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SCT News — 06 February, 2016

  • The most recent SCT News is now on our Facebook Page!
    If you're looking for the most recent SCT News, or wish to contact the committee, then go to SCT's Facebook Page. This 'Home Page' of the SCT website will only be updated with the following items:

    1. Major news about Fadden Pines
    2. Copies of 'SCT email list' email news
    3. Requested news items from the President of SCT
    4. News about and results from our Annual Turkey Fun Run

    The only other pages of the SCT website which will be regularly updated are the Female and Male club records, the Club Information page, and the Fadden Pines page (including the linked yearly results pages).

  • February 2016 Email Newsletter:

    Firstly, a warm welcome to all new members of our South Canberra Tuggeranong Athletics Club since the last email. Please introduce yourself to anyone wearing our yellow and black at any of the events.

    ACT Championships this weekend
    Good luck to everyone who is competing this weekend!! Please cheer on all the other SCT members you see competing.
    A committee member with our banners will be there as much of the weekend as we can. Come and say hello - and we will have club uniform for sale.

    Viking Sports Awards - Friday 19 Feb
    Every year the Vikings Clubs - our major sponsor - holds a formal awards dinner to present prizes to athletes in its affiliated sports clubs. Last year, our very own Kelsey-Lee Roberts took home the major prize, breaking a long run of BMX world champion Caroline Buchanan winning.
    If you want a fun night out, please get in touch and we can organise tickets and hopefully a club table. Details are as follows:

    Date: Friday, 19 February 2016
    Time: 7.00pm for a 7.30pm
    Location: The Auditorium, Erindale Vikings
    Ticket Prices:
    Adults = $40
    Child (u18) = $25
    Dress Code: Cocktail Attire

    SCT support for athletes
    Don't forget that SCT members receive 10% at the Runners Shop in Phillip and Gungahlin.
    All SCT members who represent the ACT or Australia at national or international events are eligible for financial assistance to cover some of the costs. See our website for more details.
    And don't forget to like us on Facebook!




  • Annual Turkey Fun Run Results!
    SCT's annual Xmas Turkey Run was held on Sunday, 13 December, at Fadden Pines. The event was a great success with all participants (and helpers) enjoying a lovely sunny morning. The winner of 'the bird' (a frozen turkey from Erindale Meats) was Scott Marshall, selected at random by our trusty computer. Course designer Jim White won the event, with an estimated time less than one second away from his actual time! All participants ran or walked without the aid of watches, GPS devises or phones.

    The course distance was 4.52 kilometres (2 laps), with some people completing 1 lap and having their time doubled for the calculation of results. Winners of the 3 major Runners Shop gift vouchers were: Rohan Hosking ($150), Jenny Hefford ($100) and Janette Yeung ($50). A selection of photos are available on SCT's Facebook Page. Thanks all for participating and we hope to see you (and your friends) around the same time next year.


Place Name Expected Time Actual Difference
1 Jim White 00:26:00 00:25:59.02 00:01.0
2 Rohan Hosking 00:16:40 00:16:42.80 00:02.8
3 Jenny Hefford 00:28:10 00:28:13.27 00:03.3
4 Janette Yeung 00:27:00 00:26:54.48 00:05.5
5 David Pitt 00:31:17 00:31:22.54 00:05.5
6 John Scheding 00:28:43 00:28:35.93 00:07.1
7 Sarah Wang 00:32:00 00:32:08.01 00:08.0
8 David Clarke 00:20:00 00:20:08.27 00:08.3
9 Gwyllym Young 00:17:10 00:16:59.05 00:11.0
10 Suzanne Counsel 00:32:05 00:31:53.01 00:12.0
11 Elizabeth Considine 00:19:13 00:19:35.77 00:22.8
12 Lorna England 00:48:32 00:48:07.47 00:24.5
13 Lucia Considine 00:20:01 00:19:35.77 00:25.2
14 Judy Bowe 00:22:15 00:21:49.10 00:25.9
15 Sienna Pitt 00:22:22 00:21:54.76 00:27.2
16 James Minto 00:18:36 00:19:03.89 00:27.9
17 Aidan Pitt 00:17:00 00:17:29.38 00:29.4
18 Simon Hosking 00:17:10 00:17:41.16 00:31.2
19 Brandon Bardsley 00:18:04 00:17:32.51 00:31.5
20 Peter Daley 00:27:03 00:26:22.19 00:40.8
21 Emily Gearside 00:15:58 00:15:16.98 00:41.0
22 Evan Minto 00:15:58 00:15:15.98 00:42.0
23 Peter Hosking 00:18:08 00:17:22.53 00:45.5
24 Peter Thomson 00:47:47 00:48:32.91 00:45.9
25 Elizabeth Daley 00:27:03 00:26:16.32 00:46.7
26 Geoff Herring 00:22:30 00:23:18.73 00:48.7
27 Sebastian Young 00:18:00 00:18:49.26 00:49.3
28 Rebecca Mcleod 00:16:12 00:15:17.96 00:54.0
29 Heidi Porter 00:34:00 00:33:03.84 00:56.2
30 Maria White 00:31:52 00:32:49.68 00:57.7
31 Philip Tammen 00:25:35 00:26:38.36 01:03.4
32 Caleb Quispes 00:24:30 00:25:34.32 01:04.3
33 Jen Bright 00:22:02 00:20:51.32 01:10.7
34 Jose Quispes 00:24:50 00:26:03.80 01:13.8
35 Judi Edwards 00:27:30 00:26:15.68 01:14.3
36 Isaac Muscat 00:20:50 00:19:33.84 01:16.2
37 Luna Thomson 00:49:47 00:48:30.10 01:16.9
38 Paul Considine 00:19:59 00:21:20.71 01:21.7
39 Xavier Quispes 00:20:20 00:21:44.19 01:24.2
40 Karen Bahmann 00:34:27 00:35:55.29 01:28.3
41 Leonie Doyle 00:25:00 00:23:29.41 01:30.6
42 Elle Knight 00:19:30 00:21:01.91 01:31.9
43 Michelle Williams 00:27:15 00:28:49.67 01:34.7
44 Anne Young 00:35:30 00:37:10.66 01:40.7
45 Richard White 00:26:30 00:28:11.42 01:41.4
46 Lila Pitt 00:16:56 00:15:11.08 01:44.9
47 Veronica Hayes 00:17:02 00:15:08.39 01:53.6
48 Rose Anderson 00:27:00 00:28:56.54 01:56.5
49 Greg Hosking 00:27:00 00:28:56.92 01:56.9
50 Nigel England 00:18:00 00:19:59.19 01:59.2
51 Mollie Kennedy 00:28:32 00:30:35.64 02:03.6
52 Maia Pitt 00:23:21 00:25:33.67 02:12.7
53 Scott Marshall 00:24:16 00:21:47.92 02:28.1
54 Kathy Rusin 00:24:22 00:27:01.98 02:40.0
55 Elise Daley 00:29:20 00:26:03.13 03:16.9
56 Jeff Grey 00:31:30 00:35:12.14 03:42.1
57 Carolyne Kramar 00:32:50 00:28:51.70 03:58.3
58 Morgane Bisson 00:24:46 00:29:40.42 04:54.4
59 Scott Rusin 00:24:37 00:29:39.82 05:02.8
60 Alison and Maggie Mcleod 00:18:50 00:24:13.67 05:23.7
61 Eric Lindemann 00:42:00 00:49:45.07 07:45.1
62 Norma Lindemann 00:41:52 00:49:46.46 07:54.5
63 Scott Mcleod 00:24:55 00:15:19.42 09:35.6
64 Samson Kennedy 00:27:36 00:16:51.00 10:45.0
65 Ashley Edwards 00:40:00 00:28:00.17 11:59.8
66 Peter Foster 00:52:00 00:22:17.58 29:42.4

  • SCT Athletics News - incl scholarship opportunities:
    We have had a great start to the summer track season, with SCT athletes very visible at every meet so far. We would like to extend a very warm welcome to all of the athletes who have joined our club this season. We hope you enjoy your time with us and set many personal bests.

    We have still had a few issues with the new membership system and there are some people who have joined SCT that are not showing up in our membership list. If you are showing up with SCT for your results at the track, please let me know so we can sort it out.

    A very big congratulations and good luck to all the SCT athletes selected for the All Schools Championships in Melbourne. We have had at least 13 athletes selected (noting membership issues mean I may have missed one or two). Congratulations to Grace Unwin, Brandon Bardsley, Jacob Church, Colby Eddowes, Tim Fraser, Conner Frew, Rohan Hosking, Balthazar Lai, Hugh McKenzie, Adrian Plummer, Keiran Reilly, Jack Wallis, and Gwyllym Young.

    Our major sponsor, the Vikings groups, offers annual scholarships for college and university students who are promising athletes in affiliated clubs. We have had athletes on scholarship with the Vikings every year recently. If you are going into college or uni, I have attached the details and application forms. They need to be submitted by Monday 7 December and we will write a supporting letter to go with your application. For more details, send us an email or get in touch with Peter Hosking - peter.hoskings [AT] or 0402 096 664.

    Finally, some club information for those who may not have heard it before. We have club records that can be found on our website (female and male) - If you want to claim a record, send us an email with the details or fill out the linked form.

    Also, we offer financial assistance to members to travel to national and international competitions. For more information, please read the long standing policy on our website here:

    Hope to see you all at the track soon.



  • Fadden Pines Handicap Final a great success!
    The final event of the 2015 Fadden Pines Schools' Cross Country Season was held on Sunday 23 August. All four races were run using handicap starts and judging by the results, the 'Tortoise and the Hare' effect produced Personal Best times for many runners. There was one course record broken, by Kiefer Brennan, with a time of 7:51.0 for the boys' 2000 metres.

    All runners, parents and helpers enjoyed the day. SCT would like to thank Mike, Ryan, Jane, Trish (especially for the BBQ on the day!), Jim (especially for the freshly painted posts marking the course) and any other people who helped out during the season. Schools' Team Results will be coming soon. We're looking forward to seeing you all (and new friends!) next May for the 2016 season.

  • Fadden Pines Results:
    Results for the 2015 Fadden Pines Schools' Cross Country season are available here. If you've broken a course record, let Mike or Ryan know so the records page can be updated. Please note that on 17 May, Fadden Pines is being replaced for the day by the ACT Athletics Winter Series - same venue but commencing at 2PM.

  • How to join SCT Athletics Club:
    To join SCT you will need to complete an online membership of ACT Athletics and choose "South Canberra Tuggeranong" as your club when filling out the form. It's as simple as that! If you don't have a credit card, contact Mike or Geoff at the AIS track over summer.

  • Coaches Association Fees:
    The SCT committee has approved payment of Australian T & F Coaches Association annual fees for coaches connected with SCT who are actively coaching SCT athletes. Contact Mike Sexton for further details.

  • SCT Tracksuits available!
    We now have a good supply of club tracksuits. They are available from Mike Sexton or Jim White. The price is $100 for the full tracksuit or $60 for the top and $40 for the pants.

  • MORE NEWS...
    The archived page of SCT News can be found here.

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