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Runners tackle the Edgecliffe hill - 1999 City to Surf [48k]

Running out of the Kings Cross Tunnel in the 1999 City to Surf [38k]

The Start
After three minutes, just reaching the start line in the 1994 City to Surf [44k]

The 'Legend', Keith Mayhew (left)... prior to the '97 race with Bernie King and Bruce Harrison. Keith who has run ALL 33 City-to-Surf races with a PB under 45 minutes, ran 53:34 in '97. [49k]

Bryan Thomas
ACT Veterans Athletic Club President Bryan Thomas ran 54:22 to place 639th in 1993 [33k]

400 metres
Building to building people after 400 metres in the City to Surf [35k]

Luke, Carolyn
Luke Grattan clocked 47:41 to place 131st in 1993 leads Carolyn Schuwalow to the line [55k]

Mandy Dovey
Mandy Dovey placed 3rd in 1989 with a time of 50:01 [32k]

Martin Dent
National steeplechase champion Martin Dent (right) ran 44:37 to place 19th in 1997 [34k]

River Runner
Alan Hoffman is a regular City-to-Surfer and also broke 3 hours for the marathon as 50-year-old [42k]

leaving the tunnel
Julie and Corrie Fitch leave the Kings Cross tunnel (1.5kms) - 1994 [37k]

2 kilometres
Approaching the Edgecliffe hill at 2 kilometres in the 1994 City to Surf [37k]

John Andrews ran 41:29 to place third in 1993 [33k]

Sisay and Dean
Sisay Bezebah (5) placed 2nd and Dean Cavuoto (14) finished 6th in 1998 [32k]

the end
Finish - 1994 - 14,612th - Yeah! [46k]

Jenny Walker ran 50:17 placing 2nd to American Nancy Ditz in 1985. Pictured here in the '87 Sydney Striders half marathon. [42k]

Lee Troop who is coached by Steve Moneghetti ran 40:55 to win in 1997. Pictured here winning the 1998 World CC Trial race at Questacon in Canberra. [29k]

The famous JJJ Tunnel - 1k into the 1994 City to Surf. [38k]

Approaching 5 kilometres at Rose Bay in the 1994 City to Surf. [55k]

Nyla Carroll from New Zealand ran 47:03 to finish 2nd in 1994 - shown here in the 1994 Canberra Marathon. [31k]

Joanne and Phil
Joanne Cowan and Philip Garvin ran 51:34 to tie for 382nd in 1993. Joanne was 8th woman to finish. [47k]

Michelle Dillon now competes in triathlon, finished 2nd to Carolyn Schuwalow in 1993 in 48:48 [64k]

Running a personal best of 40:29, Andrew Lloyd won his 4th City to Surf in 1993 [38k]

Paul Arthur first ran the City to Surf as a 12-year old. He finally won in 1994 at the age of 27. Pictured here behind Pat Carroll (2nd in 1995) in the 1991 Australian Cross Country Championships [46k]

Victory in 1997 to Liz Miller... seen here winning the Sydney Striders Half Marathon in 1988 [24k]

Former record holder and Boston winner Rob de Castella... running 3k on the track in Canberra [35k]

Krishna Stanton (2nd in this photo) ran 48:25 to win in 1992, just two weeks after competing in the Barcelona Olympics [23k]

Former winner Carolyn Schuwallow... here running third to Barbara Moore and Liz McColghin in a 3000 in Canberra [37k]

Former course record-holder Lisa Ondieki... here winning the Australian 15km Road Championships at Eastern Creek in June 1991 [36k]

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