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NOVEMBER 1996      Number 36   

World Mountain Running Trophy

- by Fiona Jorgensen
Austria - 31st August 1996
"It's easy to run downhill, but the view is from the top!"

"What on earth are we doing here? It seemed like a good idea two months ago" ... It was twenty minutes before the start of the World Mountain Running Trophy and Belinda Soszyn (Australian Champion / team member) and I were contemplating the task before us. All around us about 78 participants were warming up for this event in the lovely village of Telfes in the Stubai Valley, Austria. Telfes is one of five villages in the valley and is a paradise for walkers, climbers and runners in summer and skiers in winter.

Ten minutes prior to start time we were called by officials to line up in our respective country blocks. It was a long ten minutes before the horn sounded to start the race. The course consisted of approximately 7.25km of mainly uphill terrain, although the first two kilometres were on undulating bitumen before it turned up into the hills and the real running started. The final five kilometres consisted of some fairly steep ascents, finishing at 1740m. Compared to the poor spectator attendance at mountain runs of this kind in Australia, people lined the entire course, ringing cow bells and chanting "Up, Up", and "Go Australia". Even the dairy cows with their clanging bells paused from their grazing to look at the two legged creatures disturbing their normally peaceful surrounds.

I found to my surprise that the training I had been doing on Mt. Tennant in the lead up to this event was in my favour as I passed many competitors who had been ahead of me on the road. As I had arrived in Telfes two days prior to the event, I did not get an opportunity to run the entire course and while the finish looked tough on the map, it flattened out over the last 300 metres. At this point I managed to put in a surge and crossed the line with Belinda, achieving 28th position overall. Our third Australian team member, Louise Fairfax, finished an impressive 16th, which gave the team a 7th placing out of 23 countries. We were extremely pleased with this result!

Unfortunately the weather was cool and overcast so there was no view at the top, however the variety of food provided by the organisers made up for that. After gorging on these delights and some Swiss chocolate provided by our team manager, Greg Darcy (Belinda's husband), we slowly made our way back down to the village to prepare for the next day's walk over the senior men's 12km course, where our sole representative, David Osmond, placed a fantastic 29th.

The Harrison Family

- by Jim Tucker
(aka The Flying Zucchinis)

Amongst the keenest and most prolific pointscorers for SCT in recent years are the Harrison family of Gowrie. Father Ted recently accepted the position of club secretary. The club will benefit from his many years experience performing similar roles for school boards and other community organisations. Ted is employed as a lawyer with the Department of Veteran Affairs. As a sideline, in a consultancy capacity, he assesses the suitability of couples wishing to adopt a child from overseas.

Ted has been running for twelve years and has contested 16 marathons with a commendable 2hrs 53mins PB. He usually covers about 3000 k's annually (that's 2000 miles in Gordon and Rosemary speak) peaking close to 100 k's per week leading into a marathon. Despite his many marathons Ted nominates the half marathon as his preferred race distance. The Cooma Man from Snowy River Half is a favourite race because of the small number of competitors and the hospitality of the organisers and volunteer helpers. A couple of years ago when in a comfortable 2nd place Ted lingered at the last aid station enjoying a conversation with a local SES volunteer and was required to scamper to the finish line, just beating a determined Bob Harlow.

Ted enjoyed the recently completed cross country season, contesting most races. A friendly rivalry developed between Ted and Jim White, only a few points separating the pair near the top of the club pointscore. Andrew Gardner is another club member among Ted's many friendly rivals.

Nineteen year-old Caitlin commenced running at the Saturday morning Lotus Bay Cross Country races about 10 years ago. Caitlin has improved steadily since joining the Garry Hosking squad. Caitlin's PB's are: 1500 - 5.23, 3k - 12.12 and 5k - 21.23. She is certain to lower them considerably this track season. Caitlin is in her first year of Science studies at the ANU, and would like to work in the medical or physiotherapy field upon graduation. Although no longer involved, Caitlin enjoyed 8 years of competition callisthenics and gymnastics.

Seventeen year-old Nick is having a quiet sporting year to concentrate on his HSC studies at Canberra Grammar. Although a talented runner, cycling is Nick's main sport. He is one of the ACT's leading junior riders and last year placed 6th in the NSW time-trial championships. Nick considers his best running performance is a sub 5 minute 1500 barefoot on a rough grass track a couple of years ago. He is likely to move to Melbourne to commence university studies in commerce or business next year. Nick is looking forward to resuming his cycling and running activities on a more regular basis.

Ted, Caitlin and Nick have often won the family category in fun runs. Mum Glenice walk/jogs regularly and is an important backup member of the Flying Zucchinis (in case Ted's hammy explodes responding to a typically ambitious fast start by Jim White). Glenice, although claiming to having little interest in racing, is as conscious of her PB's as the rest of the family are of theirs.

SCT Coach - Geoff Monro

- by Jim Tucker

There would not be many club members who do not know of Geoff Monro's many achievements in Athletics and Gymnastics. Geoff has been coaching for two years and has an enthusiastic squad of athletes who have been steadily improving under his guidance. Geoff is based in Queanbeyan and most squad training is conducted in Kowen or Jerrabomberra forests and at the Rye Park grass track. Some of Geoff's athletes who are doing particularly well, and their training programmes are listed as follows:

Michael McCamley is training for the 1997 U20 Track Championships and won the Junior Male SCT Winter Pointscore competition. Michael runs a total of 20km per week with five nights of gym work. Sunday is a 10 to 14km forest run. Monday morning is 5km easy and a track session of 6 x 400m in the afternoon. These are run in 70 seconds with 90 seconds rest. A rest day on Wednesday is followed by 8 x 200m on Thursday. Michael starts the 200's in 32 seconds and works down to 29 seconds for the eighth with 30 second recoveries. A rest day on Friday precedes Saturday's ACT CCC race or if not racing, a hill session of 4 to 6 repeats of a two minute hill.

David McCamley is in his second year of a running comeback. David was a well performed junior in England and ran a 4:10 mile at Crystal Palace as an U20. A landmark this winter was the completion of his first Half Marathon in a time of 105 minutes. David has been showing steady improvement during the winter which he puts down to a more consistent training schedule. Three to four sessions are done each week for a total of 25kms. All runs are at an easy 5 1/2 to 6 mins per km pace on the dirt trails around Mt. Ainslie at lunchtimes.

Pat Webb is performing well in the SCT Club Pointscore and sees himself as a cross country specialist and doesn't like track racing at all. Pat has been running for three years and trains two to three times per week: Sunday is a long run of 12 to 16 kms at 4.45 to 5.00 mins per km. Tuesday is a medium run of 6 to 8 kms at 4.15 to 4.30 mins per km and Thursday is a track session of 5 x 400m or 5 x 600m.

Ian Colquhoun is the Ironman of the group and is currently training for the Sheparton 50k Ultra on the 15th Sept. Ian has a best marathon time of 2:59 and has finished the Brindabella Classic in 4hrs 39mins.

Geoff's coaching philosophy is one of moderation, motivation and encouragement. He is a disciple of the Garry Hosking school of coaching and believes in progressive development over a number of years. Geoff emphasises quality in certain sessions (speedwork) with easy recovery runs on other days. Geoff himself is training for the Melbourne Marathon on October 20 and is gradually returning to form (he ran a 74 minute Half in 1992).
He is running 100 to 110 kms per week with a long run of 28 to 32 kms in 2hrs 15 to 30. Also included in the programme are two or three ten milers which are completed in 65 to 68 minutes. Geoff is preparing for the Australian Masters Gymnastics Championships in Adelaide on 13 October. His five nights of gymwork includes 20 handstand push-ups, 45 chin-ups and 200 push-ups!
Geoff is always on the lookout for new recruits and is willing to help out anyone who wants a fitness programme.

Interview with Coach ... Bud Dorholt
Bud and Diane Dorholt visited Australia in July as coaches with a Sport For Understanding tour group. Along with fellow coach Kris Fritz (see tuggie athlete #35) and seven female seniors they were hosted by SCT families during their ten day stay in Canberra. Bud is a teacher of Social Studies, Social Sciences and Computers at South High, Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA.

Tuggie Athlete: Bud, I wonder if you could tell our readers about your coaching background?
Bud: Well Ewen, I've been a coach of track and field, football (that's gridiron to you Aussies), and basketball for 28 years. I've been coaching the Redwing Women's Track and Field Team along with Kris Fritz since 1987.

Tuggie Athlete: Peter [Haren] tells me you were an accomplished junior athlete. What track events did you compete in and what were your PB's?
Bud: I began in High School and ran the 440 dash [400metres], half mile and intermediate hurdles. I was running 1:54 for the half and 57 seconds for the hurdles. I also competed in the long jump and the pole vault, but my favourite event was the 880. After high school I ran on the Army T & F team during my time in the service and afterwards at College.

Tuggie Athlete: What are your favourite events as a coach?
Bud: I like all T & F events although Javelin and Hammer are not permitted at High School. My favourites are the hurdles, jumps, and middle distance events.

Tuggie Athlete: Could you tell us about your coaching philosophy and do you follow the teachings of any well known coaches?
Bud: Number one is to have fun in track and field. The team situation in practice and competition is central to this ideal. Diane and I believe everyone has some talent and like to see each individual achieve their full potential. To this end we emphasise the idea that everyone is a 'racer'...we teach all athletes to love racing. Our coaching programme is based on the Speed Dynamics principles as taught by Loren Seagrave. His methods acheive a speeding up of the nervous system.
We incorporate a lengthy series of drills where the repetition of movements in the event are practised. The aim is to achieve dynamic movement with efficiency. A middle distance runner is taught that a mile race is 'Sprinting over Time'...... Good running technique is applicable to all distances. You only have to observe the form and speed of a runner such as Haile Gebreselasie to see that good technique leads to gold medals. We also use plyometrics in practices - such as jumping steps in the stadium. We've had a great deal of success by applying this speed dynamics science to T & F. For example, our athletes have dominated the hurdles event at Conference level. Sarah Herber who is here on this trip has improved her 400 flat time from 63.9 to 59 seconds in just one season and runs the 300 hurdles in 45.9 seconds.

Tuggie Athlete: How do you cope with the short running season in Wisconsin?
Bud: This is quite a problem as most of our athletes come to track having just completed winter playing a different sport indoors such as gymnastics or basketball. It takes time for the muscles to adapt to the specific requirements of running, jumping or throwing. The spring track season is only three months long and the temperature outdoors is still quite cool. One method we use which is helpful in our program is pool running. A typical runner would be doing 50 miles per month in the pool, and 50 miles on dry land.

Tuggie Athlete: Could you sum up your stay in Canberra for us Bud?
Bud: We've had "one hell of a good week"... the atmosphere has been fantastic, and there have been no complaints from the kids. We've hosted people from all over the world in Sheboygan, but the people from SCTAC are the best. I'd also like to thank Gordon Nightingale for introducing me to real music on the Aussie station Triple J. He made me a tape of tracks by The Dingoes, Republica, Skunk Anansie, Steve Forbert, Powderfinger and Everclear among others to take back to the States. If any SCT members should make a trip to the States, try and get up to Sheboygan... you'll be most welcome. Thanks again Peter and Merilyn for your hospitality.

All The President's Prose

The 1995/96 Track & Field Season is here!! Are you ready for a long hot summer of athletic activity?? Firstly, on behalf of the executive committee, I would like to welcome all new SCTAC members as well as those who have re-registered from last season - it is great to see you all ready to run and enjoy a season competing with South Canberra Tuggeranong this season. After a long wet winter and a successful Cross Country season for the club (see reports herein) the summer athletic series commences this Saturday 19th October 1996 at Bruce Athletic track at 1.30pm - See you there!!!

Many of our athletes have been in training for a few months, even some since the end of last season and the addition of a good number of 'new' (some recycled from a few years ago) members augers well for a successful and enjoyable season. Encourage your friends to come and run with us and swell the numbers. Additional singlets have been ordered and we still have a good range at the Runners Shop and with the Registrar. Handbooks will be available at the track on Saturday - see Lyn Button. A few hints for a successful season, be on time for your events, make sure you register for field events on the required sheets at least an hour before the event, organise your relay teams early in the day and record your entry for each relay so you and the Club don't miss out on valuable points.

Once again Ewen Thompson has done an excellent job with this issue. The Tuggie Athlete gets better every issue. Great work Ewen and the editorial team. PSG is on early December and we need all the fund-raising chocolate money in as soon as possible please. There are still a few boxes to sell, so please get a couple more from Greg Gilbert and help us get the subsidy money together for these great juniors going to the Pacific School Games.
Ewen said not to talk too much, so see you at the Track Saturday.

Peter Haren - President, November 1996

A Letter From Wisconsin

September 1996
Dear Ewen:

Special Thanks to Peter Haren and all the members of South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club:
A few reflections from Sheboygan, Wisconsin, U.S.A. - Now that we are back into our old routine as students and teachers, I as the SFU coach wish to comment upon our summer (Aussie winter) learning experiences.

We all agree, they were awesome ! In reading the numerous pieces of literature given to us by our hosts, it is clear that our experiences in Canberra were truly those of the Aboriginal origin "a meeting place." Because of all of your willing hosts, we were welcomed "down under" and we met the land, its people, its animals, and as a result of these exchanges, we further met and grew to understand ourselves. We were also challenged physically by your hills and some longer runs than those to which we were accustomed.

After months of organization and anticipation we arrived with wonder and expectation. We have left carrying "foot prints in our hearts" as a result of Tuggie's wonderful people. for this, I wish to extend my sincere "thanks" to all those who were a part of our Sport For Understanding Exchange.

As I watched the Atlanta Olympics back home, I thought about the emphasis upon participation and I was thankful that Tuggie people were willing to take a risk and open their homes to us, so we could share in part a piece of the Olympic Dream -- to go "farther, higher and be stronger" than ever before. Truly within the Sport For Understanding Program all participants are "Winners" and have shared in "Building Bridges for the Future." We will remember you all for a lifetime.

Kris Fritz, SFU '96 Coach

The ACT Cross Country Club Awards Night:

At this glittering occasion South Canberra Tuggeranong was well represented when the winners medallions were presented. Medallians were presented to: our Junior Men's team in the prestigious Distance Club of the Year category, Fiona Jorgensen in the Open Women's Distance Runner of the Year, Theresa Thorogood in the Novice Championship, Keri Vaughan in the most improved category, and, in the Cundy Cup age championships - Scott Thomson, Keri Vaughan, Fiona Jorgensen, Caitlin Harrison and Jessamy Hosking.

Second place went to: Our Junior Women's team (missing gold by just 2 points!), Keri Vaughan in the Open Women's Distance Runner of the Year, Geoff Monro in the Novice Championship, Scott Thomson and Jessamy Hosking in the Junior Distance Runner of the Year, and, in the Cundy Cup age championships - Colin Neave, Michael Meyboom, Rebecca Hosking, and Tracey Donohoe.

Third place went to: Every cross country runner (SCT) in the Cundy Cup Overall Club Championships, Colin Neave in the Open Men's Distance Runner of the Year, and, in the Cundy Cup age championships - Hugh Jorgensen, Ian Colquhoun, Michael McCamley, Rosemary Longstaff, and Amanda Ozolins. 'Better Luck Next Time Medals' (4th place) went to: our Open Men and Women's Teams, and Rosemary Longstaff and Erin Sutcliffe in their respective Distance Runner of the Year competitions.

The 1996 Phillip Mile:

- by John Stenhouse.

This years Phillip Mile was organised as a joint effort by South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club and the Phillip College Talented Sports Program. The race, which has increased in popularity since its first running three years ago, attracted strong fields containing many ACT reps.
In the females section, Tracey Donohoe ran a great race to lead the talented field home in the near record time of 5 mins 43 secs, followed closely by Erin Sutcliffe 3 seconds back. Shannon Meyboom was third. The senior event was won by Fay Stenhouse from Rosemary McNiece and Val Chesterton.
First runner across the line in the men's race was, for the second year running, Nick Walshe in a creditable 5 minutes and 2 seconds followed by Michael Meyboom and nationally ranked race walker Les Jordan. The senior event was won, in a very tight finish by Ewen Thompson who was 2 seconds in front of Jim White.

Place Name Time
1Nick Walshe5:02
2Michael Meyboom5:13
3Les Jordan5:21
4Ewen Thompson5:42
5Jim White5:44
6Mark Gregson5:51
7Steven Walker5:51
8Mark Lewington6:03
9Richard White6:35
10Thomas White6:58
1Tracey Donohoe5:43
2Erin Sutcliffe5:46
3Shannon Meyboom6:21
4Michelle Ward-Pearson6:23
5Rosie Barnes7:09
6Fay Stenhouse7:24
7Peita Ward-Pearson7:32
8Tristyn Lowe7:42
9Frances Marsh7:42
10Michelle Meyboom7:54
11Rosemary McNiece8:21
12Val Chesterton8:33

Gold Coast Happenings:

A number of SCT runners made the trip to the Gold Coast in July for the JAL International Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km runs. Cross Country Club President Hugh Jorgensen finished 91st in 2:51:36. Robert Barb in his debut Marathon just missed the 3 hour barrier with 3:02:38 for 185th out of 1,844 finishers. Bob backed up well to place 3rd in the Moruya River Run 10k in 36:38 on August 25. Incidentally, Glenda Regan was 1st Female in this race in 39:03. Sixty Two year old Ernest Warner finished 508th on the Gold Coast with a time of 3:27:59. In the Half Marathon, Duane Lowrey was 1,534th in 103:51. There were 4,291 finishers in the Half. In the 10k run, Keri Vaughan was 5th female and 66th outright in 38:47. Keri was only 18 seconds behind Derrick Clayton who held the world record in the marathon for over a decade with a time of 2:08:34. A total of 1,722 runners completed the 10k. If you're looking at combining a run with a holiday, consider the Gold Coast in July 1997.

Money Money Money:

Did you know that SCT has a policy of providing travel and accommodation assistance (MONEY) to eligible athletes? How do you get your grubby little hands on the loot? It's easy...just fulfil the following requirements:
Get yourself selected in an official AA State or National team.
Ask for the loot in writing by penning a letter to the president stating the travel and accommodation costs involved in the trip. Club policy is to fund up to 50% of these costs if possible. Send your letter to The Secretary, SCT Athletic Club, PO Box 85, Erindale 2903.
Wait patiently for up to four weeks for your cheque to arrive in the mail.
You must help at some of our fund raising activities such as... Officiating at Events where our club is asked to provide helpers... Sell Club Chocolates... Officiate at Interclub Track & Field or Fadden Pines... Ask your parents to help Yook Djubinski sell raffle tickets at the TVRUASC... Help Simon at the Tuggie Tri.
You must compete for SCT! Especially the winter pointscore events for cross country runners, and as many Interclub meets as possible for Summer athletes.
Attend SCT's Annual General Meeting - usually held in April or May each year.
There is a six month 'statute of limitations' on funds... so, if you donned the green and gold at Goteburg in the '95 Worlds and forgot to ask SCTAC for some loot here is your answer: "sorry about that - ask again in the year 2000".

The Tuggie Trot:

The MS000 Tuggeranong Festival Fun Run is being held on Nov 24th at 10am. Race headquarters is behind Lake Tuggeranong College and the bike path run is a new course of 6.5km. T-shirts are available for helpers (six required) - please contact Greg Gilbert.

Stop! ... It Hurts!

Injuries are the bane of an athlete's life and a number of SCT members have been suffering the dreaded lay-off recently. David Gates was putting in a strong challenge for second place in the open male section of the winter pointscore when he suffered a most unusual running injury. David was trying out his School's new treadmill when he lost concentration at 14kph and was unceremoniously spat off, breaking his shoulder in the process. Jim Tucker did his knee in whilst rolling over in bed (that's his story). Brian McGlynn strained a calf muscle in the week before the City to Surf but managed to jog the race in 75 minutes. Brian's wife Sandra was looking forward to her first City to Surf but was reduced to spectator status when her ankle was put in plaster after falling down some stairs. Keri Vaughan was due for a rest after a long and successful season but unfortunately suffered a stress fracture just prior to her last race (The Canberra Times Fun Run) and is now out of action for six weeks.

Fadden Pines Wrap:

Once again, a very successful Schools Cross Country season culminated in the Championship Day held on Saturday 27 July. The Club wishes to thank Simon and Larissa Toozoff, Peter Haren, Greg Gilbert, Alan Bishop and their regular band of helpers for a job well done on those cold Saturday mornings. Medal winners are as follows:
Girls U7 1.2km, L Brennan 6.35. K Mcgovern 6.39. K Simpson 6.48.
Girls U9 1.2km, Brooke Simpson 4.42rec. Jillian Hosking 5.21. C Hargreaves 5.34.
Girls U11 2km, Morgan Eneberg 8.42. M Valent 8.51. K Munn 9.20.
Girls U13 3.2km, Erin Sutcliffe 13.12. Michelle Ward-Pearson 13.58. A Brown 14.14.
Girls U15 3.4km, Jessamy Hosking 14.16. Jessica Stanley 14.56. R Hosking 15.07.
Girls U17 3.4km, Kelly Roberts 14.08. Tracey Donohoe 15.36. S Gilbert 19.42.
Girls U19 3.4km, C Gillespie-Jones 19.16. A Purdon 20.51. S Hyden 21.49.

Boys U7 1.2km, T Wright 5.29. A Valent 6.23. R Chapman 6.41.
Boys U9 1.2km, J Warthely 5.27. E Brown 5.52. I Hargreaves 6.16.
Boys U11 2km, D Brown 7.36. Michael Hosking 7.42. J Hargreaves 7.47.
Boys U13 3.4km, E Steele 14.48. A Urbaniak 14.49. M Davoren 16.63.
Boys U15 3.4km, Craig Core 12.58. W Steele 13.21. P Wreford 15.13.
Boys U17 3.8km, Scott Urbaniak 13.27rec. M Meyboom 13.39. S McCabe 13.52.
Boys U19 3.8km, Simon Thomson 12.39rec. S McCabe 13.07. M Williamson 17.37.

The Australian Cross Country Championships:

South Canberra Tuggeranong were represented by five athletes at this prestigious meeting held in Bendigo on September 7 1996. Tracey Donohoe was 6th in the U18 women's event but 4th Australian behind two NZer's. Tracey ran 15:03.3 for the 4km behind race winner Penny Grant's 14:07. Coach Mike Sainsbury was very pleased with Tracey's run: "After suffering from glandular fever she has come back well this winter and has performed well in the big occasion events. Her third place in the ACT Champs was a gutsy run and she has the talent to make it to the top if she puts her mind to it."
Another Sainsbury coached athlete Michael Meyboom had a strong run in the very competitive U18 mens event. Michael finished the 6km event with a time of 21:26 which placed him 24th in the field of 34 runners: "I'm going to put in more training before next years event and hope to be up with the leaders". Michael was only 2 minutes behind the bronze medal winner and has only been running 30kms a week, although he spends three nights per week on a milk run.
Scott Thomson was a member of the silver medal winning ACT team in the U0 mens 8km event. Scott finished in 12th place (9th Australian) with a time of 27:05.2. His namesake, North Canberra's Scott McTaggart had a 'blinder' winning the race in 25:59. It was unfortunate that Scott Thomson turned 18 the day before the event, thus missing the oportunity to win the U18 race: " I was really pleased with my race and hope to qualify for the Junior World Cross Country team as none of the runners who finished ahead of me will be eligible."

Former race winner Rosemary Longstaff won a bronze medal as a member of the ACT team in the Open Women's 6km event. Rosemary has been improving race by race during the winter season and made the state team as the last placed qualifier with her 7th place in the ACT Cross-Country Championships. Rosemary's time of 24:46 placed her 31st and is one more step on the road back to again being one of the ACT's elite female distance runners. And so to the Open Men's 12km event where SCT was again represented by pre-veteran Gerard Barrett. Using his wealth of experience, Gerard ignored the fast early pace which saw many pretenders come unstuck. He moved from a position in the 50's after 1km to eventually finish 21st (20th Australian) with a time of 39:27. Gerard was a member of the ACT team which won the silver medal and managed to beat friend and training partner Gerard Ryan.

Australian All-Schools Cross Country:

- SCT Runners Star in the Sun
South Canberra Tuggeranong runner Scott Thomson was one of the star performers in the 'All-Schools CC' held at the Gold Coast on the 15-16th August. His third place in the U20 8km race was highlighted by a feature article in the Canberra Times. Reporter Karl de Kroo covered Scott's background and training in the widely read Junior Sport section of the National Newspaper. It was reported that "much of Thomson's success can be attributed to his coach of three years, Gary Hosking who has ensured that he peaks for all the major races. Scott has been running since the age of 12 and adheres to a strict training regime of 90km per week with a long Sunday run of 22kms. In the long term, Thomson has his sights set on Sydney 2000... and is a young runner we are going to hear much more about."

Our other athletes competing at 'All-Schools' were Erin Sutcliffe, Craig Core, Brad Peppink and Michael Meyboom. The Cross Country races were held on Saturday at Lilydale Secondary College on the Gold Coast. The C.C.Relays and time-trial events were held at the same venue on the Sunday. In the Women's Under-15 race 13 year-old Erin Sutcliffe had a fantastic run to place tenth in a field of 68 competitors. Erin finished with a time of 11.06 for the 3km, not far outside the bronze medal winning time of 10.39. Erin was the first ACT runner to finish and was followed by Kandy Grant, Eliza McGowan and Katherine Henry.

In the Men's Under-15 race, Craig Core continued his recent improvement with a fifth place finish in a field of 83. Craig's time for the 4km was an excellent 13.24 only 17 seconds behind the winner, Trent Wallace from Victoria. A field of 60 lined up for the Men's Under-20 8km event and our three competitors were Scott Thomson, Brad Peppinck and Michael Meyboom. Scott had a tremendous run coming from well behind in the first lap to claim the bronze medal. The race was won by Trent Munson from NSW in a time of 26.13, with Scott running 26.55. Brad Peppinck finished 14th in 28.20, with Michael Meyboom placing 42nd in 30.09.
There were only two ACT teams and two SCT individuals in action on Sunday (late night celebrations perhaps). The Women's Under-15 5x2000m relay saw the ACT finishing 6th in 37.04 behind the 34.05 of the winning NSW team. Erin Sutcliffe was the second runner in the team and ran 7.14 for the 2km. In their 3000m time trials, Craig Core finished 2nd in 9.55 and Michael Meyboom finished 5th in 9.38. Team Coach David Gates was well pleased with the ACT Team's performance and SCT runners in particular: "they were a credit to the team and I'm sure the experience will be beneficial in their athletic development".

The Unsettled Return of Blair Trewin:

'You've Really Made It When' - A National Newspaper uses headline alliteration when describing a significant performance such as Deek Deals Devastating Defeat to Dud Dudes in Diadora Denpasar Marathon. Well, ex SCT athlete Blair Trewin was given this star treatment in the September 9 Canberra Times with the headline Trewin Takes Title. The story told in detail how Blair took out the M21 title at the 1996 ACT Orienteering Championships held near Collector. One of his scalps was current Australian Champion, Warren Key of Victoria. It was a happy hometown holiday for Blair, as the previous day he won the Cross Country club 8k race at the Pinnacle. This was his second ever victory in CCC races ; the first was 3 years ago in the 11.8k Brown Trig run. Obviously orienteering is very good training for tough cross country races. Blair is tackling his first Marathon with the Melbourne Marathon in October and hoping run under 2hrs 40 mins "my normal training includes a 30k run each week so I'm pretty close to being in marathon shape". By the time you read this Blair, it will be all over, so how about a story about the Miracle Melbourne Marathon?

Just Read It. (The editor's diary)

We need you at the Tuggie Tri...

To all the people who contributed to this issue - a big thank you. A number of items including a story on the Canberra Times fun run and the calendar of coming events have been held over 'til the December issue due to this flood of information. Interclub track & field including the 4km fun run is on every Saturday afternoon. Information on fun runs is available from the Runners Shop. The Parliament House Relays are not to be missed on Saturday 7 December. Be there at 6pm for the 6.30 start.

SCT is conducting the 2nd annual 'Tuggie Tri' (triathlon) on Sunday 1st December at 6am (registrations). Race Director Simon Toozoff needs the assistance of at least 30 people for the event to go ahead. As the club stands to make a $2,000 plus profit it would be a good opportunity for future representative athletes to score some 'brownie points'. Please advise Simon of your intention to help on 2917183 by Nov 16th Interclub at the latest !

In closing I would like to congratulate SCT's 1996 Atlanta representative Michael Dowling. Michael competed in the discus at the Paralympics and I quote from his letter of thanks for SCT and the TVRUASC's financial assistance: "It is a great honour to represent Australia, and to be recognised by my local sporting community is encouraging".

Ewen W Thompson ... November 1996

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