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AUGUST 1996      Number 35   

Interview with Coach ... Kris Fritz
Kris Fritz is a teacher at South High, Sheboygan, Wisconsin USA. She also coaches the school track team along with Bud and Diane Dorholt. Kris visited Canberra in July with the Sport for Understanding group comprising seven female seniors - six from South High and one from Lutheran High.

Tuggie Athlete: Kris, tell us about your coaching background.
Kris: Well, I'm one of six PE teachers at South High, I've been involved in track and field as a coach for the last 25 years. Presently I coach Years 9 through 12 - most of the girls here on the tour are year 11 students.

TA: How many students are involved in the South High Track & Field programme?
Kris: Presently we have about 60 on the girls' team and 45 on the boys'. Sixty-five percent would be sprinters or throwers and the rest would run the 800, mile and the two mile. Very occasionally there would be a 1500 metres on the track.

TA: How popular are track and cross-country as sports in Wisconsin?
Kris: They're not all that popular; I mean, out of 1500 plus students, only 100 or so do track and cross country. The social aspect of our sport is a big attraction for many of them. In our school system, certain sports are available for each season. For example, in the fall [autumn], Cross Country, Swimming, Volleyball, Golf and Tennis are available for girls... In the winter it's basketball and gymnastics... In spring softball, soccer, indoor and outdoor track are the choices. A student can only choose one sport for each season.

TA: What are the advantages and disadvantages of this system?
Kris: Well, it gives the kids a chance to try different sports and find something they like. It's a little difficult once they decide they'd like to specialise in track. The track season is only three months long. They might come to us after a season of softball with the first track meet two weeks later. We then might have meets [competitions] two or three times per week throughout the season. So you can see the conditioning and technique training has to be combined. We use some early meets as part of the training phase and usually have one rest day per week. The Sports Program is ex-curricular (interscholastic) and South High competes against seven other schools in the Area Conference... which is the Fox River Valley Conference.

TA: Thanks for your time Kris, is there anything else you'd like to add?
Kris: No worries mate... I'd like to thank Lyn Button [Kris' host] and also Peter [Haren], Greg [Gilbert] and the South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletic Club for their hospitality.

[What fantastic ambassadors for the good'ol' US of A were the girls and coaches from Sheboygan, Wisconsin who arrived in cool Canberra on June 27. This was the second SFU (Sport For Understanding) tour to be hosted by STCAC families... who could forget the infamous Joe Fulton 'hillbilly' group of 1994?]

All The President's Prose

Congratulations Ewen Thompson, new Tuggie Athlete Editor, on your first newsletter and thanks for taking on a demanding but essential communications job for the Club.
We have a leaner, meaner committee this year and I thank those that have backed up for another tour and welcome the 'new members'. Some are not so new, are they, Greg Gilbert? Just new this year! Ted Harrison 'volunteered' for the vacant position of Secretary and brings a range of skills we need. Thanks Ted.

The 'Redwings' visitors from Sheboygan, Wisconsin have been and gone. They had such a great time here they didn't want to leave! The Club executive are most appreciative of the efforts the billeting families put in to make the visitors comfortable. They certainly put themselves out to host athletes or coaches, all at short notice, and all gained worthwhile experiences and solid friendships. So thanks from the Club to the Leister, Thomson, Kuypers, Fisher, Roberts, Whatman, McGlynn, Button and Haren families. I hear some siblings want to return the complement and go to the USA in two years!! How's the bank balance folks?

Congratulations SCTAC All-Schools Cross-Country representatives who are off to Brisbane. Well done Erin Sutcliffe, Craig Core, Scott Urbaniak, Scott Thomson and Mike Meyboom. The Pacific School Games will be held in Perth in early December 1996. At this time there are about 27 potential SCTAC participants!! The cost is about $1000 per athlete, which is a sizeable sum by any measure. Consequently, the Club is in full swing fund-raising to help defray these costs for parents. In addition to the PSG and All-Schools XC we have a representative going to the World Mountain Running Championships - Fiona Jorgensen - and no doubt others going to National Championships later in the season.

I come to the subject of Chocolates!! We have a good response to date but still have quite a few boxes to sell. When these are sold more will be on the way. The potential cost to the Club to subsidise some of the accommodation and fares for the various championships this athletic year is in the vicinity of $8000 to $10,000. This is an exceptional representative year so the cost is also exceptional. Many families rely heavily on the Club subsidy to enable athletes to compete at this level. So, if you have sold your initial chocolate quota, take another couple of boxes, particularly if your dependent is a selected representative.

One of the criteria for allocation of subsidies is that the athlete has to contribute to some fund raising activity. We only receive about $5 from each member registration with the rest passed on to ACT Athletics. The remainder of the income we generate is by fund raising and by grants negotiated with various bodies. However, all grants are provided on the expectation that the Club will meet them $ for $. So here we are!! Thanks for your support. Remember the 2000 Olympics is less than 1500 days away. Are you harbouring a potential champion??
Coaches are active in preparation for the Track and Field season. So ring them and get a training program going. If you don't know who they are, they are listed in the new information sheet available from all executive committee members. Who are they?? They're listed elsewhere in this issue. Last but not least, thanks to Brian Wenn and his Runner's Shop for giving us a discount on the Runners Shop vouchers for the SCTAC annual awards and Fadden Pines Schools Cross Country Championships, and a discount on the cost of barrel draw prizes for the Phillip Mile which we sponsor and which is run by Phillip College through club member John Stenhouse. Remember the Runners Shop returns to the Club a percentage of sales to SCTAC members.

We have been able to once again obtain a grant from the Tuggeranong Valley Rugby Union and Amateur Sports Club (TVRUASC) for the 1996/97 athletic year. The TVRUASC have generously allocated an amount of $3800 payable in four instalments over the year. In addition the TVRUASC considers requests from SCTAC to support athletes selected for specific events. The Club is most grateful for the support of the TVRUASC and thank them for their generosity. Thanks Bill Milward, Craig Sweeney and the TVRUASC! You might be interested to know that TVRUASC has more than 40 affiliated sporting clubs of which SCTAC is one, so the money available from this source is limited and very competitive to obtain. Hence the need for fund raising.

Peter Haren - President, August 1996

SCT Trio take Silver in National Half Marathon:

Maryann Busteed, Keri Vaughan and Fiona Jorgensen formed the ACT women's team which took out a silver medal in the 1996 National Half Marathon Championships. The race was held on June 23 at Lake Macquarie in NSW and won by the home team.
The performance of Maryann was particularly meritorious as she was a late replacement for SCT's Glenda Regan who had been sidelined through injury. Maryann had run the Veteran's half marathon the previous week and finished in 104.48 to be the third finishing team member. This was a fantastic effort considering she was on the comeback trail after overcoming a serious illness and had a very light preparation for the race.
Fiona, who is off to the World Mountain Running Championships at Telfes, Austria later this month finished in 81:57 - a great time in the windy conditions. Second ACT runner across the line was Keri Vaughan from the Runner's Shop. "It was a tough race and I was 'out of it at' the finish, but it was great to run a PB." For the record, Keri's time was 85:15, fifty six seconds faster than in the Canberra Half and a pleasing result for athlete and coach Brian Wenn. "Keri's been steadily improving over the last few years and she's planning to run a 10k road race at the Gold Coast in July [where she ran a PB of 38:47 in 6th place -ed]. I'm sure there are still many more PB's to come."
Lake Macquarie has always been a happy hunting ground for ACT athletes, and this year's event was no exception for South Canberra Tuggeranong's fleet footed females.

The Runner's Shop:

Canberra's Only Specialist Athletics Shop has this special notice to new members and a reminder to the stalwarts: The Runners Shop is owned and operated by experienced competition runners. (you will probably be served by SCT regulars Brian Wenn and Keri Vaughan). SCT members are given special discounted prices and 2% of your purchase is paid as a dividend to the Club (mention you are a member of SCT at time of purchase). The Runners Shop has the best range of running shoes and clothing in Canberra, if not Australia, including a wide selection of specialist racing flats and spikes. The Runners Shop sponsors all Club Awards for track and cross country and most athletic events in Canberra. Why go anywhere else - support the shop that supports you and your club - The Runners Shop Canberra - 3 Dundas Court Phillip. (Ph 2853508).

Jet-Lagged Runners:

Our hard-working club president Peter Haren arranged the host families for our US visitors and put the itinerary together on very short notice; ably assisted by Greg Gilbert. The team coaches were Bud and Diane Dorholt [hosted by Peter and Merrilynn Haren] and Kris Fritz [hosted by Lyn Button]. The athletes and their host families were Andrea Bawden [Roberts' family], Angela Brickner [McGlynns'], Sarah Diedrich [Whatmans'], Sara 'herbs' Herber [Kuypers'], Angie Jarman [Thomsons'], Kerry Seyferth [Leisters'], and Kelly Welcenback [Fishers']. Two days after their arrival, 'Team USA' descended on a damp Canberra Grammar School to fly the star spangled banner over a muddy 3000m cross-country course. Cheered on by their jet-lagged team-mates, Sarah Deidrich, Angie Jarman, Sara Herber and Kelly Wellcenbach took on the challenge and completed the race with distinction.

Breakfast At McGilberts:

After a night of partying, the AIS track at Bruce was the venue for Sunday morning training scheduled for the civilised hour of 10am. Needless to say it was a light session, with SCT coach Alan Bishop in charge. The rudiments of pole vault and javelin were demonstrated as Bud explained to the Aussies "the jav is not permitted in US high schools". After a little practice, Kelly Welcenback proceeded to set an inaugural Wisconsin state high school record of 19.32 metres! With the familiar smell of an Aussie BBQ drifting across the infield it wasn't too long before the group was tucking into breakfast at McGilberts. Chief cook Greg Gilbert did a fine job providing traditional sausage and roo-steak sandwiches not forgetting the popular vegie-burgers..."They're awesome" said Andrea, "just don't put any vegemite on them".
Pool running plays a big part in the Bud and Diane Dorholt training philosophy, so a session at Tuggeranong Pool and Recreation Centre was organised by Peter Haren. Alan Bishop managed to keep the dozen plus participants under control until Scott Thomson performed a double reverse belly-flop with pike "I'm hoping to make the diving team for the 2000 Olympics". Only Angie was impressed: "My score is 8.5, but you really should stick to running".

Evicted From Sizzlers:

Host families of the '94 SFU tour will remember the 4th of July celebrations at Henry's Restaurant as one of the seven golden moments. Who can forget Gordon Nightingale in full voice leading a rough choir singing the US national anthem... a large stars and stripes draped in the background, and Joe Fulton not knowing whether to smile of cringe. For 1996, that great Aussie restaurant "The Kieran Perkins Sizzlers" at Tuggeranong was chosen (and forewarned by Peter Haren).
The culmination to an enjoyable evening was a birthday cake adorned with sparklers and some in-tune singing of the Star-Spangled Banner. Some Aussie voices retorted with a few verses of Waltzing Matilda, backed by some of the restaurant's patrons. To conclude an entertaining evening red, white and blue star-shaped confetti was thrown and Keiran had to evict us 14 minutes 56 seconds after closing time.

Racing the Kangaroos:

Duffy Forest is a picturesque venue, but one of the tougher courses on the ACT Cross Country Club calendar. It was here that Team USA arrived for their last 'meet' in the ACT. Kelly Welcenbach was the first Sheboygan runner home "I had to stop on one of the hills when a mob of kangaroos hopped across the track in front of me". South High runners, Angela, Sara, Kerry and Andrea were also delayed by the aggressive 'roos but nether-the-less finished well to be the first placed international team.

Party Party Party:

Farewell Parties are occasions for mixed emotions and the '96 SFU send-off at Peter and Merrilynn's was no exception. A feast fit for a carbo-loading marathon runner was provided with each host family bringing a plate. The dish cooked up by Kelly Roberts was one of the most popular "I thought of baking an apple pie, but in the end stuck to my speciality... spicy meatballs in pumpkin sauce". A presentation of T-shirts, SCT badges and a plaque was a highlight of the evening. A few tears were shed as the girls queued up to receive these mementoes. Peter Haren spoke on behalf of SCTAC and ACT Athletics, mentioning in part the fellowship of sport; its importance in the development of today's youth who will be tomorrow's leaders.
A fitting end to a fine social gathering. The following morning our new-found friends flew out of Canberra Airport bound for Melbourne and the final three weeks of their trip downunder. As I write this (July 26) they will be safely back in Sheboygan, watching the Atlanta Olympics on TV as I am, and cheering on Keiran, Susie, Steve, Cathy and maybe even Michael Johnson or King Carl.

Luke Beaching it in Bermuda:

SCT's Luke Grattan has recently returned from a foray onto the international stage as our number one triathlete. Lining up for the ITU World Cup event in exotic Bermuda, Luke had to finish 1,2, or 3 in order to be selected in the final Australian team for the World Championships. Unfortunately in placing 33rd, he missed out on a start in 'The Worlds' which are being held in Cleveland U.S.A. After Bermuda, Luke travelled on to Chicago for the famous Mrs T's race. We're hoping for a full report in the next Tuggie Athlete.

Jim White going for the Ton:

Fun Run King, Jim White thrives on challenges... Who could forget his famous 'three fun runs in one day' effort of 1995. For the Olympic year of '96, Jim has set himself the target of 100 runs (races) in an innings of just 52 overs (weeks). At the half way point, he was well on target, having thrashed the bowling all over Canberra for 66 races in the six months. Is it just a coincidence that Jim has been picking up quite a few PB's along the way? Not many coaches would recommend such a rigorous racing programme, but it doesn't seem to be doing the Ironman any harm. At the Sri Chinmoy Half Marathon for instance, Jim ran a PB of 89:31 which was a 2 minute improvement and his first time under the 90 minute barrier. Good luck for the rest of the year Jim; you deserve to retire 'not-out' on December 31.

Tahiti PB's for John Payne:

International athlete and former TA editor John Payne has just returned from a very successful trip to Tahiti. The occasion was the South Pacific Games, and John was one of the stars with a record 10 gold medals from 10 events (more than JT wins in a year). In his speciality, the Pentathlon, John recorded a score of 3066 points - a great improvement on his previous best of 2600. This was in spite of a foot injury incurred in the long jump which is the first event. John threw an equal PB in the discus, had the second best javelin of his career and finished the pentathlon with a 20 second PB in the 1500m !

Simon's Comeback:

Is Tuggie Tri director and mountain bike aficionado Simon Toozoff about to make a running comeback? He's been spotted training with the 'best of the best' on the Phillip Motorway. As Simon says: "When the world's best come together to compete, records will be broken!"

Surf the Net:

Cross Country Club race results and running news is now available on the internet. The address is: http://www.pcug.org.au/~dfry/ cccfront.html. So there's no need to buy the Canberra Times to see your name in print...just surf the net.
SCT's Chris Sainsbury is presently back home in Australia for the summer holidays. Chris is studying accounting at the University of North Eastern Louisiana. Although Saturday work has prevented him from racing, he's been spotted training with Kelly, Tracey and Erin (no wonder they're running so well). Chris ran a 1500m PB whilst in the States of 3:51!
A bit of trivia from the Atlanta Olympic Games... In the women's 400 metre final, the ages of the eight athletes were 23,24,25,26,27,28,29 and 30. Cathy Freeman was the youngest at 23 and Pauline Davis the eldest at 30. The gold medallist Marie-J Perec was 28.

1996 Carillon Relays - 4x3km Cross Country
Colin Neave9:409:40
Gerard Barrett9:3119:11
Scott Thomson9:4728:58
Geoff Monro11:0840:06
Brad Peppink10:0210:02
Michael Meyboom10:2520:27
Shaun McCabe10:2230:49
Nick Walshe10:2041:09
David Gates10:5610:56
Ted Harrison12:2423:20
Gordon Nightingale11:1834:38
Hugh Jorgensen11:1745:55
Michael McCamley10:4010:40
Dustin Roberts13:0323:43
Richard White13:4327:26
Simon McCabe11:2048:46
Gordon Nightingale11:4811:48
Neil Ward-Pearson14:5726:45
Ewen Thompson11:4638:31
David Gates11:3750:08
Rosemary Longstaff12:0712:07
Caitlin Harrison13:3425:41
Amanda Ozolins13:1538:56
Fiona Jorgensen11:3050:26
Andrew Gardner11:2611:26
Charlie Modrak11:4823:14
David McCamley15:1338:27
Jim White12:0050:55
Tracey Donohoe12:3412:34
Michelle Ward-Pearson14:0426:38
Erin Sutcliffe13:0839:46
Kelly Roberts12:3552:21
Adrian James10:5910:59
Brian Wenn11:5422:53
Mike Sainsbury15:4838:41
Karen Sutcliffe16:5455:35
Rosie Barnes14:2414:24
Jade Sutcliffe14:4329:07
Peita Ward-Pearson16:0345:10
Shannon Meyboom14:3459:44

Interview - Athlete - Andrea Bawden
Andrea visited Canberra recently as a member of the S.F.U. tour to Australia. She's 17 years old and a Senior at South High - one of 600 Grade 12 students! Andrea was billeted by the Roberts family of Monash.

Tuggie Athlete: Andrea, what are your first impressions of Canberra?
Andrea: Well, this is my first trip out of Wisconsin... There are a lot of hills here. Sheboygan is flat by comparison and in the midst of farmland. It's winter here, but there's no snow. In Sheboygan in winter there would be five foot of snow on the ground.

TA: I imagine that would make training quite difficult?
Andrea: I don't do any running training for the cross country or track seasons in winter. My sport is Gym. Even in the spring, the weather is not all that conducive to outdoor practice. Bud [Dorholt, Andrea's coach] will often have the team doing two or more sessions of pool running.

TA: How long have you been running for and when did you start?
Andrea: I was approached by Bud and Diane Dorholt to join the Redwing Women's Track & Field team about three years ago. I thought it would be fun... and it is! I like the practices we do, and also enjoy the social side of running.

TA: What is your favourite event and what are your PB's?
Andrea: I prefer cross country to track. We compete at different universities during the season, usually over a distance of 2.1 miles. I don't take much notice of times, I run for fun... My best time for the 2.1 mile cross country is 14.38.

TA: What do you do in your spare time?
Andrea: During the summer holidays, which is almost three months long, I work part time washing dishes at a nursing home.

TA: What are your other interests, besides athletics?
Andrea: I like to read and write poetry - I prefer the English poets and writers such as Shakespeare. I also like to paint, and listen to heavy metal and hard rock music... bands such as Soundgarden, Rebecca's Empire and Bush. I also like to watch and support the Greenbay Packers.

TA: Where do you see yourself athletically and academically in 10 years' time?
Andrea: I don't know if I'll still be running; maybe for fitness. I hope pursue a career as a Biologist working on cures for diseases. My sister Angela who is 21 is studying at university in Chile where disease is a problem. I'd like to find a cure for AIDS.

TA: Anything else you'd like to add?
Andrea: I hope we have as good a time in 'Mell - born' as we did here. The level of competition in running is very good in Canberra and you have some good runners... especially my new room-mate Kelly Roberts!

Just Read It. (The editor's diary)

A memorable nine days...

Welcome to the August/September issue of tuggie athlete. A few miles, as our American friends would say, have passed under the sandshoes since the last edition of the magazine. Our SCT host families would like to thank Bud, Diane, Kris and the girls from Sheboygan, Wisconsin for a memorable nine days...To quote Brian McGlynn at the Saturday night send-off party "This is a great occasion for developing club spirit, and 'Souths' should think about hosting two longer visits in future years".

As the fourth editor of the magazine in it's six-year history I would like to take this opportunity to thank my three predecessors. Charlie Modrak showed a great vision for the magazine when he first took on the job way back in March 1991. Charlie presided over eleven issues before he passed the baton to the enigmatic Amanda Carey. ( For our new members, Amanda was an ACT representative in cross country, mountain running and road running ). Amanda ran the back straight, producing eight tuggie athletes from April '92 to March '93. The very enthusiastic and professional John Payne ran the top bend in the awesome Michael Johnson style. In his fourteen editions John took 'ta' to new heights and picked up some great wraps along the way "One of the secrets behind a successful athletic club is a good newsletter" said John Harding in the Canberra Runner. Although not blessed with the sprinting ability of my three team-mates I hope I can continue in their winged footsteps.

Ewen W Thompson ... August 1996

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