 Andrea Comer 16:52; 63 Josie Dwyer 17:37; 65 Rebecca Winterflood 17:52; 66 Emily Ryan 49:46; 67 Kate Harris 50:42.

    Female 6000m 18-19yrs: 1 Veronica Wallington NSW 21:23; 18 Emi Skopal 25:35.

    Female 6000m U20: 1 Tamara Carvolth QLD 20:27; 2 Emily Brichacek 20:27; 21 Haley Gosman 23:34; 43 Emi Skopal 25:35.

    Female 8000m Open: 1 Eliza Stewart NSW 27:16; 24 Jessamy Hosking 30:22; 28 Kathy Southgate 30:45; 29 Fleur Flannery 30:49; 30 Jillian Hosking 30:52; 33 Hannah Flannery 31:12; 43 Nyree Mason 33:07.

    Male 2000m 10yrs: 1 Jack Tiernan QLD 6:48; 3 Callum McLuskey 6:52; 12 Marcus McDonald 7:11; 20 Hugh McKenzie 7:33; 28 Joel Findlay 7:48; 30 Cassidy Shaw 8:19.

    Male 3000m 12yrs: 1 Zachary Rouse VIC 10:16; 11 Reuben Caley 10:40; 14 Conor Sproule 10:48; 17 Sam O'Sullivan 10:51; 20 Jamie Hawke 11:10; 22 Jack Whyte 11:20.

    Male 3000m 13yrs: 1 Dylan Nankivell 9:47; 13 Lachlan Calvert 10:10; 23 Reilly Shaw 10:29; 41 Brayden Clews-Proctor 10:55; 49 Mathew Riddell 11:05; 54 Nathan Whytcross 11:14; 60 Josh Lind 11:54.

    Male 4000m 14-15yrs: 1 Timas Harik VIC 12:29; 3 Declan Wilson 12:33; 26 Eamon Ritchie 13:21; 30 Christo Dunkley 13:30; 32 Jack Gibson 13:31; 67 Sam Tickle 14:47; 69 Maddison Kenna 15:23.

    Male 6000m 16-17yrs: 1 Cameron Page NSW 18:34; 2 Brett Robinson 18:42; 24 Michael Gosman 20:13; 38 Miles Sweeney 20:44; 42 Tomas Walsh 20:57; 48 Peter Hosking 21:36; 51 Michael Baker 21:41; 56 Andrew Whyte 22:06; 59 Robbie Dunkley 22:57; 60 Samuel Francis 23:29.

    Male 8000m 18-19yrs: 1 Richard Everest SA 24:28; 24 Richard Brandon-Baker 30:44.

    Male 8000m U20: 1 Ryan Gregson NSW 24:08; 40 Stewart Gray 28:40; 49 Andrew Law 29:17; 57 Richard Brandon-Baker 30:44.

    Male 12000m Open: 1 Martin Dent 36:05; 13 Philo Saunders 38:07; 14 Rowan Walker 38:10; 33 Mark Bourne 39:40; 60 Nick Walshe 43:04.

  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals for Hosking sisters in the 2008 Australian Road Walking Championships!
    SCT's Jillian Hosking has finished third in the 2008 Australian Open Women's 10k Road Walking Championships which were held in Geelong on 24 August. Amazingly, Jillian also competed in the Open Women's 8k race at the Australian Cross Country Championships the previous day! Jillian walked a PB time of 48:45 for the 10k, finishing just 14 seconds behind silver medallist Megan Szirom. The race winner was Cheryl Webb in 47:19.

    In the U12 Girl's 2k Championships, Caitlin Hosking won the gold medal in 10:28, finishing well ahead of Victoria's Zoe Boldiston (10:57). A third medal for the Hosking family was won by Elizabeth Hosking, with silver for second place in the U14 Girl's 3k Championships in 14:54. The winner of the race was Amy Bettiol from NSW in 14:39.

    Colin Heywood placed fourth in the Open Men's 20k Road Walking Championships in a time of 1:41:16. The race winner was Thomas Barnes in 1:26:40.

  • Bronze medal for Angie Blackburn in World Junior relay:
    Angie Blackburn has won a tearm bronze medal in the 4 x 400m relay at the World Junior Championships! In the second-last track event of the 6-day competition, the Australia Junior female team placed third in a season's best time of 3:34.23. Team members were Brittney McGlone, Trychelle Kingdom, Olivia Tauro and Angeline Blackburn. In a very close finish, the Australians were only 3/100ths of a second away from the silver medal. The United States Junior team won gold in 3:30.19, followed by the Ukraine Junior team in 3:34.20.

  • Angeline Blackburn 6th in World Junior 400m final!
    Angie Blackburn wins at World JuniorsSCT and ACTAS sprinter Angeline Blackburn has finished a brilliant 6th in the 400m final at the 2008 World Junior Championships. The 12th IAAF World Junior Championships, were held in Bydgoszcz, Poland from 8 to 13 July. Eighteen year old Angie won her heat on 8 July in a PB time of 53.82 to qualify for the semi-finals. Running out of lane 7 in the first of three semi-final heats on 9 July, Angie placed 2nd in another PB of 52.90 to automatically qualify for the final with the equal-third fastest time.

    In the final on 10 July, Angie ran from lane 7 and placed 6th in 53.43. Angie's result was the best of her career thus far, and a big improvement on the 54.03 she ran for 5th place in the semi-final of the 11th World Junior Championships held in Beijing in 2006. Angie's 52.90 PB is also a new SCT U20 club record, erasing the long-standing 55.49 recorded by middle distance runner Kelly Roberts in 1999.

Heat 5 - 8 July 2008
PositionLaneBibAthleteCountryMark React
137Angeline BlackburnAUS53.82 Q(PB)0.139
22639Britany St.LouisTRI54.67 Q 0.207
36529Liliya Gafiyatullina RUS54.95 Q 0.376
48339Chantel MaloneIVB55.38 Q 0.259
54200Floria GueiFRA55.74 0.253
67506Florina RusuROU57.12 0.25
75285Oslyn CollinsGUY1:01.20 0.220
09358Rania AlqebaliJORDQ 0.210
Heat 1 - 9 July 2008
PositionLaneBibAthleteCountryMark React
14430Folashade AbuganNGR51.92 Q 0.221
277Angeline BlackburnAUS52.90 Q(PB)0.148
35716Lanie WhittakerUSA 53.61 q 0.210
49607Moa HjelmerSWE 54.12(PB)0.195
53350Latoya McDermottJAM54.15(SB)0.226
68544Aleksandra ZaytsevaRUS54.18 0.147
7277Alyssa JohnsonCAN55.86 0.176
 6639Britany St.LouisTRIDQ 0.165
FINAL - 10 July 2008
PositionLaneBibAthleteCountryMark React
15430Folashade AbuganNGR51.84 0.209
26677Jessica BeardUSA52.09 0.291
34119Susana A. ClementCUB52.36 0.221
48720Racheal NachulaZAM52.44 0.243
59653Yuliya BaraleyUKR53.18 0.181
677Angeline BlackburnAUS53.43 0.147
73716Lanie WhittakerUSA53.98 0.240
82249Fabienne KohlmannGER54.12 0.201

  • Fadden Pines 2008:
    SCT's Schools Cross Country competition concluded on 3 August with a series of handicap races, a pizza 'BBQ' and the presentation of champion school trophies for 2008. The winning schools were: Girls - U9: St Clare of Assisi, U11: Telopea Park, U13: Farrer Primary, U15: Canberra Girls Grammar. Boys - U9: Wanniassa Hills, U11: St Clare of Assisi, U13: Telopea Park, U18: Erindale College. Results for the season are on the 2008 Results page and course records are on the Fadden Pines page.

  • The online Tuggie Athlete:
    As some of you may have noticed, the paper Tuggie Athlete magazine is no longer produced. It has been moved online. This saves SCT an amount of approximately $160 per issue (printing and postage) — money which will be used for athlete assistance. All news that appears on this page is archived in the online Tuggie Athlete magazine. The most recent issue covers news from June 2007 to December 2007, and is available here.
    If you wish to browse other online Tuggie Athlete magazines, go to this page.

  • Angeline Blackburn in World Junior Team:
    SCT's Angeline Blackburn has been selected to represent Australia in the 12th IAAF World Junior Championships, to be held in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The World Junior Athletic Championships are for junior athletes who are under 20 years of age. These Championships are also a stepping stone towards future World Athletic Championships and Olympic Games. They run from 8 to 13 July, 2008. Angie is a member of the 31-strong Australian Team, which includes two other ACT athletes: (ACTAS) and Woden Harriers' sprinter Melissa Breen, Queanbeyan hurdler Brittney McGlone. They will also be joined by former second-claim 800 metre Queanbeyan middle distance athlete, Trychelle Kingdom, and 200 metre and 400 metre Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) NSW athlete Kurt Mulcahy, along with the remaining 26 junior athletes from across Australia. The team heads to Poland on 2 July 2008. Following is Angeline's profile from the official press release:

    Angeline "Angie" Blackburn
    18 year old Blackburn will be competing in the womens 400 metres in Poland. In the 2007/08 Australian domestic season, Blackburn clocked a number of World Junior Qualifiers (sub 54.80 seconds) with one of her best time this season at the Canberra Sprint Classic in January with 54.14 seconds. Recently Blackburn broke her 400 metre personal best time in Gold Coast, clocking 53.63 for the flat one lap race.
    Blackburn be hoping to better her personal best time going into the World Junior Championships. Blackburn is scheduled to run the womens 400 metre heats in Poland on Day 1 (8 July) at 9:35am*, semi-finals on Day 2 (9 July) at 5:55pm* and the final on Day 3 (10 July) at 7:40pm*.
    * time stated is local Polish time - please check IAAF website closer to competition on time zone differences.

  • Life Membership for Brian Wenn:
    Brian in the Runners Shop 10kClub stalwart Brian Wenn was awarded life membership of SCT at our AGM and Awards Night on Wednesday 18 June. Brian served for three years as club president from 1990. He also served two years as vice president and one year as secretary. During Brian's time as president he was instrumental in the resurgence of SCT as a power in ACT winter competition, with our senior women winning a number of premierships during the 1990s.

    Brian has also contributed to SCT by running in club teams for the past 20 years. He has run in all types of teams from D-grade to A-grade, depending on his current state of injury/form. Brian's very respectable PBs include: 2 hours 48 minutes for the marathon, 76 minutes for the half marathon and 34:59 for 10k. He also famously won the Milton-Ulladulla Fun Run and the SCT Winter Pointscore competition. Brian's contribution to the club also extends to sponsorship. He subsidises our annual awards and is the name behind the Runners Shop Trophy which is presented to the fastest male and female runners in the annual Runners Shop Fun Run.

  • News from SCT's AGM and Awards Night:
    Your new committee for 2008/09 was elected at our AGM on Wednesday 18 June:
    President - Geoff Monro; Secretary - vacant; Treasurer - Mike Sexton; Membership Registrar - Mike Sexton; Assistant registrar - Ewen Thompson; Vikings liaison - Jane McGlew; Awards and scholarships - Jane McGlew; General committee - Gary Hosking, Jim White, Susan Schraenker, Robert Dunkley, Christo Dunkley, Rowan Dunkley.

    Awards and Scholarships for 2007/08:

    1. Vikings Awards - Liam Dwyer was successfully nominated for the Vikings Sports Awards for achievement in 2007 and was invited to a presentation dinner on 21 February 2008. Unfortunately Liam didn't win his category (Outstanding School and Junior Individual), but all who attended enjoyed the evening.
    2. Scholarships - Angeline Blackburn was awarded a Vikings scholarship. Angeline has been selected to represent Australia at the 12th IAAF World Junior Championships in Bydgoszz, Poland between 8 and 13 July 2008.
    3. ACT Cross Country Championships 2007 - Were held on 21 July at Weston Park. Results for SCT athletes have been published previously on the SCT website.
    4. ACT Athletics Awards - The annual awards for 2007/08 were presented on Friday 9 May. SCT won the following In-Stadia age-group awards: U20 Women, Angeline Blackburn; U16 Men, Liam Dwyer. SCT won the following Ex-Stadia age-group awards: U20 Women, Anne Southgate. SCT won 2 club team perpetual trophies for U18 Women and U20 Women. Alan Bishop was named Junior Coach of the Year and presented with the Brian Gleeson perpetual trophy.
    5. Runners Shop Trophy - This perpetual trophy is awarded jointly to the first SCT runners in the annual "Runners Shop 10k" race. The trophy acknowledges the years of contribution to SCT by Brian Wenn. In 2007 the trophy was presented after the 10km race at the Boathouse, on Saturday 23 June to Greg Regester (36:07) and Kathy Southgate (38:07).
    6. ACT Mountain Running Championships - The ACT Championships were held at Mt Tennent on 17 February 2008. Stuart Doyle placed 2nd in 57:24. The ACT Veteran Mountain Running Championships (Lanyon to Mt Rob Roy), were held on 19 April. The fastest veteran woman to the summit was Kathy Southgate in 50:03. Kathy did the full course in 1:48:03 and placed 18th.

  • Great Results for SCT at the 2008 Cross Country Championships:
    The ACT Cross Country Championships were held on Saturday 21 June at Stromlo Forest Park. SCT runners featured strongly in all age-group races. Our senior women were outstanding, defeating the strong Woden Harriers club - Jessamy Hosking, Kathy Southgate and Jillian Hosking were the scoring runners. In the U16 Girls' 4km race, the team of Natalie Tanks, Lilth Mooney and Andrea Garvey placed 2nd to the NCG team. There were also many outstanding individual results by SCT runners:

    U12 2km: 3 Caitlin Hosking 7:49; 6 Andrew Hosking 8:28; 13 Rohan Hosking 9:50.
    U14 Girls 3km: 2 Elizabeth Hosking 11:52 (silver ACT).
    U16 Girls 4km: 8 Natalie Tanks 16:46; 11 Lilith Mooney 17:47; 13 Andrea Garvey 19:56.
    U16 Boys 4km: 1 Christo Dunkley 14:00 (gold ACT), 3 Greg Hosking 14:44 (silver ACT).
    U18 Girls 4km: 1 Andrea Comer 16:41.
    U18 Boys 6km: 4 Peter Hosking 20:36; 8 Robert Dunkley 22:57.
    U20 Womens 6km: 2 Anne Southgate 26:33 (silver ACT); 3 Emi Skopal 27:02 (bronze ACT).
    Open Womens 8km: 2 Jessamy Hosking 30:42 (silver ACT); 3 Kathy Southgate 30:55 (bronze ACT); 4 Jillian Hosking 31:18; 5 Hannah Flannery 31:33.
    Open Mens 12km: 6 Nick Walshe 41:03; 15 Geoff Monro 45:40; 32 Ewen Thompson 54:14; 33 Jim White 54:42.

  • The NSW Cross Country Championships:
    The NSW Athletics Cross Country Championships were held on the same day as the ACT Championships (Saturday 21 June) at the tough Willandra course in Cambewarra near Nowra. Former Woden Harriers' athlete Marnie Ponton won the senior womens 8km race in 29:29. Ponton's result has gained automatic selection for her to the NSW team and will be up against her former ACT team-mates at the Australian Cross Country Championships in August. Ponton won from Eliza Stweart and Belind Schipp. Also, former South Canberra Tuggeranong athlete, Noni Clarke, who has been based in Sydney for the last 18 months, was 6th in the same race clocking 32:13.

  • Results for SCT runners in the Canada Day Fun Run:
    The annual Canada Day Fun Run (formerly Terry Fox Fun Run) was held on Sunday 22 June. Here are the results, showing the winners and SCT runners (only the first 25 runners were recorded, so if you know your time and want your result on this page, notify the editor using the form at the bottom of this page):
    10k MALES
    1. S. McTaggart 30.54 (NCG); 2, Chris Williams 34.31; Jim White 43:11.
    1. E. Bennett 38.47 (WH); 4, Judith May 41.28.
    5k MALES
    1. L. Walter 16.39 (UA); 6, Greg Hosking 18.16.
    5k FEMALES
    1. H. Gosman 19.02 (NCG); 8, Elizabeth Hosking 21.23; 11, Caitlin Hosking 22.04; 12, Lilith Mooney 22.58; 19, Andrea Garvey 25.41.

  • Laurel Wreath Allocations for 2008/09:
    ACT Athletics has allocated 25 "Laurel Wreath" numbers for the 2008/09 season. These numbers recognise the top-25 athletes from the 2007/08 season:
    1 Martin Dent, 2 Christine Wolf, 3 Lauren Boden, 4 Amanda Fraser, 5 Trevor Jacobs, 6 Jackie Fairweather, 7 Patrick Johnson, 8 Jennifer Bryce, 9 Damien Bowen, 10 Hamish MacDonald, 11 Wade McMahon, 12 Adam Miller, 13 Melissa Breen 14, Angeline Blackburn, 15 Emily Brichacek, 16 Brendan Cole, 17 Murray Goldfinch, 18 Scott McTaggart, 19 Sarah Salmon, 20 Brendon Reading, 21 Britney McGlone, 22 Scott Crowe, 23 Mitchell Lamb, 24 Brett Robinson, 25 Alex Lorraway.

  • National Track & Field Rankings:
    The latest national rankings for the 2007/08 track & field season were released on May 16. Angeline Blackburn is ranked 8th in the open women's 400m with the 54.09 she ran on January 19. Angeline is also ranked 2nd amongst female U20 athletes for the 400m. Kathy Southgate is ranked 7th in the open women's 10,000 metres with the 39:51.1 she ran at the ACT Championships on January 10.

  • The Australian Mountain Running Championships:
    The AMR Championships for 2008 were held on Mount Tennent in the southern ACT on Saturday 10 May. SCT athletes Stuart Doyle, Jessamy Hosking and Judith May were competing. Here is an edited version of John Harding's official report:

    McTaggart secures historic 4th victory
    North Canberra-Gungahlin Athletics Club's Scott McTaggart secured a historic fourth straight Australian mountain running title in winning today's national championship on Mt Tennent in Namadgi National Park. By the halfway mark he had built up a commanding lead and he went on to complete the 11 kms in 52 mins 20 secs. Orienteering international Troy de Haas from Victoria overtook Wollongong's Stephen Brown with 3 kms to go to claim second place in 56:38, with Brown third in 58:12 and world veteran champion Trevor Jacobs of Weston Creek Athletics Club fourth in 62:10. Brindabella champ David Hosking was 5th in 63:55, beating home Kiwi James Kuegler (64:56). Stuart Doyle was running 4th at 5k but succumbed to the effects of the flu and withdrew before re-starting a few minutes later and eventually finishing in 65:41.

    South Canberra-Tuggeranong's Jessamy Hosking went one better than her second place on Mt Tennent two years ago to claim her first national title. She completed the 8 km course in 46:24, with Australian long distance representative Vanessa Haverd from the ACT second in 47:57 and three-time World Orienteering Championship representative Kathryn Ewels of Victoria third in 48:59. Former two-time champion and ACT sports medicine guru, SCT's Judith May was 4th in 52:10. Victorians took the trifecta in the junior men's 8 kms. Kane Wille was first in 40:51, Ash Watson second in 41:39 and Stephen McShane third in 44:18. Work junior mountain bronze medallist Veronica Wallington of Canowindra won the junior girl's 5 kms in 31:34, with Madison Rutter of Batemans Bay runner up in 34:27 and Sydney's Charlotte Wilson third in 39:29.

  • The ACT Mountain Running Championships:
    Were held on Mt Tennent on Sunday 17 February. SCT athletes Stuart Doyle and Judith May featured in the results:

    Australian representative Stephen Brown of Wollongong was victorious in the men's 11 km championship in 56:36. South Canberra Tuggeranong's Stuart Doyle was second in 57:24, securing the ACT resident title from David Osmond of North Canberra Gungahlin who ran 59.13. M55 world veteran mountain running champion Trevor Jacobs of Weston Creek won the resident bronze medal in 60.15.

    Men's 11 kms championship: 1 S Brown 56.36, 2 S Doyle 57.24, 3 D Osmond 59.13, 4 C Fairley 59.55, 5 T Jacobs 60.15, 6 D Hosking 62.17, 7 I Wright 71.30, 8 M Hole 84.07, 9 G Barker 89.52, 10 M Gracie 94.10.
    Women's 8 kms championship: 1 E Brichacek 44.12, 2 A Bateup 46.54, 3 V Wallington 47.21, 4 V Haverd 47.36, 5 J May 50.01, 6 F Flanery 50.43, 7 N Patrick 50.59, 8 R Brown 54.17.

  • The ACT Track & Field Championships:
    The ACT T&F Championships for the 2007/08 season were held at the AIS track from 7 to 9 March, 2008. Following are the results for SCT Athletes in bold:

    Women 18-19 200 Meter Dash Under 20: (w: 0.2) 1. Melissa Breen, WH, 24.22; 2. Emilia Skopal, SCT, 28.31.

    Women 18-19 400 Meter Dash Under 20: 1. Emilia Skopal, SCT, 1:03.94.

    Women 18-19 800 Meter Run Under 20: 1. Emilia Skopal, SCT, 2:35.40.

    Women 16-17 100 Meter Dash Under 18 Preliminaries: 1. Sophie Broadhead, GM, 12.70Q, w:0.6; 9. Kate Steggles, UTS, 14.11q, w:-0.4; 10. Fiona White, SCT, 14.91q, w:-0.4.

    Women 16-17 200 Meter Dash Under 18 Preliminaries: 1. Catherine Wild-Taylor, NCG, 26.26Q, 5. Courtney Young, BEG, 27.48Q, w:-0.3; 6. Andrea Comer, SCT, 28.23Q, w:-1.2; 7. Alana Bratby, UNA, 28.32q, w:-0.3; 8. Kate Steggles, UTS, 29.17q, w:-1.2; 9. Fiona White, SCT, 30.62, w:-0.3.

    Women 16-17 200 Meter Dash Under 18 Finals: (w: 0.9) 1. Catherine Wild-Taylor, NCG, 26.12; 5. Andrea Comer, SCT, 28.11; 6. Alana Bratby, UNA, 28.27; 7. Kate Steggles, UTS, 29.17.

    Women 16-17 400 Meter Dash Under 18: 1. Courtney Young, BEG, 1:01.10; 4. Andrea Comer, SCT, 1:02.80.

    Women 50-54 400 Meter Dash Veterans: 1. Kathy Southgate, VETS, 1:10.79.

    Women 16-17 High Jump Under 18: 1. Chloe Jamieson, BEG, 1.67m; 3. Fiona White, SCT, 1.40m.

    Women 16-17 Long Jump Under 18: 1. Naomi Burgess, COO, 5.17m, w:1.1; 3. Fiona White, SCT, 4.68m, w:1.1.

    Women 16-17 Triple Jump Under 18: 1. Naomi Burgess, COO, 10.56m, w:-0.8; 3. Fiona White, SCT, 9.50m, w:0.4.

    Women 16-17 Shot Put Under 18: 1. Kelsey-Lee Roberts, SCT, 8.94m; 2. Fiona White, SCT, 7.72m.

    Women 16-17 Discus Throw Under 18: 1. Melissa Prior, CAMP, 36.64m; 2. Kelsey-Lee Roberts, SCT, 31.89m; 4. Fiona White, SCT, 24.72m.

    Women 16-17 Javelin Throw Under 18: 1. Kelsey-Lee Roberts, SCT, 38.81m; 2. Fiona White, SCT, 21.52m.

    Women 14-15 800 Meter Run Under 16: 1. Isabelle Scott, QBN, 2:19.90; 2. Sophie Greig, NCG, 2:21.78; 3. Sarah Lonsdale, NCG, 2:23.50; 4. Rebecca Collis, NCG, 2:25.82; 5. Tara Vance, RYDE, 2:26.33; 6. Kate Harris, QBN, 2:26.63; 7. Emma-Louise Newman, NCG, 2:27.52; 8. Natalie Tanks, SCT, 2:27.97; 9. Alicia Sweeney, WC, 2:28.08; 10. Keira Doherty, QBN, 2:31.82.

    Women 50-54 800 Meter Dash Veterans: 1. Kathy Southgate, SCT, 2:36.80.

    Women 50-54 1500 Meter Run Veterans: 1. Kathy Southgate, SCT, 5:11.60.

    Women 14-15 Long Jump Under 16: 1. Patrycja Nowak, WH, 5.03m, w:1.0; 3. Natalie Tanks, SCT, 4.55m, w:0.4.

    Women 1-13 200 Meter Dash Under 14: (w: -0.6) 1. Stephanie Pollard, QBN, 26.86; 6. Bridget Reilly, SCT, 30.27.

    Women 1-13 800 Meter Run Under 14: 1. Bridget Reilly, SCT, 2:29.66; 2. Nicola Torley, WC, 2:30.27; 3. Elizabeth Hosking, SCT, 2:31.92; 4. Julia Lonsdale, NCG, 2:47.42.

    Women 1-13 1500 Meter Race Walk Under 14: 1. Elizabeth Hosking, SCT, 7:06.89.

    Men 20-99 100 Meter Dash Open Preliminaries: 1. Adam Basil, ESS, 10.56Q, w:0.1; 18. Wade McMahon, SCT, 13.59, w:0.1.

    Men 20-99 Javelin Throw Open: 1. Jari Talka, WC, 65.89m; 2.1. Catherine Wild-Taylor, NCG, 26.26Q,, SCT, 44.68m.

    Men 18-19 800 Meter Run Under 20: 1. Clinton McGee, NEPN, 2:02.38; 3. Richard D'Abrera, SCT, 2:38.38.

    Men 18-19 High Jump Under 20: 1. Richard D'Abrera, SCT, 1.33m.

    Men 16-17 100 Meter Dash Under 18: (w: 1.0) 1. John Pearce, RYDE, 10.85; 8. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 16.21.

    Men 16-17 200 Meter Dash Under 18: (w: 0.1) 1. Charlie Marques, NCG, 23.00; 4. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 35.03.

    Men 16-17 400 Meter Dash Under 18: 1. Thomas Aaron Wilke, WH, 52.19; 4. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 1:21.99.

    Men 16-17 800 Meter Run Under 18: 1. Joshua Johnson, WC, 1:57.37; 4. Peter Hosking, SCT, 2:05.76; 6. Robert Dunkley, SCT, 2:16.31; 7. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 3:11.01.

    Men 16-17 1500 Meter Run Under 18: 1. Michael Sinclair, WH, 4:11.15; 2. Peter Hosking, SCT, 4:23.71; 4. Robert Dunkley, SCT, 4:41.35.

    Men 20-99 5000 Meter Race Walk Open: 1. Chris Erikson, ESS, 19:32.64; 2. Adam Rutter, SPAC, 20:54.91; 3. Glen Burrell, NZ, 21:52.12; 4. Colin Heywood, SCT, 25:48.21; 5. Robin Whyte, NCG, 29:58.86.

    Men 16-17 High Jump Under 18: 1. Clinton McEwan, RYDE, 1.80m; 5. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 1.30m.

    Men 16-17 Long Jump Under 18: 1. Len Pearce, RYDE, 6.46m, w:1.3; 6. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 3.80m, w:1.0.

    Men 16-17 Triple Jump Under 18: 1. Len Pearce, RYDE, 13.47m, w:+0.0; 3. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 7.49m, w:-0.5.

    Men 16-17 Discus Throw Under 18: 1. Kyle Cranston, GM, 38.95m; 3. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 13.66m.

    Men 16-17 Javelin Throw Under 18: 1. Kyle Cranston, GM, 54.92m; 2. Timothy D'Abrera, SCT, 14.57m.

    Men 14-15 100 Meter Dash Under 16: (w: -0.4) 1. Matthew Hulme, SPAC, 11.61; 6. James McKinlay, SCT, 13.43; 7. Brendon Jones, NCG, 14.23.

    Men 14-15 200 Meter Dash Under 16: (w: 0.3) 1. Corey Wilson, NCG, 24.96; 3. James McKinlay, SCT, 26.18; 4. Angus Gould, NCG, 26.44.

    Men 14-15 800 Meter Run Under 16: 1. Liam Dwyer, SCT, 2:03.58; 2. Tom Lonsdale, NCG, 2:05.86; 3. Lachlan Dowling, QBN, 2:06.12; 4. Lachlan Carter, NCG, 2:09.53; 5. Christo Dunkley, SCT, 2:11.67; 6. Jack Gibson, SCT, 2:12.64.

    Men 14-15 1500 Meter Run Under 16: 1. Declan Wilson, WC, 4:22.23; 2. Tom Lonsdale, NCG, 4:26.80; 3. Christo Dunkley, SCT, 4:27.96; 4. Jack Gibson, SCT, 4:30.83; 5. Greg Hosking, SCT, 4:39.27; 6. Timothy Winterflood, BEG, 5:11.44.

    Men 14-15 High Jump Under 16: 1. James McKinlay, SCT, 1.55m; 2. Brendon Jones, NCG, 1.50m.

    Men 14-15 Long Jump Under 16: 1. Angus Gould, NCG, 5.32m, w:1.2; 2. James McKinlay, SCT, 5.06m, w:3.5.

    Men 14-15 Triple Jump Under 16: 1. Angus Gould, NCG, 10.78m, w:0.7; 2. James McKinlay, SCT, 10.74m, w:0.3.

    Men 14-15 Shot Put Under 16: 1. Brendon Jones, NCG, 9.21m; 2. Tom Staniforth, SCT, 9.04m.

    Men 14-15 Hammer Throw Under 16: 1. Jack Cavanagh, CAMP, 27.13m; 2. Tom Staniforth, SCT, 16.61m.

    Men 14-15 Javelin Throw Under 16: 1. Jack Cavanagh, CAMP, 32.25m; 3. James McKinlay, SCT, 25.67m.

    Men 1-13 800 Meter Run Under 14: 1. Lachlan Calvert, NCG, 2:18.70; 4. Rowan Dunkley, SCT, 2:34.98.

    Men 1-13 1500 Meter Run Under 14: 1. Jarrett Anthoney, WH, 4:47.03; 3. Rowan Dunkley, SCT, 5:17.25; 4. Michael Torley, WC, 5:51.20.

    Mixed 1-99 Shot Put Seated: 1. Hamish MacDonald, QBN, 10.34m; 2. Damien Bowen, QBN, 9.51m; 3. Jenny Bryce, NCG, 9.33m; 4. Greg Hibberd, SCT, 7.63m.

  • Athletics ACT 2008 Ex-Stadia Championship Events:
    ACT Athletics is conducting six 'Ex-Stadia Championship' events during the winter season. You must be a registered member of an athletics club (which includes SCT) to be eligible for awards. Athletes must wear their Club uniform and registration numbers. For those events where athletes are issued with race numbers (ACT Mountain Running Championships, Canberra Marathon, and Canberra Half Marathon) the race numbers must be worn instead of the AACT registration numbers. Medals will only be presented to the first three eligible placegetters. These Championship events are the primary selection events for the AACT Ex-Stadia Selection Committee to select athletes to represent ACT at National Championships:

    1. ACT Mountain Running Championships: (Seniors) Mt Tennant - 8km senior women, 12km senior men. 17 February 2008.
    2. ACT Marathon Championships: Canberra Marathon - 42.2km. 13 April 2008.
    3. ACT Mountain Running Championships: (Juniors) Mt Rob Roy - 4km junior girls, 9km junior boys. 19 April 2008.
    4. ACT Half Marathon Championships: Canberra Half Marathon - 21.1km. 18 May 2008.
    5. AACT Cross Country Championships: Stromlo Forest Park - various distances and age categories. 21 June 2008.
    6. ACT Road Running Championship: Runners Shop 5 and 10km - 5km juniors, 10km seniors. 2 August 2008.

  • The 2008 Anzac Relays:
    The Anzac Relays were held on Saturday, 26 April. A-grade men ran 4 legs of 3.68km. A-grade women and other teams ran 3 legs:

Anzac Relays 4/3 x 3.68km
Senior Men 'A'
1Nick Walshe11:4311:43
2Luke Grattan11:5723:40
3Peter Hosking12:1235:52
4Greg Hosking13:3349:25 (3rd)
Senior Men 'B'
1Geoff Monro13:3213:32
2Robbie Dunkley13:5127:23
3Rowan Dunkley15:4643:09
Mixed 'A'
1Jason Klein12:4512:45
2Caitlin Hosking16:1929:04
3Jim White15:4744:51
Senior Women 'A'
1Anne Southgate15:2415:24
2Kathy Southgate13:5329:17
3Emi Skopal15:4545:02
Mixed 'B'
1Andrew Hosking17:3217:32
2Brian Wenn15:3833:10
3Anne Southgate17:2650:36

  • The TVRUASC Awards Night:
    This Awards Night is the premier event of the year for Tuggeranong Valley sportspeople. It was held on Thursday 21 February. The SCT table was close to the stage, and all in attendance enjoyed the evening, which included a 2-course meal and free drinks. SCT's Liam Dwyer was nominated in the Outstanding Individual Junior category for his performances in the 2007 Australian All-Schools Championships and for his ACT Resident U14 800 metre record of 4.17.45. In the All-Schools, Liam won the gold in the U15 1500m in 4:15.49 and placed 4th in the U15 800m in 1:59.87. The winner of the category was BMX rider Caroline Buchanan.

  • Southgate breaks ACT Record:
    Kathy Southgate has broken the ACT W50 Record for the 10,000 metres. Running in the ACT Veterans meeting on Thursday 21 February, Kathy ran a time of 38:19.86, breaking her own W50 record by 40 seconds. She was just 3 seconds shy of her ACT W45 record (38:23.0) and 52 seconds off the Australian W50 record! Kathy finished second female in the race, behind former World Triathlon Champion and Commonwealth Games rep Jackie Fairweather who ran 36:38.41.
    Running in the same race, were SCT athletes Colin Heywood and Jim White. Colin was first in the M50s with 39:01.44 and Jim placed 3rd in the M55s in 44:07.91, behind ACT legends Trevor Jacobs and Geoff Moore. Colin Heywood also won the ACT Veterans 10,000 metre Walk Championship on 14 February, clocking an impressive 51:51 for the 25-lap race.

  • The 2008 SCT Golden Mile:
    This year's Golden Mile series of road races were held at the Stromlo Forest Park facility on Friday, 15 February, 2008. A one mile course was measured on the 1200m Criterium circuit. An out/back section of 409 metres on the main straight was run before a full 1200m lap of the circuit to complete the 1609.34 metres of 'the mile'. Entries were disappointing, however all had fun, and we hope to continue with the event using this venue in 2009. There were no female runners, so the 'Champion Female' sash goes begging for 2008.
    Race 1 (scratch): 1 Geoff Monro 6:14, 2 Jim White 6:28, 3 Ewen Thompson 6:48, 4 Richard Hilhorst 7:04, Charlie Modrak 7:20, Tony Booth 7:38, Colin Robbie 7:57.
    Race 2 (handicap): 1 Geoff Monro 5:33, 2 Richard Hilhorst 6:35, 3 Tony Booth 7:11, 4 Charlie Modrak 7:04, 5 Jim White 6:15, 6 Ewen Thompson 6:52.

  • Parliament House Relays 2007:
    The SCT 'A' team won the 2007 Parliament House Relays held on Tuesday 11 December. A-grade teams ran 10 legs of 1.77km on a road course starting and finishing at Questacon. B-grade teams ran 8 legs.

2007 Parliament House Relays (10x1.77km)
 SCT 'A' GradeTimeElapsed
1Jessamy Hosking5:595:59
2Jillian Hosking6:1712:16
3Richard Thomas5:2117:37
4Bruce Graham5:3623:13
5Peter Hosking5:4128:54
6Greg Hosking6:0434:58
7Robbie Dunkley6:0040:58
8Stuart Doyle5:2846:26
9Mark Shepherd5:0251:28
10Luke Grattan5:3357:02
2007 Parliament House Relays (10x1.77km)
 SCT 'B' Grade'TimeElapsed
1Libby Hosking6:386:38
2Caitlin Hosking7:2314:01
3Eu Ho Siew7:0121:02
4Rowan Dunkley7:0228:04
5Andrew Hosking8:3436:38
6Garry Hosking8:1744:55
7Geoff Monro6:1151:06
8Jim White7:0358:09

  • Life Members of SCT Athletics Club:
    The following people have been awarded life membership of the club: Dorothy Mills, Ian Galbraith, Malcolm Davies, Greg Gilbert, Ewen Thompson, Michael Morris, Alan Bishop and Ted Harrison (2003). Gerard Barrett (2004). Brian Wenn (2008).

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