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The Great Train Race
by Gordon Nightingale

Sunday 7th December: A joint presentation of SCTAC and The Australian Railway Historical Society (ACT Division Incorporated)

For the first time since 1993, the Great Train Race is on again. This time, we want it to be bigger and better; a great occasion; a totally fun event; a totally challenging event; an enjoyable social function that can be enjoyed by a broad section of Canberra's athletic and cycling community.

The concept is that relay runners, mountain bikers and cyclists attempt to beat the Steam Train to Michelago starting off from different handicaps over slightly different courses. The aim is to have all groups finishing within a few minutes of each other and the train. The closer the finish, the better. The handicap (start time) for each group is determined by the estimated average speed over the distance for a 12:30pm finish. The start times for each group is as follows:

Relay Runners 9:00am, Total Distance 52km - Mountain Bikes 10:00am, Total Distance 56km - Cyclists 11:00am, Total Distance 48km - Train 10:00am, Total Distance 57km.

Runners will be in teams of 8, mountain bikers in teams of 2, cyclists in teams of 1 and the train.
The route taken by the Mountain Bike teams begins in the carpark at Canberra Station at Kingston and follows Canberra Avenue (on the cycleway where possible) towards Queanbeyan, but crosses over at Harmon onto the dirt road that follows the railway line south. About 500m short of Tharwa Road, it crosses under the railway to traverse a track across the paddocks to Tharwa Road 100m south of the entrance to Jerrabomberra Park. From here they take the gravel road past Fraser Park, cross under the railway again, the follow the track along the west side of the line past the back of Hume, then climb steadily up to Melrose Valley then on to the top of the hill, emerging onto the Monaro Highway about 4km north of Royalla. This is the relay change station and the 1st rider has covered about 26km.

The second stage follows the highway to Royalla where it crosses the railway and follows a dirt track on the east side of the railway line down to Williamsdale. The course comes back to the highway for a few kilometres then turns left onto Kellys Road for about 5km before crossing back to the highway again. Then it's 8km of fast downhill on the highway to Michelago. The distance covered in this stage is about 30km but it is much easier and faster than the first.
The cyclists have a much simpler route. Canberra Avenue to Fyshwick, then straight down the Monaro Highway to Michelago; but they have to the whole 48km course on their own.

The only cost involved is $3.00 to cover the cost of the BBQ at Michelago. Contact Gordon Nightingale for further details and to register your Mountain Bike team or to enter as a Solo Cyclist.

All the President's Prose

The Track & Field Season is with us once again and even though I have not been able to get there yet (work is really a pain when you have to sacrifice Saturdays) , I hear there is a good SCTAC presence and we are doing creditably. It is a great time of the year moving from Cross Country to Track and Field, and even though the latter is the focus of attention, the endurance athletes are still pounding out the Ks in training and in events such as the Brindabella Classic, the Woden Mile etc, the results of which Ewen will report to you in due course.

It was good to see Scott Dziubinski break the U/16 Pole Vault record at his first meet back from injuring an ankle. Coaching is in full swing and coaches and athletes are in hard at it . If you want to see what happens at a good juniors coaching session, watch Mike Sainsbury and Ewen Thompson with Mike's group of excellent youngsters at Calwell on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They work hard and their results show it.

Is there anyone training at Stromlo forest who would be happy to have someone to run with. Ann Staunton is looking for a group or someone that she can train with. Let Ewen know and he will get the message back to her.
While on training. Be careful. Don't train by yourself in remote locations. There have been a couple of reports of "strange characters" out and about in common endurance training areas. Make sure you have someone with you or that you have a mobile with you for emergencies. You can't be too careful.

The Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club scholarships for college and tertiary studies are up for grabs again. The applications have to be in by first Monday in December. I have blank application forms, so if you want to apply ring me and I will get one to you. Scholarships are competitive and are worth $500 per student for College and $1000 for tertiary.

On a more sober note it is with very much regret that I have to let you know that I will not be seeking re-election for President at the next AGM in April 1998. I am finding it increasingly difficult to attend to the duties of President since my work situation changed last March twelve months. Consequently, I feel that I have not been able to put as much time and energy into the President's job as is necessary in what is a very vital and active Athletics Club. Unfortunately my new work arrangements now require longer hours and frequent Saturday work which has prevented me from "appearing" at more and more Interclub events etc. I am sure that the Committee can cover any shortfall until next election and I ask that you give them your support. If necessary they will appoint an acting President until the next election should matters become difficult that I am unable to carry the duties into next year. However, rest assured you will be kept informed, but I anticipate that my reduced activity will not make an great impact upon the Club activities in the short term as you have a very competent and vigorous committee.

On a finishing note: Don't forget the Great Train Race and support organiser Gordon Nightingale by running at least one leg in this uniquely local event.

Cheers for now and good running,

Peter Haren
President - November 1997

The Woden Mile:

November 18th at the Canberra College - Woden Campus. The fifth Woden (formerly Phillip) mile for high school, college students and senior athletes will be held at the Canberra College - Woden Campus (formerly Phillip College) on Tuesday November 18th, as a joint venture by South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club and the Canberra College Sports Academy. Shane Barrett and John Stenhouse will be on hand to answer questions about joining the Canberra college athletics academy.

Registration: Cost $2 payable on the day. Names to be registered with John Stenhouse 62056285 (bh) 62317266 (ah) by Monday November 17th. Course: One mile out and back course mainly on bike paths with grassed area at start and finish. Flat and fast. Start on grass west of the Woden Campus complex. Time: Check in by 4:45pm. Females race at 5:00pm. Males race at 5:15pm. Presentations at 5:40pm. Awards: First three students in each race will receive medallions. First three seniors in each race will receive medallions. Barrel Draw: All registered runners will be eligible for some great barrel draw prizes, courtesy of SCT.

Course Records: Male - Anthony Liddell 4:37. Female - Kelly Roberts 5:37.

Goulburn Rocky Hill Fun Run:

Is being held on the 22nd of November. There are two races: A 3km event at 9.30am for children 12 and under, and a 9km event at 10.00am. The entry fees are $5 adults, $2 children, $10 family. Late entries are $8 adults, $4 children and $16 families. Further information is available from Nick & Ruth Hearnshaw (02) 48214976 or Elaine Pugh (02) 48211973.

Belconnen Community Fun Run:

Is being held on Sunday 16th November over a distance of 7 kilometres. The start and finish is at Lake Ginninderra's John Knight Park at 10am. This fun run is one of Canberra's oldest having been held since 1981. There are good prizes for schools and if more than 20 students are entered, there is a full refund of entry fees. A BBQ presentation and barrel draws are held afterwards. Contact Jon Stanhope 2412162.

Kelly Roberts Nominated:

Kelly Roberts has been nominated for the 1997 "Tuggeranong Community Awards". This is a project of the Rotary Club of Tuggeranong and recognises categories of Community Service, Sport and Vocational Service in Senior and Junior sections. Kelly has been nominated in the Junior Sport category (under 18 years) and has satisfied the requirements of: Personal achievement in the chosen sport or sports, Level of representation at either school, district, state or national level.

Male Rankings for the 1996/1997 Season:

The table below shows the rankings for SCT male athletes who competed in the 1996/97 T&F season. Female rankings will be published in the next Tuggie Athlete.

100m   90m Hurdles
D Kelly (11th ACT)U2011.50M Freeman (3rd ACT)U1415.01
J MathewsU1611.50N RadulovichU1621.20
G DixonU1811.94D RobertsU1422.86
J TurnerU1611.70C CoreU1623.00
J DziubinskiU2012.10 100m Hurdles
S ChatfieldU1611.90S Gourlay (2nd ACT)U1617.20
D WinchesterU1812.10P BurnsU1618.30
A ThornU1812.52 110m Hurdles
C TuckerU1812.30J Dziubinski (7th ACT)U1818.00
S GourlayU1612.50 200m Hurdles
A GilbertU1612.50M Freeman (2nd ACT)U1429.40
C MarshallSen12.75S DziubinskU1630.60
J BehmU1412.99S TuckerU1438.00
N RadulovichU1612.80 300m Hurdles
P BurnsU1613.00S Gourlay (4th ACT)U1645.70
M FreemanU1413.00C CoreU1651.27
T GriffithsU1613.00N RadulovichU1653.00
S DziubinskiU1613.20 400m Hurdles
G HoskingVet13.60D Kelly (2nd ACT)U2058.03
D RobertsU1414.70J DziubinskiU2060.12
E ThompsonSen14.80 1500m Walk
I ColquhounVet14.90E Thompson (4th ACT)Sen8:02.9
S OnusU1415.10M HoskingU148:20.13
S TuckerU1415.30R WhiteU149:15.1
200m S TuckerU1410:10.1
D Kelly (15th ACT)U2023.51 3000m Walk
J TurnerU1623.60E Thompson (5th ACT)Sen16:53.8
J MathewsU1623.88 5000m Walk
S ChatfieldU1624.99L Jordan (4th ACT)U2021:41.91
A ThornU1625.45J StenhouseVet24:24.1
A GilbertU1625.30 Long Jump
S GourlayU1625.50A Dziubinski (4th ACT)U186.67m
N RadulovichU1625.50G DixonU185.74m
C BurnsVet25.91J DziubinskiU205.43m
C MarshallSen26.11J TurnerU165.42m
J BehmU1426.20P BurnsU165.35m
P BurnsU1626.10S ChatfieldU165.34m
G MonroSen26.66J MathewsU165.34m
M FreemanU1426.89S GourleyU165.17m
S DziubinskiU1627.47N RadulovichU165.17m
G HoskingVet27.64A ThornU185.09m
C CoreU1628.20T GriffithsU165.03m
J WhiteVet30.60M FreemanU144.91m
S OnusU1430.90T DixonU164.80m
S TuckerU1432.00S DziubinskiU164.69m
D McCamleyVet33.03A GilbertU164.66m
N Ward-PearsonU1434.81J BehmU144.57m
400m C CoreU164.40m
C Tucker (14th ACT)U2051.57D WinchesterU184.39m
D KellyU2052.98S TuckerU144.12m
S WattU1853.30S OnusU143.98m
A DziubinskiU1854.20C McFarlandU163.92m
B FlynnU1655.40D RobertsU143.63m
J DziubinskiU2055.61J ButtonU143.54m
J TurnerU1655.70 Triple Jump
S GourleyU1657.80T Eckersley (8th ACT)U1611.57m
G MonroSen57.80G DixonU1811.25m
A ThornU1658.20S GourleyU1610.62m
S DziubinskiU1659.70N RadulovichU1610.60m
C MarshallSen59.77A ThornU1610.50m
C CoreU1660.00M FreemanU149.94m
S PhongkhamSen60.10A GilbertU169.54m
A GilbertU1660.20S TuckerU149.38m
M FreemanU1460.59S DziubinskiU169.20m
G HoskingVet61.80C CoreSen8.76m
S HayesU1465.70S OnusU147.54m
J HallVet68.70N Ward-PearsonU147.02m
J WhiteVet71.70 High Jump
S TuckerU1474.10A Dziubinski (7th ACT)U181.80m
S OnusU1475.10G DixonU181.75m
D RobertsU1476.34T EckersleyU161.70m
R WhiteU1477.50A ThornU181.65m
800m N RadulovichU161.60m
C Tucker (3rd ACT)U181:54.9T DixonU161.55m
S WattU182:03.65S GourlayU161.50m
G BarrettSen2:06.8T GriffithsU161.50m
C CoreU162:08.54S TuckerU141.50m
G MonroSen2:10.1S DziubinskiU161.40m
M McCamley U182:12.2C CoreU161.30m
B HowlandU162:22.5S OnusU141.30m
A ThornU162:22.5C McFarlandU161.20m
E ThompsonSen2:27.8J ButtonU141.15m
C MarshallSen2:28.53 Pole Vault
S DziubinskiU162:29.4A Dziubinski (1st ACT)U184.20m
G HoskingVet2:30.19S DziubinskiU162.90m
D RobertsU142:30.98 1.5kg Discus
I ColquhounVet2:31.1T Martin (1st ACT)U1857.96m
M HoskingU142:33.82A DziubinskiU1835.46m
S HayesU142:36.7S WattU1833.92m
S TuckerU142:38.84A ThornU1827.10m
C McFarland U162:41.6 1kg Discus
J WhiteVet2:42.6T Dixon (3rd ACT)U1642.12m
A LawderU142:43.1A ThornU1636.02m
N RadulovichU162:47.2P BurnsU1634.54m
S OnusU142:50.37J MathewsU1624.60m
D McCamleyVet2:55.86C CoreU1621.50m
N Ward-PearsonU142:59.97S OnusU1421.00m
1500m S TuckerU1419.82m
C Tucker (11th ACT)U184:00.0S DziubinskiU1618.80m
G BarrettSen4:05.2T GriffithsU1617.86m
N WalsheU204:22.7N Ward-PearsonU1413.36m
G MonroSen4:23.7J ButtonU1411.28m
C CoreU164:27.2 2kg Discus
K BonnettSen4:35.02G Duffy (1st ACT)Sen55.78m
M McCamley U184:52.7T MartinU2054.98m
B HowlandU164:57.3J DziubinskiU2021.56m
E ThompsonSen4:59.4 Shot 7.2kg
M HoskingU145:03.39G Duffy (2nd ACT)Sen14.82m
D RobertsU145:03.42J DziubinskiU207.96m
I ColquhounVet5:08.7 Shot 5.4kg
N HarrisonU185:15.9T Martin (1st ACT)U1816.65m
J WhiteVet5:27.9A DziubinskiU189.78m
C McFarlandU165:32.5 Shot 4.5kg
J HallSen5:33.5A Thorn (5th ACT)U1611.20m
A LawderU145:35.1T DixonU1610.30m
N Ward-Pearson U146:20.48G DixonU169.30m
3000m T EckersleyU169.05m
C Core (22nd ACT)U169:40.41S DziubinskiU166.70m
K BonnettSen9:58.0 Shot 3.6kg
G MonroSen10:00.0S Onus (6th ACT)U148.81m
J WhiteVet11:25.6P BurnsU148.42m
M HoskingU1411:26.06S TuckerU147.89m
G HoskingVet11:46.3 Javelin 800g
S OnusU1412:58.85T Martin (2nd ACT)U2052.48m
5000m J DziubinskiU2036.52M
G Barrett (13th ACT)Sen15:25.94 Javelin 700g
K BonnettSen17:09.94T Martin (1st ACT)U1855.20m
10000m A DziubinskiU1839.00m
G Barrett (9th ACT)Sen32:11.0G DixonU1835.36m
K BonnettSen36:28.7 Javelin 600g
2000m Steeplechase T DixonU1648.00m
C Core (6th ACT)U166:49.52G DixonU1639.14m
G MonroSen6:56.6A GilbertU1629.56m
J WhiteVet7:25.9A ThornU1627.64m
E ThompsonSen8:03.9S TuckerU1425.34m
D RobertsU148:33.87 
S OnusU149:43.8
A LawderU1411:39.5
3000m Steeplechase
E Thompson (5th ACT)Sen13:32.6

The New Woden Track:

Plans for the New Woden Track are well advanced with an opening planned for the first Interclub competition of the 1998/99 season. Greg Gilbert has provided detailed engineering plans at recent committee meetings. The site is the current rugby union field opposite the Woden Valley Hospital and present Woden grass track (where the rugby fields will be relocated). The plans allow for a 10 lane circular synthetic track with 12 lanes on both straights. Throwing circles are to be located between the track and the stormwater drainage channel. The current rugby grandstand and storage sheds will be used with the total cost estimated at $5.8 million. The ACT Athletics Council will be in charge of running the venue.

Fund-raising Ideas!

If you have any original ideas for fund-raising, contact one of the committee members listed elsewhere in TA and let them know. While on the subject, perhaps you haven't received your travel/accommodation cheque you were promised for a recent representative team? The cheque may still be in the club chequebook waiting an owner or posting. Give Peter or Tony a call and your money will soon be on its way! There has been some confusion with some applications this year. Remember to apply in writing for your travel/accommodation assistance as soon as you are selected to speed up the process. Most applications are dealt with at monthly committee meetings.

The Interclub Season has Commenced:

On Saturday November 1 at the warm-up track at Bruce. The number of gold and black uniforms was encouraging with a few heats being 100% SCT. Don't forget to register with Lynn Button on the first day you compete... and wear your number! Your rego number is what is used to allocate Interclub points. Interclub points are the basis for SCTAC's annual awards presentation - BIG PRIZES - courtesy of Brian Wenn from the Runner's Shop. Summer Handbooks are available from Lynn or Greg Gilbert. The programme this year has a few new innovations: There is a mid meeting A-grade sprint competition, Relay Championships on 23 December, Tuesday Twilight meets commence on the 2nd of December and Late Afternoon Saturday meets commence at 6pm on the 31st of January - running right through to the ACT Championships on March 7 and 8. There are new adjustable steeplechase barrriers in use with all women's and under 16/18 men's 2000m races using the lower height of 0.762m (very easy to hurdle!).

The Brindabella Classic:

By the time you read this the 1997 Classic will be history. There are two 'club' teams entered: Seventh Heaven consisting of Gordon Nightingale , Andrew Shaw, Michael McCamley and Geoff Monro are going for SCT's 7th outright relay win in a row. Perhaps we'll see a race report from a Seventh Heaven member in the next Tuggie Athlete. garB.A.G.E. runner's are Amie Sweeting, Ewen Thompson, Gordon Nightingale and Brian McGlynn who are competing for the fun of running on great bush tracks in a scenic location.

The IOC Olympic Day Run:

Was held on the 12th October, 1997. A number of SCT members took part. No results were recorded for the event as it was "just for fun" and a fund-raising event for the ACT Olympic Council. Craig Core did finish 4th over the accurate 5km course in 16:45, just ahead of John Tuckey. Kelly Roberts in her first comeback race after the Nationals finished 2nd in 18:55.

In the 1997 Australian University Games:

Held on 28 Sep to 3 October at La Trobe University, SCT had two representatives. Amanda Ozolins and Caitlin Harrison ran in the 800/1500 events for ANU and Monash Universities respectively. In heat one of the 800, Amanda ran 2:23.1 for 6th place and narrowly missed out on the final. Caitlin ran a PB of 2:37.4. The results of the 1500m were still unavailable as this was being written. Caitlin's father (our esteemed hard-working club secretary), Ted, ran in the recent Melbourne marathon and recorded a time of 3:28.

Parliament House Relays!!

This event is always a great club occasion. The date is FRIDAY December 5 at the front of New Parliament House. All you milers and fun-runners, be sure to turn up early to be placed in a SCT team - especially the women, who run the first two legs. There are 10 runners per team (8 in B-grade) who each run one lap of Parliament house - approx 1649 metres. The starting time is 6pm (I think). Contact Jim Tucker or Brian Wenn for further details - possible change of TIME and VENUE!!!

Carillon Cross Country Relays:

5 September 1997. The Carillon Relays are traditionally the last event of the Winter cross country season. SCT fielded six teams which provided some great results. The highlight would have to be our Junior women's team which won the perpetual trophy for the first women's team to finish. Erin Sutcliffe overtook Woden Harrier's Linda Lenton on the last leg to give SCT a 41 second winning margin. We were over two minutes ahead of the Woden Harrier's junior women's team in second place. The SCT A-Grade men's team did very well to finish third outright with Craig Core running particularly well to record the fastest time.

4 x 3km cross country
Male 'A' Grade - (3rd)
Name Time Elapsed
Geoff Monro10:2310:23
Craig Core9:5620:19
Luke Grattan10:1330:32
John Tuckey10:1640:48
Male 'B' Grade - (10th)
Name Time Elapsed
Brian Wenn11:4211:42
Hugh Jorgensen10:5222:34
Andrew Gardner11:2433:58
Chris Brown11:3445:32
Junior Female - (1st)
Name Time Elapsed
Michelle Ward-Pearson11:5111:51
Amanda Ozolins11:5323:44
Tricia Johnson12:2836:12
Erin Sutcliffe11:2747:39
Junior Male - (1st)
Name Time Elapsed
Richard White12:5012:50
Jonathan Symonds12:0624:56
Neil Ward-Pearson13:0137:57
Michael McCamley10:2348:20
Mixed 'A' Grade - (16th)
Name Time Elapsed
Ted Harrison13:3113:31
Keri Vaughan12:4126:12
Ewen Thompson11:2537:37
Rosemary Longstaff11:5449:31
Male 'C' Grade - (21st)
Name Time Elapsed
David McCamley13:3613:36
Michael Ward-Pearson13:5527:31
Greg Gilbert15:2542:56
Jim White12:3455:30


Peter Haren,
South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club.

Dear Peter,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club for your support which helped me to have the opportunity to compete in Adelaide at the Australian All Schools and National Cross Country Championships.

At these championships on the 30th of August I achieved results that I was extremely pleased with. I was placed 1st in the Under 18 & 17 4km cross country races, while also being part of a bronze medal team in the Under 17's and a gold medal team in the Under 18's. On Sunday the 31st of August I was a member of the U20 gold winning ACT relay team. Competing at these championships was a wonderful experience and knowing that my athletics club was wishing me well and supporting me was a great feeling and I am a very lucky person to have been able to experience it.

After competing at these championships I was selected in a team to compete in Riga, Latvia at the World Schools cross country championships in April/May next year. I would like to thank you and the club for stepping forward and offering me support once again to attend these championships. I have now decided that I will not be attending these championships in Latvia but it was a great thrill firstly being selected and then knowing the club was ready and willing to help as best possible. Thankyou. The way that the South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club supports both it's Senior & Junior members alike is wonderful and for this I am very grateful.

Thanking you,

Kelly Roberts.

Just Read It. (The editor's diary)

Great Kenyanesque front running style...

Hello to all Track & Field competitors, officials, coaches and spectators. By the time you read this, the 97/98 track season will be well under way. Good luck to all for a safe (from injury) and successful season.

Remember to think of The Runners Shop in Phillip when the time comes to purchase shoes and clothing. Brian returns a percentage of all sales to SCTAC members back to the club which helps our ability to fund team travel. Our annual winter and summer awards are also supported by The Runners Shop... Speaking of which, the final results of the Winter competition are to be found in this issue and on the website. The Summer competition is based on points gained at the weekly Interclub competition at Bruce.

I'd like to mention briefly the 20th annual carnival for the Kooringal Athletic Club which was held on Sunday the 10th of October. An enthusiastic mix of young and younger arrived at my Mum's house in Wagga Wagga on Saturday afternoon. It would be an understatement to say that "a good time was had by all"... especially at the impromptu late Saturday night/early Sunday morning 'party'. They say that "laughter is the best medicine", but in the case of Erin Sutcliffe it was the worst medicine with a torn stomach muscle leading to a four hour stay in casualty at Wagga Base Hospital. Erin took up official duties in the timekeepers stand at 8:30am on Sunday. After a long hot day of competition on the fantastic grass of Jubilee Park numerous medals and the memories of a great weekend were packed away for the trip back to Canberra. Karen Daniels and daughter Terri were recognised with special trophies for their performances in the javelin and 100 metres. Karen broke the meet record by 2 centimetres with a throw of 20.48 metres and Terri won the U-7 100m in 18.80.

There were great displays of tactical running by Mike Sainsbury in both the middle distance events. In the 1500m, Mike boxed the opposition in with a classic move and demonstrated some great Kenyanesque front running style to win the veteran 800 metres from the much improved Michael (5.6k for the day) Ward-Pearson. Kelly Roberts although not feeling well (she was in hospital with asthma problems later that week) won all her events. She narrowly missed the meet record in the 1500m with an easy 4:59, came from behind to win the 800 and dominated the 400 in 61 seconds. The performances from Jade, Neil, Jonathan and Michelle were impressive but I won't mention them in detail or this report won't be brief as promised. The question on everybody's lips is "Will Wagga survive the onslaught next year?" I've already put in a request to Mum for a double mixture of anzac biscuits.

As this is the last Tuggie Athlete before 1998, I'd like to wish all club-members, friends and especially the Calwell Mob a happy and safe Christmas and all the best for the new year.

Ewen W Thompson ... 5 November 1997

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