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Terri, Maree and Sonja
by Karen Daniels
The following article first appeared in the Calwell Little Athletics Newsletter in early 2004. It profiles three talented young athletes who are also members of South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club.

Terri was introduced to Little Athletics at the tender age of 4 when her older sisters Erin & Jade competed at Tuggeranong. Always the keen runner, she showed promise right from the start when she used to race against the Under 6 boys. The boy's fathers agreed Terri could run in their race "so long as she doesn't win"! "No chance" said her mum "she is only 4". Terri DID win and was soon banned from running against the boys! (Too much for the proud fathers!) When Terri finally started Little Athletics in 1996 at Calwell, she immediately stood out in the sprints and long jump. She has competed in the Southside Regional Championships and ACT Championships on many occasions. Terri currently trains with her coach Rob Hathaway, 6.30AM, 2 days per week. Her training and dedication certainly shows with her new and improved running style plus the fact that Terri is the fastest female over both the 100m & 200m at Calwell this year. Terri has ACT Championship medals in 100m, 200m, Hurdles and Long Jump.

Officially, Maree started Little Athletics in 1996 in the Under 6 Girls, but previously was a regular competitor in the toddler's race from the age of just 3. Maree originally stood out in the sprints and long jump. Her Shot and Discus were above average, nothing exceptional but as time went by so did the records. Maree got it altogether and record after record began to fall. From the Under 9's onwards, the girls in her age group "looked up to Maree" and they all knew that when it came to Shot & Discus the only medals up for grabs were a Silver or a Bronze! Maree has competed at Southside Regional Championships and ACT Championships on many occasions and she has ACT Championship medals in Shot, Discus, Javelin, Long Jump, 50m and 70m. Maree has also represented the ACT in Basketball but is best known in the Athletic arena. Maree has represented the ACT in the Primary and High School National Competitions at Melbourne in 2001, Canberra in 2002 and Darwin in 2003 for both Shot and Discus. In Darwin, Maree won a Silver medal in the Shot with a throw 11.11 metres. In the ACT Championships this year, Maree broke the record by 22cm with a throw of 11.47 metres.
Maree currently holds the following records as Calwell - Under 9 shot and discus, Under 10 shot, Under 11 shot and discus, Under 12 shot and discus, Under 13 shot and discus.

Sonja started Little Athletics at Calwell in 1996 in the Under 6 Girls and loved it from the beginning. In the 8 years that Sonja has been competing at Calwell she has only missed one Saturday in 1996 when the lure of a friends birthday was just too much for a 5 year old to bear! She ended her first season with 36 PB's and an Age Manager's award. Luckily she was not put off by not winning all her events and took heart from the continual improvements she achieved in all her events. She stood out in her throws, achieving a Discus throw of 7.53 metres in the Calwell Championships in her first year (1996) (yes, ahead of Maree Fleming!) Sonja's dedication and the love of athletics still shows in all her events with the achievement of 39 PB's this season. Sonja has competed regularly in the 5km funs runs since the age of 7, with a time of 25 minutes 41 seconds in only her second 5km run. Sonja eagerly awaited for the time when she could compete in the 800m and 1500m at Calwell. Training with her coach Mike Sainsbury has seen huge improvements in both these events this season. Training has also paid off for Sonja hurling a Javelin for a season best of 24.92m at Calwell and 24.98m at seniors. Sonja has competed many times at the Southside Regional Championships and the ACT Championships. She has ACT Championship medals in the 700m Walk, 1100m Walk, 1500m Walk, 1500, Discus and Javelin.

From the Top

When I was a much younger man, in fact 23 years ago, I started running and at the time I was not very fit. In fact, I was only able to run for 20 minutes three times a week and that 20 minutes included 2 or 3 stops! I still thought that I would be able to complete the 1981 Weston Creek 7.5km fun run. I couldn't believe how hard it was or how many times I stopped! After the fun run I met a young man who inspired me to realise that if I put my heart and soul into running I would be capable of much bigger and better things. Around the same time I also met a Commonwealth Games gymnast who encouraged me to also become a gymnast and for many years I pursued this sport. I also continued to be a runner as I enjoyed the challenge of both sports eventually joining SCT to see if that young man was right about what I could achieve.

I remember vividly my first 1500m race on the track in 1991. I ran 6:03 and finished last but didn't have to stop! I also remember like Ewen of the times when he used to finish well in front of me along with many other runners. After a few seasons you improve as you push yourself more - doing the long, tough hilly runs, the throat-burning track sessions training every day for 120 to 150 kilometres a week. I became very competitive not only placing in the top ten in many races but also winning a few. There were also club winter and summer pointscore victories, Cundy Cup medals, Masters Games '95 in Melbourne, Masters Games '99 in Adelaide and then the ultimate triumph at the World Masters Games in 2002. So, how do I top all of this?

Standing there at the alter on my wedding day watching my beautiful wife to be walk slowly down the aisle topped it all easily! In fact, all of my achievements in running and gymnastics pale by comparison to this, the greatest moment of my life so far! I will never forget the moment, the occasion - how scared, excited and proud I was on that day. None of my running achievements come anywhere near close to it - there is no way possible for me to top it. Still, the encouraging words of that young man (not so young now obviously) and his achievements still inspire me to become more competitive again as a runner.

In recent times I have become a bit of a 'hackrunner' in training and racing being no where near the best I can be. During the last week of June I found out something that gives me the ultimate motivation to regain that top form of the past with the news that the World Masters Games will be coming to Sydney in 2009! Obviously that is some time away but that is good as I'll need plenty of time to recapture form. Luckily the spirit and body is still strong (well it hasn't completely fallen apart!) and the mind still hears the words, inspiration and advice of that young man which will spur me on to achieve my goals. That young man's name? Robert de Castella! Geoff Monro
President - June 25 2004

Pancake temptation has SCT members running fast:

SCT runners dominated the Terry Fox fun runs held on a cool sunny Sunday 20th of June. Our females were particularly impressive with Noni Clarke winning the 5k from Kelly Roberts and Kathy Southgate winning the 10k by running away from Angela Bateup after the turn at Weston Park. Also in the 10k Allan McGlew ran a PB of 34:58 to place 6th just 2 seconds behind Thredbo star Rohan Lowry. Back in the pack Charlie Modrak again got the better of Jim White. In the male 5km race Michael Hosking placed 3rd in 16:02 behind the slow starting 28racingteam's Erwin McRae (15:27). Only the first 25 runners in each division were recorded.
SCT Results 5km:
FEMALE - 1st Noni Clarke 17:58, 2nd Kelly Roberts 18:47, 3rd Jillian Hosking 19:14, 5th Hannah Flannery 19:39, 6th Anne Southgate 20:31, 9th Emily Glover 21:40, 10th Sonja Taylor 22:11, 14th Kayler Torley, 16th Elizabeth Hosking 24.07, 25th Nicola Torley 26.14. MALE - 3rd Michael Hosking 16.02, 5th Philip Curran 17.32, 6th Mark Shepherd 17.35, 9th James Southgate 18.13, 10th Robert Torley 18.16, 11th Philip Turini 18.24, 13th Peter Hosking 19.36, 15th Paul Torley 20.14, 17th Ian Colquhoun 20.36.
SCT Results 10km:
FEMALE - 1st Kathy Southgate 38.54, 6th Susannah Churchill 43.38. MALE - 6th Allan McGlew 34.58.

SCT bonanza at ACT Cross Country Championships:

A total of ten medals were won by SCT runners at the ACT Championships held on 12 June at Weston Park! Gold went to Emily Brichacek in the U16 4km, Ben Dawson in the U18 6km and Michael Hosking in the U20 8km. Silver went to Greg Hosking, Declan Wilson, Anne Southgate, Jillian Hosking and Allan McGlew. Bronze went to Isabella Havlat and Hannah Flannery.
We were not quite so good in the Open Men's 12km with Steve Cook the best placed in 11th followed by Nick Walshe 14th and veterans David Wilson and Nick Mesher 22nd and 23rd. In the Open Women's 8km Noni Clarke suffered slightly from the fast pace and faded to 6th. Kathy Southgate had an awesome run placing 7th in a PB of 30:58. Kelly Roberts had a solid if conservative run finishing 8th in 31:22.

SCT Female Results:
U12 2km Elizabeth Hosking 4th 8:45. U14 3km Isabella Havlat 3rd 12:14, Sonja Taylor 5th 12:20. U16 4km Emily Brichacek 1st 15:05, Anne Southgate 2nd 15:45, Kayler Torley 8th 17:24. U18 4km Jillian Hosking 2nd 15:14, Hannah Flannery 3rd 15:41, Sophie Vardos 4th 16:34, Justine Shepherd 5th 17:35. Open 8km Noni Clarke 6th 30:19, Kathy Southgate 7th 30:58, Kelly Roberts 8th 31:22, Jessamy Hosking 15th 34:07, Susannah Churchill 18th 34:36.

SCT Male Results:
U12 2km Greg Hosking 2nd 8:00. U14 3km Declan Wilson 2nd 10:42, Peter Hosking 7th 11:10, Alex Mesher 9th 14:36. U18 6km Ben Dawson 1st 19:57, Allan McGlew 2nd 20:43, Robert Torley 5th 22:31, Philip Turini 7th 23:31. U20 8km 1st Michael Hosking 27:34, 2nd Christopher Williams 27:53. Open 12km 11th Steve Cook 41:23, 14th Nick Walshe 42:13, 22nd David Wilson 44:24, 23rd Nick Mesher 44:25, 30th Geoff Monro 46:52, 35th Laurie Irvine 48:40, 47th Garry Hosking 52:09, 50th Jim White 53:41.

Epic performances at Schools Championships:

The ACT Schools Cross Country Championships were held at Natex on Friday 4 June. There were some excellent performances recorded by members of SCT as you can see from the full results below. Of particular merit were Declan Wilson's 19-second victory in the 11-years 3k, Emily Brichacek running the fastest female 4km time, Allan McGlew easily winning the 16-boys 6k, Jillian Hosking winning the 17-girls 4k, Hannah Flannery placing 2nd in the 16-girls 4k, Ben Dawson 2nd in the 17-boys 6k and Sophie Vardos' 14:54 in the 17-girls 4k.

Girls- 13yrs 3k: 3rd Isabella Havlat 11:37, 8th Sonja Taylor 12:01, 13th Tiahnne King 12:25. 14yrs 4k: 1st Emily Brichacek 14:15, 11th Bernadette Sainsbury 16:39, 13th Kayler Torley 16:56. 15yrs 4k: 1st Anne Southgate 15:09, 6th Anastasia Havlat 17:01. 16yrs 4k: 2nd Hannah Flannery 15:12, 5th Dominique Wilson 16:46. 17+yrs 4k: 1st Jillian Hosking 14:26, 3rd Sophie Vardos 14:54, 4th Emily Glover 15:04, 6th Tanja Gautschi 15:35, 11th Justine Shepherd 16:49.

Boys- 11yrs 3k: 1st Declan Wilson 10:13. 13yrs 3k: 16th Peter Hosking 11:21. 14yrs 4k: nil. 15yrs 4k: 5th Joel Smith 13:40. 16yrs 6k: 1st Allan McGlew 20:11, 2nd James Southgate 20:44, 9th Phillip Turini 22:09, 11th Matt De Smeth 22:16. 17+yrs 6k: 2nd Ben Dawson 19:25, 7th Robert Torley 21:32, 11th Phillip Curran 21:46.

Falling in the creek at Molonglo Gorge:

At last! A true cross country event with the uber-natural Molonglo Gorge races on Saturday 5 June. The drought had left barely a blade of grass standing and thus the course seemed more dusty and rock-strewn than ever. A thick stand of thistles resulted in a new course which was hillier than previous years but still crossed the creek which was strangely flowing hoping to trap a few stumbling runners. SCT athletes picked up three 2nd-place finishes with the senior pointscore male event particularly close - Michael Hosking finishing second to Anthony Haber but recording the same time. Nick Mesher came so close to winning his first cross country club event finishing just 6 seconds adrift of Mick Corlis in the 3.6km race. Noni Clarke was less than 20 seconds behind Joy Terry in the 7.2km race with Jessamy Hosking running an excellent 31:57 in 5th place. SCT top five:
3.6km MALE: 2nd Nick Mesher 14:09, 5th Heath Pearce 15:21, 6th Greg Hosking 16:43, 8th Jim White 18:12, 9th Ewen Thompson 18:12.
7.2km FEMALE: 2nd Noni Clarke 28:44, 5th Jessamy Hosking 31:57, 7th Susannah Churchill 34:01. 7.2km MALE: 2nd Michael Hosking 24:33, 5th Mark Shepherd 25:28, 6th Nick Walshe 25:40, 9th Steve Cook 26:07, 12th Stuart Doyle 26:47.

Kathy our best Seasonally Adjusted Athlete:

The ABS Fun Run for the Castles Shield was held at lunchtime on Thursday 27 May. In a field of 638 runners SCT's Kathy Southgate was the overall best 'seasonally adjusted' athlete with a result of 1247 adjusted seconds. Kathy was also the third female to finish in the open category running 28:14 for the 7.3km course around Lake Ginninderra.
Anne Southgate placed second junior female in 29:53 just ahead of training partner Tanja Gautschi in 30:30. Here are all the 'SCT' results: 19th James Southgate 27:56, 21st Kathy Southgate 28:14, 33rd Anne Southgate 29:53, 36th Heath Pearce 30:15, 38th Charlie Modrak 30:23, 41st Tanja Gautschi 30:30. The winners of the fun run were Corey Tucker in 24:16 and Sarah Fien in 26:45.

Winsbury and Hosking reach summit in cross country:

The CCC Winter Season continued on Saturday 29 May with the Bindubi St dirt-road runs. This was the first time this 'high altitude' course had been used and surprised some competitors with the inclusion of a 'bloody big hill' which had to be negotiated twice for the 6.5k course. It came as no surprise that World Mountain Running rep John Winsbury easily won the 3.5k race and then 'warmed down' with a third place in the 6.5k race. New member Steve Cook eased his way into ACT competition in 7th place. Jessamy Hosking scored her first win for the season in the 3.5k race, well ahead of training partner Emily Glover. SCT top five:
3.5km FEMALE: 1st Jessamy Hosking 15:23, 2nd Emily Glover 17:20, 6th Karen Daniels 23:10. 3.5km MALE: 1st John Winsbury 12:42, 2nd Stuart Doyle 12:50, 5th Nick Mesher 14:25, 6th Phil Turini 14:44, 7th Matt Gallagher 15:18.
6.5km FEMALE: 6th Susannah Churchill 31:51. 6.5km MALE: 3rd John Winsbury 24:31, 4th Stuart Doyle 24:57, 6th Colin Neave 25:29, 7th Steve Cook 26:31, 10th Phil Curran 26:54.

SCT teams dominate Carillon Junior Relays:

The gold and black uniforms of SCT runners were embarrassingly profuse in the Cross Country Club relays for juniors over the Carillon 'desert' course on 15 May. As can be seen from the table below we had both the winning male and female teams.
Our 'B' male and female teams placed second and fourth respectively. Michael Hosking ran the fastest leg for males and Jillian Hosking the second fastest leg for females. Most runners ran personal best times compared to 2003 and we also had an extra team this year. Our 'C' female team were left out of contention when Sonja Taylor unfortunately ran off course and lost about 3 minutes.

2004 Carillon Relays - 3 x 3km
Junior Male 'A' ~ ~ 1st
Name Time Elapsed
Michael Hosking9:289:28
Allan McGlew10:1419:42
Ben Dawson9:3529:17
Junior Male 'B' ~ ~ 2nd
Name Time Elapsed
Philip Turini10:4410:44
Matt Gallagher11:2922:13
Robert Torley10:4632:59
Junior Female 'A' ~ ~ 1st
Name Time Elapsed
Anne Southgate11:3511:35
Hannah Flannery11:4723:22
Jillian Hosking11:2234:44
Junior Male 'C' ~ ~ 5th
Name Time Elapsed
Peter Hosking11:3511:35
Greg Hosking13:0124:36
Philip Turini11:2035:56
Junior Female 'B' ~ ~ 4th
Name Time Elapsed
Emily Glover12:0912:09
Kayler Torley13:1725:26
Sophie Vardos12:1537:41
Junior Female 'C' ~ ~ 6th
Name Time Elapsed
Elizabeth Hosking15:3415:34
Sonja Taylor16:0231:36
Anne Southgate13:2144:58

Honour Board for SCT Office Holders:

SCT Treasurer Mike Sexton has taken on the task of producing a club 'honour board' in readiness for our 50th anniversary in 2005. There will also be a web version listing the key committee positions of the past 50 years. So far things are going well with names put against some jobs going back to about 1983. Charlie Modrak has assisted with his archive of newsletters dating back to 1980. Prior to that things are a little hazy because many current members weren't even born. If you were and can remember some names please contact Mike on 6291 6749.

Clarke and Hosking victorious in 'desert storm':

The fifth round of the CCC Winter Season on Saturday 15 May included a 2-lap 6km race as well as the 3km junior relays. After running the fastest relay leg 40 minutes earlier Michael Hosking just kept on running to defeat Aussie rep John Winsbury by 15 seconds. Michael ran a swift 19:12 leaving a cloud of dust behind him on the drought-ravaged course. SCT runners filled the first four places with Stu Doyle finishing an unfamiliar 6th and Nick Mesher an excellent 11th.
In a 'tune-up' for the Canberra Half, Noni Clarke had an easy 37-second victory over Kirra Rankin and placed 14th outright. Veteran Kathy Southgate showed a number of youngsters a clean pair of heels to place 4th. SCT top five:
6km WOMEN: 1st Noni Clarke 22:30, 4th Kathy Southgate 24:03.
6km MEN: 1st Michael Hosking 19:12, 2nd John Winsbury 19:27, 3rd Mark Shepherd 19:34, 4th Nick Walshe 19:38, 6th Stuart Doyle 20:19.

Life Membership for Gerard Barrett at our AGM:

One of SCT and Australia's most outstanding distance runners was awarded Life Membership of the club at our AGM and Awards Evening on Wednesday 12 May. Nick Walshe in proposing the Life Membership for Gerard spoke at length about his many achievements. These ranged from his Australian Junior record at 10,000m, Australian representation on many occasions (including the 1980 Moscow Olympics) and winning the Canberra Marathon. Here is the press release Stuart Doyle wrote for The Canberra Times:

"South Canberra-Tuggeranong Athletics Club has honoured former Australian champion long distance runner Gerard Barrett with life membership at the clubs' Annual General Meeting and Awards Night held last night. Barrett had a distinguished career, with Australian Championship wins in the 5000m, 10000m and Cross Country as well as representing Australia seven times including the 1980 Moscow Olympic Games. In his acceptance speech, Barrett paid tribute to the young talent in the club and emphasised the need to help these athletes make the transition into senior competition.
Geoff Monro (President), David Wilson (Administrator) and Mike Sexton (Financial Manager) were all re-elected after a very successful year for the club at both junior and senior levels."

A large team of helpers were elected to take care of various areas of club administration including Nick Walshe (membership), Diane Shepherd (uniforms), Jade Sutcliffe (officials), Ewen Thompson (newsletter/website), Jane McGlew (sports council and awards), Stu Doyle (publicity) and Kathy Southgate (ACTAA rep and women's/girls issues).
The awards part of the evening saw winners receive engraved boxed medallions and getting to hold their perpetual trophy for a 'photo opportunity'. The winners and placegetters are listed in a table on the 'More SCT News' page of the website. Geoff Monro presented the 31-year-old President's Trophy to 'coach of the year' Garry Hosking. Brian Wenn from The Runners Shop donated four gift vouchers as 'lucky door' prizes which were drawn from the hat by Gerard Barrett. The winners were Alex Mesher, Phil Curran, Conrad Shepherd and Jim 'lucky' White!

SCT push the Creek in the Canberra Half Marathon:

SCT's senior men won a team silver medal and pushed the powerful Weston Creek squad all the way in the Instant Colour Press Canberra Half Marathon on Sunday 23 May. The winner was Martin Dent running his second fastest 'half' time of 65:08. Our leading runner was John Winsbury who, astonishingly, in his first half marathon ran 71:44 for 8th place. Not far behind was 19-year-old Mark Shepherd, also running his first 'half' placing 10th in 73:21. Nick Walshe followed Mark across the line running a PB of 73:50.
Stuart Doyle finally broke the 75-minute barrier with a PB of 74:51. Michael Hosking was the first U20 runner finishing just behind Stu in 75:00 after running with Mark for the first 15 kilometres. Michael also smashed Chris Williams' SCT U20 record for the half marathon by almost 8 minutes! Nick Mesher continued his awesome year running a 4-minute PB with 80:01, placing 3rd M40 and 27th outright of the 403 finishers. Geoff Monro was slightly below par but still placed 33rd in 82:46.
Noni Clark was the third female to finish with a PB of 80:47 just 1:48 behind the winner - Woden's Joy Terry. Victorian Anna Thwaites placed second. Kerrie Bremner ran an excellent 95:13 as the 17th female to finish while Jessamy Hosking outsprinted father Garry with her PB of 96:54. Jim White was the 5th M55 to finish and very happy with his 94:57, just three minutes outside his PB.

Hosking hurry-up for Haber, Roberts runs relaxed:

The fourth round of the CCC Winter Season on Saturday 8 May featured the 3 and 6km cross country races at Yarralumla Bay. After a 'warm-up' winning tie with training partners Mark Shepherd and Nick Walshe in the 3k Michael Hosking was a surprise winner of the 6km race defeating ACT 10,000m champion Anthony Haber. Kelly Roberts took out the female section of the 6k in 23:25 to finish 200m ahead of Fiona Jorgensen.
Jillian Hosking was also a clear winner in the female section of the 3k running 11:02 as a 'warm-up' before rushing to Lake Ginnindera to compete in the Walkers Club 7km race. SCT veteran Nick Mesher ran an excellent double placing 5th in the 3k and 14th in the 6k race. SCT top five:
3km WOMEN: 1st Jillian Hosking 11:02, 4th Emily Glover 11:59, 5th Susannah Churchill 12:11, 6th Justine Shepherd 12:44, 11th Karen Daniels. 3km MEN: 1st Michael Hosking 9:23, 2nd Mark Shepherd 9:23, 3rd Nick Walshe 9:23, 5th Nick Mesher 10:32, 7th Philip Turini 11:00.
6km WOMEN: 1st Kelly Roberts 23:25, 5th Susannah Churchill 26:28. 6km MEN: 1st Michael Hosking 18:53, 3rd Michael Shepherd 19:27, 4th Nick Walshe 19:36, 5th Stuart Doyle 20:22, 7th Colin Neave 20:54.

New SCT mile records on the 50th anniversary of the first 'sub-4 minute mile'!

Michael Thomson as 'meet director' and ACT Athletics organised a special event on Thursday evening 6 May at the AIS track to mark the 50th anniversary of the first sub-4 minute mile. There was much publicity in The Canberra Times as well as on local radio and television focusing on the possibility that one of Dick Telford's runners might break the 4-minute barrier and also Shaun Creighton's ACT Record (3:59.8). On the night Weston Creek runner Philo Saunders won the race but missed 'sub-4' by nine seconds.
There were some additional mile races on the program and it was here that two SCT records were broken and one established. Emily Brichacek ran a brilliant 5:04.01 to smash Anna Thompson's 18-year-old SCT U16 record by 20 seconds! She also broke the ACT All-Comers record of 5:20.3 which had been held since 1990 by Mary-Jane Harding. Emily was just nine seconds over the World U14 (age on day) record held by US Olympian Mary Decker of 4:55.00 set in 1972!
Jenny Brichacek also had a great run shaving half a second off her own SCT veteran record to leave it at 5:04.44. A 'sub-5' minute mile is surely a possibility for JP in the 2004/05 season. Isabella Havlat established an Under-14 record running 6:01.97. Thomas Havlat in a rare departure from the sprints ran a very credible 5:18.97 while veteran fun runner Jim White broke six minutes with 5:58.34.

Clarke cruises, Shepherd sprints:

The third event for the winter season were the 4km/8km bike path races from Nara Peace Park on 1 May. In the long race Noni Clarke cruised to victory and fifth outright running an excellent 29:58 considering the "great for windsurfing" weather. Kathy Southgate placed third just over three minutes behind Noni while Susannah Churchill finished fourth. Nick Walshe ran an '8-5-8' surge training session and still placed second male in 28:13.
The 4km race was once again "slightly long" with observers such as Jim Tucker guessing it was between 4.2 and 4.3 kilometres. Mark Shepherd and Michael Hosking ran together way ahead of the field for most of the race before Mark unleashed his sprint finish to win by one second. Jillian Hosking finished second just ten seconds behind Anna Neumaier. Anne Southgate placed third in an excellent 16:10 while Hannah Flannery placed fifth ahead of 800m star Zoe Buckman. SCT top five:
4.3km WOMEN: 2nd Jillian Hosking 15:48, 3rd Anne Southgate 16:10, 5th Hannah Flannery 16:31, 9th Emily Glover 16:59, 13th Sophie Vardos 17:21. 4.3km MEN: 1st Mark Shepherd 13:17, 2nd Michael Hosking 13:18, 4th Allan McGlew 14:12, 12th Nick Mesher 15:30, 13th Philip Turini 16:02.
8km WOMEN: 1st Noni Clarke 29:58, 3rd Kathy Southgate 33:22, 4th Susannah Churchill 36:03, 6th Kerrie Bremner 36:59. 8km MEN: 2nd Nick Walshe 28:13, 5th Colin Neave 30:03, 9th Nick Mesher 30:58, 11th Geoff Monro 31:53, 13th Hugh Jorgensen 32:45.

Winsbury almost nails victory in Albury:

SCT's international representative mountain runner John Winsbury has placed second in Albury's famous 'Nail Can Hill Run'. John was described in the Border Mail as a dark horse for the race with favouritism given to local distance king Jeremy Horne. The course is a tough 11.3kms including a 400m climb to the summit of the 'Nail Can Hill' and a run along the ridge before descending back to finish in the city.
John surged during the 2.5km climb up the hill and broke away from the leading pack of ten runners. After 6km of running John had established a gap of about 200 metres to Jeremy Horne before the downhill run commenced. It was here that local knowledge and downhill technique helped Jeremy close the gap to John. The two runners battled out the final 1.5km of downhill and flat running before Jeremy broke away to win in 38:40. John placed second in 39:14 and is now in training for the ACT Cross Country Championships.

Gold, Gold, Gold to Jenny Brichacek!

Amazing middle distance runner Jenny Brichacek won three gold medals at the Australian Masters Track & Field Championships held in Melbourne over Easter. Running in the W35 division Jenny's best performance was her 800 metres win in 2:16.84 which rated 87.3% compared to world age-best standards. In the 1500m Jenny broke her SCT club record by just 0.09 seconds with 4:43.22. In the 400m she was just outside her record with another excellent sub-60 second performance (59.84).
Garry Maher was not quite at his prolific best winning just one gold in the M55 high jump with 1.30 metres. The 800m saw Garry place 6th in a respectable 2:25.07 while in the 200m final he placed 7th in 27.27. Dale Moore placed 4th in all three M40 events he contested and missed the bronze medal by just 6 seconds in the 5000m. Dale ran 2:11.66 in the 800m, 4:27.77 in the 1500m and 17:05.01 in the 5000m.

The Telstra Australian Mountain Running Championships:

Were held on Victoria's Mount Buffalo on Sunday 25 April. SCT athletes John Winsbury and Stuart Doyle were members of the strong ACT men's open team. The course was an 'up only' configuration over 11 kilometres. Wollongong's Ben du Bois successfully defended his 2003 Australian mountain running title defeating the strongest men's field for many years. It included Daniel Green, Stephen Page, Trent Harlow, Ross Hudson and David Osmond.
John finished strongly over the latter stages of the race to place sixth in 62:08 with du Bois running 58:24. Stuart's 'take-it-out-hard' tactics didn't quite work and he struggled after the 'cliff' section of the course but still placed 11th in 66:35. The ACT team on 16 points placed second to NSW on 10 points. The open women's 11km championship was taken out by West Belconnen's Marnie Ponton in 77:22 on a par with the 75:19 that SCT's Judith May ran to win the 2002 title. The 2004 World Championships are being held in Italy this September.

Another Stellar Season for SCT:

The ACT Athletics Annual Awards for 2003/04 were presented on Saturday evening 1 May and SCT athletes and teams once again took out many of the categories on offer.
South Canberra Tuggeranong were the overall club champions in the Interclub Pointscore competition. We equalled North Canberra Gungahlin in winning five age-group premierships with SCT taking out the Under-20 men, Under-18 men, Under-20 women, Under-18 women and Under-14 women.
In the 'Most Outstanding Summer Athlete' awards we had four winners: Jade Sutcliffe U20, Angie Blackburn U16, Emily Brichacek U14 and Michael Hosking U20. In the 'Most Outstanding Winter Athlete' awards we also had four winners: Jillian Hosking U18, Anne Southgate U16, Michael Hosking U20 and Chris Williams U18. Once again it was another fantastic season for the club! Let's see if we can 'play it again' in 2004/05!

Dramatic last-minute victory at Anzac Relays!

The reputation of SCT's senior males as 'also-rans' in winter competition took a deserved battering when our 'A-team' won a dramatic Anzac Relays on 24 April. We looked to be headed for bridesmaid status yet again when North Canberra established a one minute twenty second lead after the third leg around Campbell Park. Norths ran their three gun runners first (Scott McTaggart, Anthony Haber and Shaun Creighton) which left our anchor Nick Walshe to chase down the out-of-sight junior Mitchel Lamb. In the end it was a comfortable SCT victory with Nick running 11:33 for the 3.68km course, to place our 'A-team' thirty six seconds ahead of North Canberra.
Our female 'A-team' were up against the mighty Woden Harriers and did extremely well to secure second place and disrupt a Woden clean-sweep of the placings. We also won the 'Mixed' category and had the fastest 'B-grade' team. Noni Clarke ran the fourth fastest leg for females (12:50) and Mark Shepherd the fourth fastest leg for males (11:06), quicker than Olympian Shaun Creighton! The day's results were a fitting celebration of the baptism of our new tent!

Male - Senior A (1st) Time Total
Mark Shepherd11:0611:06
Michael Hosking11:1522:21
Ben Dawson11:4334:04
Nick Walshe11:33 45:37
Mixed 'A' (1st) Time Total
Susannah Churchill15:2415:24
Andrea Ilakovic14:1129:35
Mark Shepherd12:0041:35
Michael Hosking11:33 53:08
Male - Senior B (1st) Time Total
David Wilson13:1913:19
Allan McGlew12:2225:41
Peter Hosking14:0139:42
Geoff Monro13:33 53:15
Female - Senior A (2nd) Time Total
Noni Clarke12:5012:50
Jillian Hosking13:2926:19
Jessamy Hosking14:3840:57
Dominique Wilson15:32 56:29
Male - Senior Z (8th) Time Total
Brian Wenn15:0015:00
Greg Hosking15:3830:38
Ted Harrison19:0449:42
Jim White15:34 65:16

Great results in Marathon Eve Fun Runs:

Noni Clarke, Michael Hosking and Nick Walshe were our best placed runners in the 'Marathon Eve Fun Runs' held on 17 April. Noni was the first female in the 5km race in 18:04 while Michael placed third male in 15:51. Nick placed 5th in the 10km with 34:23 for a course which is not known for fast times. Stu Doyle had a good 'tune-up' for the Australian Mountain Running Championships with 5th in the 5km while Jillian Hosking ran an excellent 18:47 to be second female. The 5km was won by Wayne Bristow from NSW in 15:23 while the 10km was won by Weston Creek's Paul Imhoff in 31:22 and Victoria's Prue Warner in 37:20. There were 204 finishers in the 5k and 295 in the 10k.
SCT Results: 5km: 3 Michael Hosking 15:51, 4 Mark Shepherd 15:57, 5 Stuart Doyle 16:47, 8 Allan McGlew 17:27, 10 Noni Clarke 18:04, 16 Jillian Hosking 18:47, 20 Peter Hosking 19:19, 24 Chris Sainsbury 19:30, 28 Hannah Flannery 19:44, 37 Emily Glover 20:56, 42 Greg Hosking 21:40, 86 Elizabeth Hosking 25:24, 171 Alex Mesher 33:20, 174 Anita McGlew 33:59.
10km: 5 Nick Walshe 34:23, 21 Craig Tipping 38:15, 71 Jim White 43:14, 99 Susannah Churchill 45:43, 136 Michelle Lomas-Travers F 49:24, 153 Bernie King 50:52.

SCT men win team bronze medal in the Canberra Marathon:

Bronze medals were awarded to the members of our 'A' team following the 18th annual New Balance Canberra Marathon held on Sunday 18 April. Nick Mesher was our first finisher in a great PB of 3:03:38 for 76th place. This result was predicted by knowledgeable observers such as Jim Tucker "he'll go close to breaking 3 hours" following Nick's many recent PB's including an excellent 17:52 for 5000m on the track.
Our second finisher was evergreen marathoner Hugh Jorgensen in a game 3:36:34 for 291st place. Hugh normally finishes inside 3 hours but looked to be battling leg cramps during the last 10k which slowed his progress significantly. Garry Hosking was the third member of our team in 3:56:27 for 448th place. Garry's time was slightly disappointing as he was in sub-3:40 shape but perhaps suffered from overtraining at 'Step Into Life'. He received plenty of vocal support around the course with spectators recognising him from the family photo in the morning's Canberra Times.
The 'non-pointscoring' member of the team was Ewen Thompson who caught 'Jorgensen's disease' in the last 6k to finish in an 'almost PW' of 4:09:02 and 529th place. He did however enjoy running the new Canberra course on a spectacular autumn morning with great encouragement from officials around the course such as Jim White, Ted Harrison, Jane McGlew, Anne Southgate, Sophie Vardos, Richard White, Ian Leves, Bernie King, Heath Pearce and unknown spectators who had heaps of time to look up his name in the program.

Flannery fantastic, Doyle and Dawson just doing it:

The second cross country club race of the season on 10 April was the Reconciliation Place 5km using a mainly bike path but sometimes soft grass course to the Yacht Club. New member Hannah Flannery won her first CCC race in an excellent 20:27 defeating ACT 5000m champion Andrea Ilakovic. Kayler Torley placed 4th with Dominique Wilson 30 seconds back in 7th. Stu Doyle couldn't quite match it with Anthony Haber but his 16:58 edged out Anthony Perry for second place. Ben Dawson had another good run in 4th place just ahead of Allan McGlew. Craig Tipping placed 8th while David Wilson just missed the 'top ten'. SCT top five:
FEMALE: 1st Hannah Flannery 20:27, 4th Kayler Torley 22:27, 7th Dominique Wilson 23:06, 13th Karen Daniels 26:12.
MALE: 2nd Stuart Doyle 16:58, 4th Ben Dawson 17:23, 5th Allan McGlew 17:27, 8th Craig Tipping 18:06, 11th David Wilson 18:41.

Our Runners Supreme in the Women and Girls' Fun Run:

SCT runners featured prominently in the 18th annual ActewAGL Women and Girls' Fun Run held on Sunday 4th April. Noni Clarke ran 18:22 to place 2nd outright behind Woden's Joy Terry in the 5km run from Stage 88 to the Carillon and return. After starting slowly Kelly Roberts ran through the field to place 4th and 3rd in the 19-24 category. We also won the 'mother and daughter' and 'sisters' categories! The 'Speedy Legs' team of Kathy and Anne Southgate were easily the first mother and daughter while 'The Hosking Sisters' (Caitlin, Elizabeth, Jessamy and Jillian) were similarly dominant.
Age category winners were Anne Southgate 10-14, Jillian Hosking 15-18, Noni Clarke 19-24 and Kathy Southgate 45-49. Second in age were Elizabeth Hosking Under 10, Hannah Flannery 15-18, Susannah Churchill 25-29 and Michelle Lomas-Travers 35-39. 'Concise Couple' Karen and Megan Daniels were the fifth placed 'sisters' while 'J & D' Dianne and Justine Shepherd were the ninth placed 'mother and daughter'. There were 716 official finishers in the run and here are the SCT placings:

2nd Noni Clarke 18:22, 4th Kelly Roberts 18:41, 5th Jillian Hosking 19:43, 7th Anne Southgate 20:09, 8th Kathy Southgate 20:10, 10th Jessamy Hosking 20:19, 12th Hannah Flannery 20:31, 28th Susannah Churchill 22:09, 33rd Michelle Lomas-Travers 22:31, 34th Justine Shepherd 22:37, 65th Christina Ivansson 24:36, 89th Elizabeth Hosking 25:24, 148th Karen Daniels 27:24, 149th Megan Daniels 27:24, 152nd Maria White 27:42, 196th Jennifer Ivansson 29:10, 421st Dianne Shepherd 39:20, 469th Caitlin Hosking 42:30, 514th Christine Hosking 46:40. There are some photographs on the ACTCCC website!

Regatta Point break for Walshe and Glover:

SCT runners Nick Walshe and Emily Glover were the male and female winners at the opening event of the winter season at Regatta Point on Saturday 3 April. Nick covered the 4km course to the Carillon and return in 13:18 to win easily from Woden's Anthony Perry. Juniors Ben Dawson and Allan McGlew finished 3rd and 4th with club President Geoff Monro in 6th place.
Emily was an easy winner of her first 'comeback' race following a stress fracture which prematurely ended her track season. Karen Daniels placed 7th and scored 81.5% in SCT's winter pointscore competition. In the 'also-ran' category Brian Wenn showed some good early season form just behind Charlie Modrak while Ted Harrison was looking good in his gold and black SCT singlet. SCT top five:
WOMEN: 1st Emily Glover 17:16, 7th Karen Daniels 21:12.
MEN: 1st Nick Walshe 13:18, 3rd Ben Dawson 13:40, 4th Allan McGlew 13:51, 6th Geoff Monro 14:32, 10th Philip Turini 14:56.

The IGA Australian Youth Championships:

For Under-16/18 athletes were conducted at the AIS Stadium from 26 to 18 March. SCT athletes won a total of five medals for the ACT team which was ably managed by Kathy Southgate with assistance from Kelly Roberts! Jillian Hosking won gold in the U18 3000m walk; Angie Blackburn won a silver in the U16 400m, bronze in the U16 200m and bronze in the U16 4x100 relay; Emily Brichacek won silver in the U16 800 metres. Following are the results for SCT athletes (not including three unfortunate DQ's in the relays):

100m Under 18 Heat 3: (w: 1.7) 4th. Jessie Pritchard 12.72.
200m Under 18 Heat 1: (w: -1.3) 5th. Jessie Pritchard 25.97.
3000m Walk Under 18: Div 1: 1st. Jillian Hosking 14:04.00.
4x100m Relay Under 18: Div 1: 5th. ACT 'A' (Budnick*, Erin 87, Coddington, Alice 88, Boden, Lauren 88, Pritchard, Jessie 87), 49.33.
100m Under 16 Final: Div 1: (w: -0.8) 9th. Angie Blackburn 12.85.
200m Under 16 Final: Div 1: (w: 0.7) 3rd. Angie Blackburn 25.00.
400m Under 16 Final: Div 1: 2nd. Angie Blackburn 55.53.
800m Under 16 Final: Div 1: 2nd. Emily Brichacek 2:12.47.
2000m Steeplechase Under 16: Div 1: 5th. (4 Aus) Anne Southgate 7:33.45.
4x100m Relay Under 16: 3rd. ACT 'A' (Breen, Melissa 90, Compton, Benita 90, McIlrick, Amy 89, Blackburn, Angie 89), 49.94.
High Jump Under 16: Div 1: 4th. Anastacia Havlat 1.60m.

3000m Under 18: Div 1: 6th. Phil Curan 9:28.16.
2000m Steeplechase Under 18: Div 1: 8th. Allan McGlew 6:34.75.
4x400m Relay Under 18: Div 1: 6th. ACT 'A' (Carder*, Alex 87, Southgate, James 88, Reis, Jordan 88, Watt, Brendan 88), 3:36.42.
Shot Put Under 18: Div 1: 12th. Kyle Hallet 10.98m.
100m Under 16 Final: Div 1: (w: -0.6) 7th. Josh Hatch 11.93.

Great results at the ACT T&F Championships!

While I was searching for wombat holes between Katoomba and Jenolan Caves SCT athletes were producing many brilliant performances at the 2004 Championships. SCT results are available on the website. A total of 9 club records were also broken so check the female and male club records! Our athletes won 44 age-group gold medals and many more silver and bronze.
There were numerous PB's set on the weekend - a few of which caught my eye: Noni Clarke ran 4:31.55 to break Penny Garner's club record, Josh Hatch with 11.73 in the 100m, Ben Dawson 2:02.68 (800m) and 4:10.36 in the 1500m, Tanja Gautscki with 5:08.72 in the 1500m, Sonja Taylor with 5:33.07 in the 1500m and Anne Southgate with 7:22.50 in the 2km Steeplechase.

ACTCCC Summer Series Race 8:

The final race of the 2004 Summer Series on Tuesday 13 March was a 4.7km run from the Yamba Sports Club in Phillip. Here are the SCT results:
WOMEN - 2nd Noni Clarke 17:56, 3rd Kelly Roberts 18:08, 5th Jessamy Hosking 19:21, 18th Michelle Lomas-Travers 21:57, 22nd Justine Shepherd 22:27.
MEN - 2nd Mark Shepherd 15:12, 5th John Winsbury 15:42, 6th Michael Hosking 15:46, 8th Stuart Doyle 16:11, 9th Nick Walshe 16:13, 13th Gareth Candy 16:42, 22nd Robert Torley 17:53, 27th Hugh Jorgensen 18:30, 29th Philip Turini 18:31, 34th Chris Sainsbury 18:49, 41st Colin Bridge 19:23, 45th Paul Torley 19:36, 48th Jim White 19:58, 50th Peter Hosking 20:04, 55th Charlie Modrak 20:45, 60th Greg Hosking 21:08, 61st Garry Hosking 21:09, 80th Ted Harrison (running all the way) 25:56!

Just Read It. (The editor's diary)

Mixing it with the World's best ...

It's hard to believe that almost four years have passed since I spent an indulgent 2 weeks during September camped at my mate's place in Sydney to be a spectator at the 2000 Olympic Games. Yes, I didn't quite make the Aussie team for the 3000m steeplechase. It was a brilliant two weeks filled with excitement. The energy, friendliness and buzz associated with the Sydney Olympics was amazing. You had to on the trains, in the city or walking into Olympic Park to know what I'm talking about. I'll never forget the noise 105,000 people made one evening when they realised as one that Cathy Freeman was going to win Olympic Gold in the 400 metres.

So, it's almost time once again to camp in front of the TV and be inspired by the drama that unfolds on the biggest stage in world sport. Aussie success in track and field might be rare in Athens but we'll have some finalists there such as Craig Mottram, Benita Johnson and Jana Pittman mixing it with the world's best. Jim Tucker's dark horse for the marathon is the well spoken and modest Lee Troop. In the triathlon we'll all be cheering for ex-SCT member Simon Thomson and in the pool it will be Thorpie, Grant and Petria. Connoisseurs of running excellence will be drooling over the prospect of seeing 14:24 runner Elvan Abeylegesse and cross country king Kenenisa Bekele decimating the best 5000 metre runners in the world.

As a warm-up for the Olympics we have Le Tour on SBS which is sure to be full of drama. I just love watching those big mountain stages where ridiculously fit riders grind uphill at barely quicker than jogging pace. Late nights and early mornings in front of the TV might offer me an excuse to skimp on my running training. I'll be trying with the effort of Gebrselassie winning the 10000 metres in Sydney to get outside for my run. I know many SCT athletes are out there right now preparing for the Australian Cross Country Championships and the 2004/05 track and field season!

Ewen W Thompson ... 12 June 2004

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